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    JYP's Globalization by Localization: Fate of foreign members in future groups

    Now that it seems NiziU is taking the Japanese market by storm/garned lots of interest in South Korea as well and rolled out another Globalization by Localization (GBL) group called Boy Story last year aimed at the Chinese market, do you think foreign members in JYPE groups will be a thing in...
  2. itzy

    APPRECIATION Nizi Project's Riku's glowup

    Riku in Season 1 Riku in Season 2 :wow: She resembles Sana now
  3. itzy

    Nizi Project contestant Hirai Momoka is so cute!!!

    She's so adorable and her name :giggle: I hope she interacts with Twice's Momo in the future!
  4. itzy

    Visual/Center for Nizi Project?

    Arai Ayaka is a contestant on the Nizi Project and despite the fact that she hasn't actually spoken on the show yet, her popularity has soared due to her visuals. The show skipped her audition in the first 2 episodes, along with some other contestants, so practically nothing is known about her...
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    APPRECIATION JYP trainee Miihi dancing to Twice's Cheer Up

    She's so cute and charming :love:
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    All 26 Nizi Project contestants revealed

  7. itzy

    JYP Trainees Miihi & Rima auditions for Nizi Project

    Miihi Rima
  8. sexy cutie

    TWICE Sana and Momo to appear on the Nizi Project as judges in the final stage

  9. itzy

    JYP trainees Rima and Miihi revealed to be participating on Nizi Project

    In the recent teaser video for JYP's Nizi Project, it was revealed that two JYP trainees Suzono Miihi and Yokoi Rima would be participating in the project. Miihi is a Japanese ONCE who was scouted at Twice's concert in 2018, Rima is the daughter of famous rapper Zeebra and her mother is also a...
  10. itzy

    Potential contestants for JYP's Nizi Project

    Potential contestants for JYP's Nizi Project. They've been shown repeatedly in the show's teasers so it seems as though they might be some of 26 contestants that will be in the survival show.
  11. WonderfulOnce

    JYPE x Sony Music Japan's, new JPN GG, "Nizi Project" to air on Hulu from January 31st (Fri) & Nippon Television to broadcast the program from April

    Sony Music and Korea's leading entertainment agency JYP jointly held a girl group audition `` Nizi Project Global Audition '' last year, but an audition program `` Nizi Project '' closely attached to it will be distributed on Hulu became! Please check it out every Friday from January 2nd (Fri)...
  12. itzy

    RUMOR Potential contestant for JYP’s Nizi Project revealed

    Just after finding out that JYP’s Japanese girl group will be formed through a show that will be aired on Netflix, a potential contestant has been revealed via a Korean forum. According to the uploader, she passed her auditions for the show in Japan but is a Chinese national. Rumors state that...
  13. itzy

    JYP's Japanese Girl Group's (survival?) show to be aired on Netflix

  14. 🔹 MAYUKA 🔹

    Netflix will air JYP Japanese Survival Show

    JYP Japanese survival show ‘Nizi Project’ will be aired on Netflix this year. ‘Nizi Project’ involves recruiting Japanese trainees for the purpose of debuting a girl group that will be mainly active in Japan. JYP is doing some big moves maybe this is why it was postponed :unsure: Will you...
  15. WonderfulOnce

    🌈👑 We are WithU! The Official NiziU Thread | ♪ DEBUT SINGLE 2020. 12. 02 | "STEP AND A STEP" ♪ 👑🌈

  16. itzy

    Wtf happened to JYP's Nizi Project?

    JYP has been hyping up plans for their Japanese girl group since last year and JYP himself held a press conference a few months ago to give full detailed plans for the project, but so far nothing has happened since. We were supposed to be getting a reality TV programme this month, but there's...
  17. itzy

    RUMOR Potential contestants for JYP's Nizi Project

    Today JYP held a new JYP trainee showcase which revealed some familiar and new faces to fans. There were some Japanese girls who are likely going to be introduced later this year through the Nizi Project JYP has planned for years now to create their very own Jpop girl group that will debut...
  18. whisky23

    [KPOPMAP] Netizens Criticize JYP Entertainment’s Nizi Project Amidst Heightened Political Tension

    Sigh... I guess it's OK for BTS and Twice to promote and earn Yen in Japan, but god forbid anyone trying to do anything that would seem like a fair exchange of business opportunities. Knets have already accused JYP of being yet-another-Japanese sympathizer early in the year, but due to current...
  19. itzy

    RUMOR Candidates for JYP's Nizi Project

    JYP is currently holding auditions for their new Japanese girl group in collaboration with Sony Music Japan, but they already have two candidates for their new girl group signed with JYP at the moment. There has been no confirmation whether or not these 2 trainees will be involved in the...