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    MV-K SEVENTEEN - Not Alone / 「ひとりじゃない」(Hitori Janai) MV

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    Tracklist 1. ひとりじゃない / Hitori Janai / Not Alone 2. Run to You (Japanese Version) 3. HOME;RUN (Japanese Version) :heartublob:
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    TEASER-K SEVENTEEN - 「ひとりじゃない」(Hitori Janai) MV Teaser

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    MV-K THE 8 '나란히 (Side By Side) (Korean Ver.)' MV

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    PERF-K SEVENTEEN - 'VERY NICE' (High-Octane ver.) | Press Play

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    PERF-K HOSHI - Intro + Spider | Special Stage (210408 MCountdown)

    + Fancams :shablob:
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    MV-K HOSHI - Spider (MV)

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    PHOTOSHOOT SEVENTEEN's The8 for Arena Homme+ (April 2021)

    INTERVIEW/BEHIND :heartpar:
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    Pledis Update on the Issue Regarding SEVENTEEN Mingyu Additional Update on the Issue Regarding SEVENTEEN Member MINGYU Hello. This is PLEDIS Entertainment. We would like to provide additional information on what we have been able to confirm regarding SEVENTEEN member MINGYU. Representatives of our...
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    PHOTOSHOOT SEVENTEEN's Jun for Loading·U e-Magazine (March 2021)

    "Stay with Expectation" INTERVIEWS / BEHIND :heartpar:
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    PHOTOSHOOT SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo for WAVES 漫潮 Magazine (March 2021)

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    Seventeen's Mingyu facing bullying allegations from his middle school days

    Many K-Pop and K-entertainmentonline communities are currently being flooded with heated discussions surrounding the topic of school bullying. In light of the recent controversy surrounding (G)I-DLE member Soojin, new bullying allegations have now been raised against Seventeen member Mingyu...
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    PERF-K SEVENTEEN - 'Left & Right' | The Kelly Clarkson Show (210113)

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    PHOTOSHOOT SEVENTEEN for Harper's Bazaar Korea Magazine (January 2021)

    SEVENTEEN! "Singing Youth" COVERS (click on images to view larger size) Interview + Behind :heartublob:
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    PHOTOSHOOT SEVENTEEN for Harper's BazaarV China Magazine (January 2021)

    Members include Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Wonwoo, Mingyu and THE8! The magazine will be released on January 15, 2021. GROUP | INDIVIDUAL | BEHIND THE SCENES & INTERVIEWS (c) BazaarV Weibo Post
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    PERF-K SEVENTEEN - 'Fearless' + 'Left & Right' @ 35th GDA (210110)

    Backstage Interview Acceptance Speech Congratulations to SEVENTEEN for winning Best Album (Bonsang) at the 35th Golden Disc Awards! :shablob:
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    [KB] Big Hit To Hold First Concert With All Sublabels—But It Clashes With One Of The Biggest Events Of The Year

    Today, Big Hit Labels announced a new upcoming online and offline concert featuring artists from all of Big Hit Entertainment‘s subsidiary agencies. There’s just one catch: it’s going to clash with one of the biggest events of the year. According to Big Hit Labels’s announcement, the 2021 New...
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    What’s your favorite kpop friendship? (Not in the same group or company)

    Tiffany & sistar’s bora moonbin & seungkwan
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    SEVENTEEN reported to make their comeback in October

    Confirmed by Pledis:
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