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    PHOTOSHOOT Wang Yibo for GQ Style!

    OMFG, BLUE HAIR AGAIN!!! + Teasers
  2. Polaris_Tae

    CF Li Wenhan for ZEESEA滋色

    + promo pics
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    PHOTOSHOOT Wang Yibo for T Magazine

    This is the photoshoot, they released the cover spreads the other day
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    PHOTOSHOOT Li Wenhan for KIKS定番

  5. Polaris_Tae

    PHOTOSHOOT Wang Yibo on the Cover of T Magazine

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     🥳 Happy 2000 Days to UNIQ 🥳

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    PHOTOSHOOT Wang Yibo on the cover of Super Elle

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    Wang Yibo's《无感》 has now sold a total of 15 million copies!!!

    omg, the slayage!!! Wu Gan world domination!
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    Sungjoo (UNIQ) Enlisted Today (March 9th)

    owo will miss your vlogs, they were cute while they lasted. good luck! :pepesanta::pepesanta::pepesanta:
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    AUDIO-C Wang Yibo 《因为我们在一起》

    Charity song for coronavirus uwu :pandafrozen::pandafrozen::pandafrozen: Full Audio
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    Wang Yibo is announced as the new spokesperson for Swarovski

    oof, it's already sold out I'm- :pandafrozen:
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    PHOTOSHOOT Cho Seungyoun 1st Look BTS

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    PHOTOSHOOT SoCosmo 100 Questions With Wang Yibo

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    Cho Seungyoun's (Woodz) TinyTeenyTooooMuchInfo Q&A | Allure Korea

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    Wang Yibo for GQ Thailand (Outtakes)

    CRYING!!! HE'S THE CUTEST! :wow:
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    PHOTOSHOOT Wang Yibo for L’Officiel Hommes China

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    The March issue of 时尚COSMO with Wang Yibo sets a record for sales of a physical copy of a magazine!

    时尚COSMO thanked readers & wang yibo’s fans for their great love & support. in addition, they will also do its social responsibility by donating 10% of all online sales profit of the march issue that was sold today to wuhan leishenshan hospital to support the epidemic prevention. ^ source...
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    PHOTOSHOOT Wang Yibo on the Cover of Cosmopolitan (March 2020)

    oof, changed my sig just in time for a new ps Anticipating a new god-tier photoshoot from the prettiest bby!!! :heartublob:
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    APPRECIATION It's been 100 days since the last Yibo selfie 😭

    Here's a Yibo Selfie appreciation post I AM STARVED!!! The last Yibo selfie was post CQL in Nanjing last November :wae: This is the best quality that we get right now, I'm so sad :angry:
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