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  1. Riri

    Official Nishino Nanase badge Voting Thread // Final Voting Phase

    Winner Please confirm or not the winner! You have till 16th at 12pm JST
  2. Riri

    NTV thriller drama Your Turn to Kill will be released on Blu-ray box/DVD box on February 19th

    A newly-married couple Tezuka Shota (Tanaka Kei) and Tezuka Nana (Harada Tomoyo) just moved to a new apartment and were about to begin their new life. Suddenly, people in their apartment building started dying, one after another. It turns out that is because of a swap murder game... In the...
  3. BlueNose

    PHOTOSHOOT Nishino Nanase for Non-No October 2019 issue

    cr for scans: source