tacoyaki rainbow

  1. Lurkette

    I dare you to name a song of theirs that isn't iconic

    Go ahead. Try. I'll be waiting. Indies days, when they were babies? Instant classics, beloved by even non-fans. Full turn from Hyadain favorites to avex babes? Also a win. But you might ask, what have they done for the LGBT+ community? Only make a pride anthem that no other idol group...
  2. abra

    Tacoyaki Rainbow try dancing to "Naniwa no Hanawa" while blindfolded

    With questionable results...
  3. abra

    APPRECIATION Negicco, Tacoyaki Rainbow and Momoclo's Tamai Shiori

    Today Tacoyaki Rainbow and Negicco guested on Shiokoji's Folk Village, a music show hosted by Sakazaki Konosuke and Momoiro Clover Z's Tamai Shiori. Tacoyaki Rainbow is a Kansai-based idol group from Stardust Planet which Negicco is Niigata-based, and perhaps Japan's oldest idol group with...
  4. abra

    EVENT Stardust Planet Festival (ft. Momoclo, Ebichu, TEAM SHACHI, Tacoyaki Rainbow & more)

    Today the 12 groups under Stardust Planet held a joint concert/festival called "Stardust Planet Fes" at Yokohama Arena. The event featured individual appearances from idols from Stardust's newer groups as well as performances from their seniors. An election was also held to crown Stardust...
  5. abra

    APPRECIATION Tacoyaki Rainbow hit the ski slope

    Tacoyaki Rainbow held a two-day concert at the Hokkaido ski resort Hiroro, and also found the time for a bit of pleasure Check out some of the photos below!
  6. abra

    APPRECIATION Happy birthday, Maimai!

    Tacoyaki Rainbow's Haruna Mai (Maimai) turned 19 today! She looks so tall in this photo
  7. abra

    Stardust Planet 2019 releases thread

    Stardust Planet is Stardust's female idol division, consisting of groups such as Momoiro Clover Z, Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku, Team Shachi and more. In this thread I'll try to list albums/singles/MVs by Stardust Planet artists that are released this year. Note: MVs released in 2018 or earlier are...
  8. abra

    PV Tacoyaki Rainbow - Naniwa No Hanawa (World Heritage Determination ver.)

    Tacoyaki Rainbow shot this version of their 2014 indies single "Naniwa No Hanawa" to celebrate the decision to give World Heritage status to a group of tombs in the Osaka area...
  9. abra

    The Official Momoiro Clover Z & Stardust Planet Thread

    Momoiro Clover Z ももいろクローバーZ Known as: ももクロ (Momokuro), Momoclo, MCZ Momoclo (Japanese: ももクロMomokuro) are an idol group from Stardust Promotion which was originally known as Momoiro Clover when they were first formed in 2008. In April 10 2011 they officially changed their name to Momoiro Clover...