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  1. Po'etry

    BUGVEL Thread | Upcoming debut single: 'WARNING'

    BUGVEL is a 6-member boygroup under Dream Passport consisting of 5 Japanese members and one Taiwanese member with 4 members from Produce 101 Japan and 2 members who are former YG Entertainment trainees as well as Produce X 101 alumni.
  2. Frandae

    ACTOR ✦ Official Fantagio's Han Gichan Thread ✦ - #WhereYourEyesLinger on 22nd May!

    Theme Song: X1-MA (Eye Contact) Self Introduction Eat the Snack Challenge Hidden Box Challenge + Winner's Selfie Don't Block The Road Challenge Don't Drop the Apple Challenge Company Evaluation: There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back Group Battle Performance: MAMA (Eye Contact) Position Evaluation...
  3. GuardianofTheCosmicRealm

    New survival show to debut a joint boy group between Japan and Korea with PDX, PD Japan, japanese trainees and Kpop members

    Will air on February in Mnet Japan and Tokai TV. They will have Mysta too. “G-EGG” officially launched; a global idol development project that aims to debut a joint boys group between Japan and Korea. G-EGG, a global idol development project that aims to debut as a Japan-Korea joint boys...
  4. GuardianofTheCosmicRealm

    'Produce x 101' & 'Idol School' trainees allege unfair advantages were given to some competitors

    'Produce x 101' and 'Idol School' trainees are alleging some competitors were given unfair advantages over other trainees. Mnet's 'Produce x 101' is currently undergoing an investigation for allegedly rigging votes for the final project team X1, and other 'Produce' series as well as 'Idol...
  5. ghostface


    they look less than babies in these
  6. pinkpanda_spirit


    His acquaintance just revealed it... But still, Kim Hyunbin has that face and skills that would really bring him to places right...? Seriously I hope he finds a company that knows how to work, Source Music is the company that works the least from what I've seen f*ck Hi, This is one of Kim...
  7. perspherspley

    [allkpop] Mathematicians allegedly discover similar patterns in vote results from finale of 'Produce 48' as 'Produce X 101'

    According to 'KBS News' on August 30, Mnet's 'Produce 48' - the third season of the 'Produce' series which created IZ*ONE - is also under suspicions of vote rigging. After receiving various tips regarding 'Produce 48's vote rigging suspicions, 'KBS News' teamed up with college mathematics...
  8. perspherspley


    Season 1 - IOI DoGyulChae Season 2 - Wanna One ParkBaeLinOngHwang Season 3 - Izone JangKangKim Season 4 - X1 Kim Yohan Kim Wooseok Cha Junho These are the people who were most mentioned, since X1 hasn't debuted yet, it was hard to find them.. ㅜㅜ original post...
  9. M

    Explanation of the X1 concept so far! It's super interesting...

    It all revolves around the butterfly which we got in the logo Then we got the official colours which are based on the quantum simulation and guess what form that is? And now we got the album title which is 비상: Quantum Leap They always drop hints/infos about the debut concepts...
  10. lin_ash


    Cheetah -> Cho Seungyoun Yoomi -> Cha Junho Youngjoon -> Lee Hangyul Seokhoon -> Hwang Yunseong post response: [+330][-26] original post:here 1. [+167, -50] I thought that it was Seungwoo for Yoomi ssaemㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 2. [+116, -5] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Cheetah really likes Cho Seungyoun...
  11. Happy

    [NB] X1 finalizes debut members

    Article: 'Produce x 101' #1 Kim Yohan -> #10 Kang Min Hee... Lee Jin Hyuk eliminated Source: OSEN via Naver 1. [+6,827, -222] The ranking is worth feeling suspicious over 2. [+4,414, -208] I don't think they'll be as popular as Wanna One. Kim Min Kyu... Lee Jin Hyuk... sad to see them...
  12. Saint Ren

    RESULTS - Hallyu + PDX 101 Prediction Game - Spoilers for PDX 101 !

    HUGE SPOILERS FOR PDX FINALE Produce x 101 is OVER We finally have X1's 11 members which means its time for the results of our Prediction Game 25 of you took part and their were a few similarities in all your answers. No one managed to guess that Lee hangul would snatch the 7th spot...
  13. M

    X1 Awards thread!! GROUP BADGE VOTING

    - No fantaken images - To protect the content creators rights as well as ourselves fan-taken images are not allowed to be used as badges. - Use HQ pictures - For quality purposes, the higher quality the better an image will look as a badge. - No heavily edited images - The more edited the worse...
  14. Taesthetic

    What would be X1 positions like?

    Yohan : Center, Vocalist, Rapper. Wooseok : Visual, Lead Vocalist. Seungwoo : Lead Rapper, Main Vocalist. Hyeonjun : Lead Dancer, Vocalist. Seungyoun : Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Main Rapper. Dongpyo : Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer Hangyul : Main Dancer, Vocalist. Dohyun : Main Rapper. Junho ...
  15. Saint Ren

    Only 2 hours left ! Get your PDX Predictions in now

    Go & Predict now for the chance to win some coins
  16. Saint Ren

    Hallyu + Produce x 101 Prediction Game - Closed! Results are out!

    Hallyu + Produce x 101 Prediction Game Produce x 101 has had a lot of us enthralled in its tight grip and in less than 24 hours, it is coming to an end. The previous versions of the show has produced some of Kpop's biggest groups. IOI Wanna One IZ*ONE If the tradition...
  17. Astro

    [Pannchoa] Knets look at the Produce X 3rd voting ranking without benefits

    1. Kim Wooseok (+1), benefit: 20K 2. Kim Yohan (-1), benefit: 172K 3. Lee Jinhyuk 4. Han Seungwoo, benefit: 20K 5. Kim Mingyu 6. Nam Dohyun (+1), benefit: 55K 7. Lee Eunsang (+2), benefit: 20K 8. Jo Seungyoun (-2), benefit: 72.5K 9. Song Hyungjoon (-1) benefit: 50.5K 10. Son Dongpyo...
  18. SM's Kunta Kinte Silence

    Am I the only one who feels this way about PDX101?

    Even if all my picks debut, I'm not sure if I will stan? My picks are Hyungjun, Eunsang, and Jungmo. I also like Yohan, Wooseok, Minhee, and Seungyoun well enough. I don't like Jinhyuk or Han Seungwoo all that much, and everyone else is kinda "meh" to me. I wasn't a huge produce 101 season 1...
  19. Astro

    [Pannchoa] [enter-talk] i don't understand why this trainee is not part of the debut unit

    It's MBK's Lee Hangyul... He looks very mature, but he's only 21 (a full 19 y'o) First of all, he's a face genius, he's f*cking handsome. Your taste might differ, but everyone have acknowledged his handsomeness.. He's very close with almost all the trainees, and there are a lot of talks...
  20. pinkpanda_spirit

    will you support woollim boys once they debut?

    hi I'm back after finally finding a summer job and working for 2 weeks. so those who watch produce x 101 might already know the woollim boys a.k.a cha junho, hwang yunseong, kim dongyoon, kim minseo, joo changwook and moon junho. since mnet hates them and it doesn't look like one of them is...
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