produce 101 japan s2

  1. Saint Ren

    VIDEO Hallyu+ Produce 101 Japan S2 Review - Episodes 1 & 2

    As previously mentioned the PR team will be regularly reviewing Produce 101 Japan S2 If you're interested in the show, check out the video and the thread If you have any suggestions for the team for videos, please post them in the suggestions thread. Disclaimer: I am by far the weakest...
  2. Saint Ren

    VIDEO Produce 101 Japan - EP 1 - 4 - Hallyu+ Pick

    Hello So I'm currently working on a PD Japan S2 review video, ep 1/2 should be out this week then 3/4 shortly after, but as I was finalizing the first review and I thought I would ask if there's anything you guys want me to add. A trainee on the show that you want me to highlight? A...
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