1. fullofjoy


    Im Nayeon Yoo Jeongyeon Hiari Momo Minatozaki Sana Park Jihyo Myoui Mina Kim Dahyun Son Chaeyoung Chou Tzuyu
  2. eloquence

    INSTAGRAM Elkie, Tzuyu and Shuhua celebrating Elkie's birthday!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELKIE! ' visual legends
  3. whisky23

    [KB/Oricon] TWICE Tzuyu Is Voted Favorite Taiwan Beauty In Poll Of New Yorkers

    Tzuyu? Girl next door? Only if I'm living in heaven. :heartublob: Tzuyu may have won the poll in New York, but the source article was from a Japanese website. Looks like Japan is just as in love with Tzuyu.
  4. KrabbySana

    All TWICE Songs That Had Lyrics Written By The Members (Updated)

    Page Two (2010) Precious Love Lyrics were written by JYP and Chaeyoung. Chaeyoung was responsible for the rap part. Signal (2017) Eye Eye Eyes Lyrics were written by Jihyo and Chaeyoung. Twicetagram (2017) Missing You Dahyun and Chaeyoung have written the lyrics for...
  5. emanresu

    APPRECIATION The Tzuyu Report - (Ep. 4)

    The Tzuyu Report - (Ep. 4) In today's Tzuyu News. Tzuyu shows us how to be successful in life by honing our skills in poses and gestures. The Plushie The Hockey Player The Laser Gun The Sleep While Standing The Michael Jordan The Gymnast. The Gang Sign...

    APPRECIATION Tzuyu Throwback

    I remember when this just came out of nowhere. I was especially thrilled because this was actually fave my part of the mv.
  7. emanresu

    APPRECIATION The Tzuyu With Fruits Thread

    The Tzuyu With Fruits Thread I have calculated and studied the constellations and human history and have determined that what is needed in this world is a thread about Tzuyu and fruit. So here it is. You're welcome world. Tzuyu with pear. Tzuyu with pineapple? Tzuyu with apple...
  8. fullofjoy

    APPRECIATION Katniss better hold on to her bow cause Chewy is coming for her!

    BEAUTIFUL! :sejeongcry: GOT SHOT THROUGH THE HEART BY CHEWY! HAVE YOU? @ChewyBbang @TWCE main thread
  9. AshithBangera

    APPRECIATION Tzuyu with bangs ❤️

  10. fullofjoy

    APPRECIATION TWICE new hairstyles at Lotte Duty Free concert (11.08.19)

    NAYEON JEONGYEON MOMO SANA JIHYO DAHYUN TZUYU ***** Nayeon: Black with blonde highlights Jeongyeon: Short and black Jihyo: Highlights? Dahyun: Gray/blonde? Tzuyu: Blonde and blue ombre Chaeyoung, Sana, Momo: Same.
  11. emanresu

    Angel "I Ignore Gangnam Gunshots" Tzuyu

    Angel "I Ignore Gangnam Gunshots" Tzuyu I love this video so much. Girl next door Tzuyu. Simple makeup and long straight hair. What an angel! So much angel that she's not even phased when gunshots ring out halfway. (45 secs) Lmao. The sound of small arms fire in the dorm may bother...
  12. emanresu

    Intern Tzuyu

    Intern Tzuyu Oh Intern Tzuyu Let's hire you right away. No paperwork needed No approval. No mess. The company can't run without you. I've got to hire you on the spot. Don't worry about copies Or getting anyone coffee. We'll get those for you. While you lead Company Projects. And...
  13. emanresu

    Airport Tzuyu

    Airport Tzuyu Airport Tzuyu Oh Airport Tzuyu... How I wish to be your luggage We can travel together. You in sweats. Me following along behind you. I'll keep your things tidy and collected. While you walk like an angel through Gimpo and Incheon. Maybe we can stay here forever...
  14. AshithBangera

    APPRECIATION Chou Tzuyu ♥

    I can feel you `Airport staff Unnie` :sejeongcry:
  15. zai

    [theqoo] TWICE ‘Music Station’ HAPPY HAPPY & BREAK THROUGH

    original post: 트와이스 엠스테 HAPPY HAPPY& BREAK THROUGH 1.This is crazy 2. Daebak Breakthrough is crazy 3. Video is too short, Please give me the full version ㅠㅠ 4. Today’s TWICE performance is legendary ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ 5. The stage is really good 6. Dahyun’s skin is really white. Everyone is so beautiful...
  16. emanresu

    SongSong Is Wrecking Havoc On My Tzuyu Twitter

    SongSong Is Wrecking Havoc On My Tzuyu Twitter Being a Tzuyu inclined fanboy. I have set up my Twitter such that it is more or less... 99% Tzuyu. You know like I follow 811 Tzuyu accounts and like a few others. Like 2. Well there I was. Just an innocent Tzuyu Fanboy trying to look at his...
  17. emanresu

    APPRECIATION Elven Tzuyu

    Elven Tzuyu O Elven Tzuyu Look at your pretty Elvish Ears. They stick out just like when you were little. Peek out from your Angel hair to say hi to the world. When you walk in the forest I bet grass grows. And all the animals will love you. Please don't sail away in that boat like...