1. Astro

    [Update: Denied] Taeyeon and Ravi reported to be dating

    Update: Original post:
  2. Vanilla Cupcake

    ARTICLES Taeyeon left a cryptic message in her IG! A fan cracked the message, and got pinned to the top

    Taeyeon left a cryptic message in her IG! A fan cracked the message, and got pinned to the top 2020.12.17 Article: Rui Images: Instagram (@taeyeon_ss) Translation: Vanilla Cupcake A fan cracked the mysterious message and found that Taeyeon was dissing SM Entertainment?! On the 16th of this...
  3. Zero

    SALES ƸӜƷ Purpose - The 2nd Full Album #Spark #DearMe ƸӜƷ Taeyeon General Sales Thread ƸӜƷ

    Recent Releases ~ Active Tracking (Purpose) 2nd Full Album Repackage January 15, 2019 Spotify - Itunes/Apple Music - Melon Peak Rankings: 1. 내게 들려주고 싶은 말 (Dear Me) - Melon #2 - Genie #2 - Bugs #1 - FLO #3 - Soribada #2 2. 월식 (My Tragedy) - Melon #33 - Genie #9 - Bugs #3 - FLO #27 - Soribada...
  4. Danee

    Appreciation post for my favourite summer songs

    Listen to these songs a lot lately
  5. Seunghee's Eyebrows

    Bring the nipple!

    This line will forever be immortalized
  6. MVSica

    Even Taeyeon...


    APPRECIATION Seven of SNSD's members performed two songs at their managers wedding.

    Sang Kissing You And Complete
  8. Seunghee's Eyebrows

    Do you prefer her with short hair or long hair? #21

    Today's idol: Taeyeon She looks fine with short hair but I've always been a fan of long hair Taeyeon. The genie era was the best
  9. Seunghee's Eyebrows

    This OST aged soooooooooooooooooooo well

    Easily STILL my favorite OST by Taeyeon. It's fast become so nostalgic to me
  10. Livy

    Taeyeon posts beautiful tribute to her father and thanks everyone for their support

    Translation by Stella "I want to communicate a word of thanks to everyone who gave me a lot of birthday wishes and consolation on March 9, 2020. Countless people reached me, embraced me warmly and comforted me. I will live well going forward with the deep love and warm consolation. Those who...
  11. Seunghee's Eyebrows

    APPRECIATION Yuri & Taeyeon having automatic door issues

    Poor babies
  12. Seunghee's Eyebrows

    Taeyeon lip-syncing...

    to the greatest bops of the decade
  13. Zero

    1 month into 2020 and Taeyeon already has 3 new fansites this year

    You can't spell longevity without Taeyeon :RichPar: girly just won't let others breathe :sweat:
  14. sexy cutie

    Super Junior Heechul reveals why he decided not to release his solo album

    full video here
  15. MVSica

    Why is kpop keeping Taeyeon away from her daughter?

    Tae YEON + Jessica JUNG = YEONJUNG Taengsic was real :TzuyuKek:
  16. Zero

    APPRECIATION Taeyeon in this concert outfit... 🔥

    she unfair Imagine looking that good and being that talented :tears: while you're here stream Taeyeons 2nd Album Purpose, in particular Better Babe 🤤
  17. Seunghee's Eyebrows

    APPRECIATION Idols who can spin pens are hot

    If you can spin a pen that makes you hot BoA can spin a pen. So therefore that makes her hot. Taeyeon can spin a pen. So therefore that makes her hot. Younha can spin a pen AND also has a big forehead so her focus is all on that pen. So that makes her EXTRA hot. @elolery @kimsguardian...
  18. Seunghee's Eyebrows

    Gravity vs Gravity vs Gravity vs Your Gravity

    Which Gravity do you like the most? I like Oh My Girl the most. However TREI and Taeyeon's one is vocally outstanding too.
  19. taeyeon219

    APPRECIATION Taeyeon + boots ? yes please .. (+poll)

    I really think thigh high boots suit her really well ! When u follow my posts you can see I really like thigh high boots :P want to share the love <3 #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 thanks vor voting :P
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