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  1. Panda

    MV-K NCT U - From Home (Rearranged Ver.)

  2. Panda


  3. Panda

    CONCEPT NCT - The 2nd Album RESONANCE Pt.2

  4. Sexy

    APPRECIATION NCTs Music star

    This is one of my favourite Chenle performances. He doesn't get enough praise for how stable he is all the time. And no matter how hard the choreography is he always sings the chorus. He gets better at dancing every comeback, and he always looks so relaxed while eating that sh*t up. I really...
  5. sm maid

    Not my favorite performance, but

    it was a perf that left a deep impression on me and made me love and respect them on a new level. Though I was sad they had to perform in such bad conditions, I was so proud of them for singing live in a stage like this, and cheering themselves up with shouts through what was probably a bad time...
  6. Belrockangel

    APPRECIATION Happy Jaemin Day 💚🐰

    Happy Birthday to our lovely bunny, who loves Jisung, coffee, sugar, emojis, long messages and his fans so much!!!!!💚🐰💚 😍💚The best wishes always:LovePar:
  7. yongstal

    NCT DREAM as girls : A thread

    Don't clown me for this :sadpepe:
  8. sm maid

    NCT DREAM's Ridin gets its 1st win on Music Bank

  9. anh

    CHARTS NCT DREAM's Ridin' hit Melon #1!!!!!

    right when the chart freezes too they'll be there until it unfreezes this is so sexy :wow: and it's also the first NCT track to peak at #1. when we say 2020 so far has been NCT's year <33333
  10. Saint Ren

    RenjunBar out-buys all your faves

    I already bought the cards and now I'm just waiting to snatch up the memory book and the black reload version she's selling.
  11. anh

    APPRECIATION Happy Birthday to NCT's Jeno!

    :heartpar: :heartpar: :heartpar:
  12. Belrockangel

    APPRECIATION Happy Birthday to Renjun, who light up our world!!!🥳

  13. Saint Ren

    NCT Dream's TOP 7 MV Views on Youtube

    NCT Dream's TOP 7 MV Views on Youtube 1. Boom 50,095,793 2. We Go Up 42,450,156 3. Chewing Gum 42,167,647 4. Go 28,469,794 5. DNYL 17,347,484 6. We Young 15,157,399 7. MFAL 13,655,702
  14. sm maid


  15. anh

    APPRECIATION Happy Birthday to NCT's Chenle!

    :heartpar: :heartpar: :heartpar:
  16. lin_ash

    [nb] NCT's Chenle ranked #1 'golden spoon' idol

    Article: Golden spoon idol #1 NCT Chenle, 4 billion won home with a swimming pool -> own concert at 13 Source: Newsen via Nate 1. [+828, -10] So his grandfather is one of the top 10 richest men in China and he could afford to open his own concert at 13 years old... that's on the same scale as...
  17. probee

    Help! Can't stop replaying these 2 songs.

    As a gg trash, this speaks a lot!:hehe::hehe:
  18. Chuuya

    Would you eat Jaemin's special ramen?

    75% cilantro + 25% ramen :sip:
  19. lin_ash

    NCT Jaemin chose top 3 agencies

    NCT DREAM Jaemin chose SM, JYP and Big Hit are the top 3 agencies currently original post: theqoo 1. I don’t know who he is but I fell in love with him; 2. He is so straightforward ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 3. Oh, he looks young but he is well aware 4. No, it’s cute when he’s worried about choosing...
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