1. Baymax

    PERF-K SEVENTEEN - 'Left & Right' | The Kelly Clarkson Show (210113)

  2. Baymax

    PHOTOSHOOT SEVENTEEN for Harper's Bazaar Korea Magazine (January 2021)

    SEVENTEEN! "Singing Youth" COVERS (click on images to view larger size) Interview + Behind :heartublob:
  3. Baymax

    PHOTOSHOOT SEVENTEEN for Harper's BazaarV China Magazine (January 2021)

    Members include Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Wonwoo, Mingyu and THE8! The magazine will be released on January 15, 2021. GROUP | INDIVIDUAL | BEHIND THE SCENES & INTERVIEWS (c) BazaarV Weibo Post
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    PERF-K SEVENTEEN - 'Fearless' + 'Left & Right' @ 35th GDA (210110)

    Backstage Interview Acceptance Speech Congratulations to SEVENTEEN for winning Best Album (Bonsang) at the 35th Golden Disc Awards! :shablob:
  5. Astro

    [KB] Big Hit To Hold First Concert With All Sublabels—But It Clashes With One Of The Biggest Events Of The Year

    Today, Big Hit Labels announced a new upcoming online and offline concert featuring artists from all of Big Hit Entertainment‘s subsidiary agencies. There’s just one catch: it’s going to clash with one of the biggest events of the year. According to Big Hit Labels’s announcement, the 2021 New...
  6. Astro

    What’s your favorite kpop friendship? (Not in the same group or company)

    Tiffany & sistar’s bora moonbin & seungkwan
  7. Baymax

    SEVENTEEN reported to make their comeback in October

    Confirmed by Pledis:
  8. Baymax

    AUDIO Pink Sweat$ - 17 (ft. Joshua and DK of SEVENTEEN)

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  10. Baymax

    TEASER-K SEVENTEEN - 24H (MV Teaser)

  11. S

    COVER-K Dino's Danceology

    #DanceologyTo1Million #SuckerTo1Million
  12. Baymax

    MV-K [SPECIAL VIDEO] SEVENTEEN - Left & Right 빛나는 Part Switch Ver.

  13. Baymax


    Seventeen will be releasing their 2nd Japanese mini-album on September 9th, 2020! + Contents :shablob:
  14. anh

    APPRECIATION Happy Birthday to Seventeen's Jun!

    :shablob: :shablob: :shablob:
  15. anh

    APPRECIATION Happy 5th Anniversary to Seventeen!

    I'm actually feeling a bit emotional right now heh. After all, most of my teen years were spent watching Seventeen's growth. When I clicked on one of those predebut videos in 2013, I never imagined that 7 years later, I'd still be here with them. There was so much doubt surrounding their debut...
  16. Baymax

    PERF-K SEVENTEEN - Fallin' Flower (Choreography Video)

  17. Baymax

    MV-K SEVENTEEN - 舞い落ちる花びら (Fallin' Flower)

  18. Baymax

    TEASER-K SEVENTEEN - Fallin' Flower (MV Teaser)

  19. anh

    COVER-K WOOZI (SEVENTEEN) - Bye bye my blue (orig. Baek Yerin)

    he teased a short clip on twitter but i didn't think he'd release the full version :sejeongcry: our vocal boss :sejeongcry:
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