1. Polaris_Tae

    REVIEW Single Review: SiS - "Night Surfing"

    SINGLE REVIEW: “SiS - NIGHT SURFING” Written by: Polaris_Tae SiS — not to be confused with the Kpop group of the same name — is a Chinese-Thai idol group consisting of three members, Pam (Pamiga Sooksawee), Veegee (Xu Wenjie) & NoNo (Hong Yinuo) and is under the management of WAJIJIWA...
  2. Polaris_Tae

    PHOTOSHOOT SiS's Veegee for Super Magazine!

    I AM IN LOVE!!!! :palove::palove::palove:
  3. Vanilla Cupcake

    LYRICS [sis] - My Dear

    sis - My Dear Lyrics: 曾轶可 (Yico Zeng) Composition: 赵泳鑫 (Zhao Yongxin) Translated by: Vanilla Cupcake @ Hey my dear 初次見面 你還好嗎 初冬的雪 快要融化 如果願意靠近 可以嚐嚐煙味的柔軟的 你的吻嗎 Hey my dear First time seeing {you}, are you still doing well? The early winter snow is almost melting If {you} are...
  4. Polaris_Tae

    SiS Badge voting thread [Status: Voting For Nono]

    Yep, I'm finally doing this! Tagging @hatfelt bc mayhaps you'll want to keep a badge or two ~ Guidelines: No fantaken images Use HQ pictures No heavily edited images No extreme contrast, highlighted colours, or super light/dark images Face should be centered Logos should only be used for...
  5. Vanilla Cupcake

    LYRICS [sis] - 大胆小鬼 | Night SURFING

    sis - 大胆小鬼 (Night SURFING) Lyrics: 焦东 (Jiao Dong) Composition: 周禹成 (YC) Translated by: Vanilla Cupcake @ 三長一短選最短 大 膽小鬼的經驗 字跡都歪歪斜斜 少女試穿高跟鞋 三更半夜別偷懶 作業工作先搞完 各種經驗交響樂 讓炸彈Bomb在耳邊 Three long and one short, {I} choose the shortest one, a brave child's experience Handwriting is all...
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