1. abra

    Watch the most popular AKB, NMB & STU virtual handshakes

    Inspired by a tweet, I decided to list the most popular (liked/RT'd/commented) videos from AKB48's, NMB48's and STU48's recent handshake videos. The videos are meant for fans who aren't able to meet the idols now that Japan is in a state of emergency, and can help you get a feeling of what it's...
  2. Riri

    STU48 announces 5th Single release date

    STU48 announced on their 3rd anniversary streaming show the release date to their 5th Single. The single will be release on 27th of May with all of the group participating into the lineup. The lineup will be divided into 2 groups one including Okada Nana, 1st gen and the 3rd Draft while the...
  3. Riri

    STU48 Announces new Social Media Campaign

    STU48 official web site announced the idol group will launch a Social Media campaign tomorrow. Two of their members Takino Yumiko and Ishida Chiho opened new social media accounts, and if their new accounts' get more than STU48 Twitter's followers (87,276 followers) before 31 October 2019, all...
  4. niyin

    PERF-J STU48 / Daisuki na Hito

    at NHK Utacon
  5. mocha

    48G badge voting thread! ~ ♡ ON HOLD!

    Welcome to the official 48G badge voting thread! RULES - No fantaken images - To protect the content creators rights as well as ourselves fantaken images are not allowed to be used as badges. - Use HQ pictures - For quality purposes, the higher quality the better an image will look as a...
  6. niyin

    PV STU48 / Umi no Iro wo Shitteiruka?

  7. Shigechan

    PV STU48 - Daisuki na Hito [3rd Single]

  8. abra

    The AKB48 Group Thread

    Welcome to the official AKB48 Group (48G/AKBG) thread! What is AKB48 Group? AKB48 Group is a term for AKB48 and it's Japanese sister groups (SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, STU48 and NGT48). Sometimes the international sister groups (MNL48, BNK48 etc) are also included. This thread is meant to be...