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  1. Vanilla Cupcake

    ARTICLES Wendy revealed: It is stressful to be an SM idol! I have seen a therapist many times.

    Wendy revealed: It is stressful to be an SM idol! I have seen a therapist many times. 2021.03.01 Article: Kimoto Translation: Vanilla Cupcake Many netizens are envious of idols and artists under big companies like SM, YG, and JYP. These idols stood at the top of the entertainment industry...
  2. MVSica

    My favorite Red Velvet song

    Red Velvet are one of my favorite non WJSN groups and I like a lot of their songs. But this one is by far my favorite! There are just some songs that you just love regardless of the season or year or trend. This song has been in every kpop playlist I've had since it came out. I just need to...
  3. Astro

    [AKP] These Are The K-Pop Groups Most Likely To Disband in 2021

    Whether it be due to their contracts expiring or for their lack of popularity both domestically and internationally, these groups could be disbanding in 2021. 1. GOT7 GOT7 debuted in January 2014, and it is speculated that JYP Entertainment will announce if the members of GOT7 will be...
  4. Vanilla Cupcake

    ARTICLES YG’s Dara stepped foot in SM headquarters for the first time when filming “Yeri’s Room”!

    YG’s Dara stepped foot in SM headquarters for the first time when filming “Yeri’s Room”! She was instantly captivated by the official goodies, and she even bought souvenirs for her overseas friends 2020.12.09 Interview, article: Yuan Photos: [email protected]덤덤 스튜디오 / DUM DUM STUDIO、[email protected]_bang...
  5. MVSica

    Red Velvet will not attend K-Culture Festival 2020 Scheduled for October 24th due to recent events regarding Irene Google translate of Naver article: "[Herald POP = Reporter Kim Nayul] Group Red Velvet member Irene acknowledged and apologized for the controversy, and delivered her intention to absent from the '2020 Korean Culture Festival'. As a...
  6. Sexy

    APPRECIATION Joy on this day

    We need a moment to appreciate the visuals served by Miss Park Sooyoung today :tears:
  7. BlueNose

    Wendy singing Light Me Up

    Light Me Up is Wendy's favorite rv song, she's always promoted it hard whenever she's asked, all these years later. She still served like this in the concert after red velvet had been through around 10-15 songs with no ments and only short VCR sections to give them time to change into new...

    A look back on one of the best mashups ever

    I'm still obsessed with this mix, especially during the summer. I even know the sequence, lyrics, and line distribution lol. The original songs almost pale in comparison. I've listened to it so much to the point where whenever I watch Momo's dance break in Likey I almost imagine hearing Wendy...
  9. Seunghee's Eyebrows

    AUDIO-K What is your favorite track in SeulRene's Monster album?

    Uncover is my favorite but I'm overall very happy with the b-sides as usual from Red Velvet.
  10. Seunghee's Eyebrows

    Don't let Monster distract you from the fact that Uncover is also a bop!

    Red Velvet continues to impress us with their b-sides. While I love ALL their b-sides, Uncover is THAT song for me!
  11. AshithBangera

    MV-K Red Velvet - IRENE & SEULGI 'Monster' MV

  12. Misa

    CHARTS Red Velvet Irene x Seulgi "Monster" Music Chart Debut

  13. Misa

    Psycho is trending at #1 on MelOn realtime search

  14. Seunghee's Eyebrows

    "WHERE'S THE MV" is trending Worldwide at #15

    Maybe this is good promo?
  15. Misa

    레드벨벳 아이린&슬기 Red Velvet - IRENE & SEULGI 'Monster' MV Making Film

  16. Seunghee's Eyebrows

    AUDIO-K Seulgi x Irene- Monster album

    SM why you do this?!
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