1. Vampire

    APPRECIATION Hello, 911? This Man Is Trying to Kill Me (AKA Advice Era Taemin)

  2. MVSica

    "From Taemin to WJSN, Top 5 Hidden Masterpiece of 2020 Selected by Producers" Naver/xsportsnews

    https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=311&aid=0001246290&spi_ref=m_entertain_twitter VAV 'MADE FOR TWO', ONF (on and off) 'Cactus', Taemin 'Heaven', WJSN 'Pantomime', Loona 'Voice'.
  3. Panda

    APPRECIATION Idols/Groups recreating their old concepts

    Taemin 2013 - 2020 Apink 2011 - 2020 GOT7 2014 - 2020 feel free to add to this list~
  4. Panda

    CONCEPT Super One : #LUCAS Says + #TAEMIN Says

  5. MVSica

    Everytime I see this it makes me lol

    Yeonjung ready to leave :rightt: Taemin Taemining :TzuyuKek: :Slime:Hwasa just kinda hanging out lmao its just so funny to me lol
  6. Aquamaraqua

    This is the angstiest debut song ever...

    E.MUGI's debut! A classic mixing traditional with EDM and atmospheric melodies. Check it out here along with our special member videos. Be sure to upvote the OP so we can get points for our work! https://hallyuplus.net/threads/h-entertainment-e-mugi.17913/#post-484227 Also vote for E.MUGI here...
  7. Aquamaraqua

    Not to be racist but...

    Flower DPs are superior sorrynotsorry @ARandomFan @bobo @Stinkerbell amirite? uwu Everyone should vote for E.MUGI here as we got the superior DPs and superior group: https://hallyuplus.net/threads/ongoing-h-entertainment-make-your-own-kpop-group-november-17-4am-november-27-12am-kst.17604/...
  8. Aquamaraqua

    Is Taemin a God?

    He got got that rhythm, if you know what I mean Shawols, be sure to vote for E.MUGI here, with Taemin as the resident choreographer and vocalist of the group! https://hallyuplus.net/threads/ongoing-h-entertainment-make-your-own-kpop-group-november-17-4am-november-27-12am-kst.17604/ Also...
  9. Aquamaraqua

    H+ Entertainment: E.MUGI

  10. Marytta

    SuperM's group dynamic

    I was honestly not very fond of this whole idea of the group for various - already mentioned reasons, but I really like the dynamic of the group. I love how they all get along, are very comfortable with each other, regardless of their age differences, seniority and being in different groups...
  11. N

    INSTAGRAM 190923- Taemin breaks into Key’s house

    For Key’s birthday, Taemin decided to barge into his member’s home like the brat he is. Looking forward to that ass whoopin' Key's gonna give him when he gets back. :popcorn:
  12. M

    CONCEPT SuperM Concept Photo #02 : #TAEMIN

  13. N

    INSTAGRAM 190908 Taemin-stagram Update

    Homeboy looking like a whole (blurry af) aesthetic. If you're not following Taemin on Instagram, what are you even doing?
  14. N

    INSTAGRAM 190906 Taemin being a Big Mood

    "Jinki I miss you" Us too, Taemin. :wae:
  15. N

    Minho sends support for Taemin and SuperM~

    Minho doing the absolute Most sending a food truck and banners for Taemin and SuperM! “Victory!! Private Choi Minho has received the order to support Superstar Lee Taemin! I hereby report. Victory.” “MaknaeTaem show it to them SuperM Billboard let’s daebak!!” “MaknaeTaem show it to...
  16. pinkpanda_spirit

    [NB] Taemin shows off the fruits of his works outs with impressive back muscles

    Article: SHINee Taemin shows off his back muscles built from working out 'looks like CG' Source: Newsen via Nate 1. [+557, -63] Taemin ahs never gotten into a scandal and he works hard at everything he does. It's good to see him working out as well. 2. [+436, -185] Great, now enlist in the...
  17. N

    INSTAGRAM 190902 Taemin Instagram Update (This boy needs to CHILL)

    How long until the other members get back??????
  18. Chuuya

    INSTAGRAM Taemin sweeping the floor

    King of keeping the floor clean :wow: Also: Jinki :sejeongcry:
  19. Chuuya

    The "kpop dude"

    The one and only true kpop dude :sejeongcry: Stan Taemin:shablob:
  20. N

    INSTAGRAM Taemin being cute on Instagram again

    In case you needed anything adorable to start your morning/end your night with. Following Taemin on Instragram has been scientifically proven to bring you good fortune and clear skin. :hearteu:
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