1. Astro

    A fan was trying to educate NCT’s Hendery for wearing dreads wigs & his response was a mess

    So he uploaded these pics on weibo a few days ago & deleted them and so a fan tried discussing it with him and... Yikes
  2. jana22sal

    SM will be part of a event that may put out more news about aespa

  3. SageWren

    SM is being Scammed!!! whoever writes their english lyrics!! I have conducted an exhaustive, official, and completely unbiased survey of the English within SM group's songs and I have uncovered a horrifying truth....... SM is being abused by a con artist. Let's take a walk through history, going back to ye...
  4. Nana

    [PC] SM announces the debut of a new girl group in 2020

    There will be a new star in 2020. [...] SM entertainment are going to release a new rookie group. SM who have been in charge of S.E.S The Grace, SNSD, Fx, Red Velvet will also be debuting a new girl group who will have its own uniqueness, visuals and music genre in KPOP. They're launching...
  5. Aquamaraqua

    Not to be racist but...

    Flower DPs are superior sorrynotsorry @ARandomFan @bobo @Stinkerbell amirite? uwu Everyone should vote for E.MUGI here as we got the superior DPs and superior group:
  6. Hara

    Rumored SM Trainee Jin Hyunbin sing “one late night in 1994” in this old video

    A new video of Jin Hyunbin (a rumored SM trainee) singing “one late night in 1994” was discovered. What do you think? You can find out everything about her in my old thread! Its also now confirmed that she was born in 2001 seeing as she joined the Hanlim High School in 2017. The SMNGG is...
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