1. yerm

    RECRUITMENT Graphics Team Open Recruitment

    Hello again, lovelies! Hallyu+'s GFX team are currently looking for new members who are willing to help with duties related to graphics around the forum. There's no closing deadline for applications so you can apply whenever you like :BoredPar: REQUIREMENTS: Must: Knowing how to work with...
  2. abra

    Show your appreciation to H+'s wonderful staff!

    As you all know the Hallyuplus staff has been doing a wonderful job for this forum by making it run smoothly, organizing events and games, moderating, creating great content such as translations or reviews, advertising the forum, creating beautiful designs, helping their fellow users, managing...
  3. GuardianofTheCosmicRealm

    Are the idols always followed by their managers and staff?

    I've been watching Vlive streams of my favs and in some of them it seems they are alone, but they might not be? I saw a stream of Lovelyz doing karaoke, Jin, Baby Soul and Yein. But are they actually alone?
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