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  1. Polaris_Tae

    AUDIO-C Rocket Girls release second single "Our Special Time" from their farewell album!
  2. Polaris_Tae

    PHOTOSHOOT Meng Meiqi & Zhou Zhennan in previews for VogueMe

    Give me more photoshoots of these two together. God-tier aesthetics imho
  3. Polaris_Tae

    AUDIO-C Meng Meiqi & Zhou Zhennan "C"
  4. Polaris_Tae

    APPRECIATION Aojuan being a literal goddess!!!

    I just came across this photoshoot and she's so stunning! I guess I'll die now :tears: :tears: :tears:
  5. Polaris_Tae

    PHOTOSHOOT Rocket Girls Zhang Zining for Elle China

  6. Vanilla Cupcake

    LYRICS [Rocket Girls feat. Rainbow Chamber Singers] 火箭少女101 feat. 上海彩虹室内合唱团 - 要嗨森 | Want Happiness

    火箭少女101 feat. 上海彩虹室内合唱团 (Rocket Girls feat. Rainbow Chamber Singers) - 要嗨森 (Want Happiness) Lyrics: 金承志, 宝石Gem, 王朝, 黄嘉雯 (Jin Chengzhi, Dong Baoshi, Wang Chao, Wenasa) Composition: 金承志, 宝石Gem, 王朝 (Jin Chengzhi, Dong Baoshi, Wang Chao) Translated by: Vanilla Cupcake @
  7. Polaris_Tae

    AUDIO-C Wu Xuanyi x Elvis Wang《Paranoid》

    Song Link This song is soooo pretty ~
  8. Polaris_Tae

    The MV for "Calorie" by Rocket Girls has officially surpassed a cumulative score of 10 million on QQ Music's Top MV Chart!

    omg! Congrats!!! God-Tier song ~ :pepesanta::pepesanta::pepesanta: stream:
  9. Polaris_Tae

    PHOTOSHOOT Duan Aojuan For The First One Street Snap

  10. Polaris_Tae

    Rocket Girls/火箭少女101 Badge Voting Thread ✭ GROUP VOTING ✭ [STATUS: Suggestions + KEEPERS]

    I want myself that Fu Jing badge, so we're finally doing this! Guidelines: No fantaken images Use HQ pictures No heavily edited images No extreme contrast, highlighted colours, or super light/dark images Face should be centered Logos should only be used for groups and are not allowed for...
  11. Polaris_Tae

    ARTICLE 10 C-Pop Recommendations For K-Pop Fans

    10 C-POP RECOMMENDATIONS FOR K-POP FANS Written by: Polaris_Tae Chinese pop music is often overlooked these days in favour of Japanese and Korean pop. In this playlist I'm going to recommend 10 songs that I hope just might convince you into adding a few Mandopop songs to your heavy rotations...
  12. Polaris_Tae

    APPRECIATION Li Ziting released the cutest pics for her birthday the other week!

    Mimi! She's soooo pretty 😍😍😍
  13. Polaris_Tae

    GFX New member bios for the Rocket Girls OP ~

    I'm in the process of making the Meiqi/Sunhee ones + need a better gif for Meiyun STAN ROCKET GIRLS AND VISIT THE MT
  14. Polaris_Tae

    APPRECIATION A Literal Goddess

    Fu Jing AKA Jinna from Rocket Girls @/Tencent can I get one more comeback from Rocket Girls bf disbandment plz
  15. Polaris_Tae

    PERF-C Rocket Girls 'Born To Win' at the BeijingTV Spring Festival Gala

  16. Polaris_Tae

    WEIBO Wu Xuanyi at Happy Camp

  17. S

    LYRICS [Rocket Girls 101] (火箭少女) - 卡路里 | Calorie

    Rocket Girls 101 (火箭少女) - 卡路里 | Calorie Lyrics: 李聪 (Li Cong) Composition: Akiyama Sayuri Arrangement: 彭飞 (Fei Peng) Translated by @sunflower @ 每天起床笫一句 先给自己打个气 每次多吃一粒米 都要说声对不起 魔镜魔镜看看我 我的锁骨在哪里 美丽 我要美丽 我要变成万人迷 pose pose 我要变成万人迷 pose pose měi tiān qǐ chuáng dì yī jù / xiān gěi...
  18. Polaris_Tae

    PHOTOSHOOT Li Ziting for Rayli Magazine

    she's pretty pretty
  19. Polaris_Tae

    PHOTOSHOOT Wu Xuanyi for YSL Beauty

  20. Leo

    "What do you think about Yang Chaoyue's acting?" Comments: 1. Wow, why do I feel like her acting is quite natural? In the past, I thought her expression when she spoke was empty-headed (I'm just saying the truth; fans, don't hit me) [+65827] Response: I think that besides singing and dancing, she...
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