1. ScarletRose

    PV RIRI - Luv DejaVu (Music Video)

  2. ScarletRose

    PV RIRI - Wheel of Fortune (Official Video)

  3. ScarletRose

    PV RIRI - WHEEL of FORTUNE ~運命の輪~ Japan ver (official video)

  4. Aquamaraqua

    A Royal Wedding: Lannister's Riri and Targaryen's Aquamaraqua

    The tale of Riri and Aqua's love story dates back to three years, where they met on a forum, and fell in love with each other's auras. Loving the queens After School, and kings Cross Gene, both of them knew they found their soulmates in each other. ~playlist while you read~ Witty Riri...
  5. Yuki

    PV RIRI - Episode 0

  6. ScarletRose

    ⚜ The Official RIRI (梨里) Thread ⚜ | WHEEL of FORTUNE ~運命の輪~ 04.07.21

    Stage Name: RIRI (梨里) Birth Name: Arai Riri (荒井梨里) Birthday: November 5, 1999 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
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