1. ghostface

    i'm really happy that i met you

    the quadz: @BlueNose @OutroTearTheFirst @Phaedra our cord is really turning a year old soon, it's been a super fun year with all of you! i think we'll keep talking until we turn into hagrenes shdfgsd @moelleux you are sincerely the cutest!! @Saint Ren hi mum @Chiharu absolute queen...
  2. Polaris_Tae

    APPRECIATION I don't stan him... but I kind of want to

    Zheng Fanxing, he's freaking cute: he dropped a whole ass cake on himself by accident!!! got onto the wrong stage lmaoooo A wole ass mood: the cutest bby :heartublob:
  3. Polaris_Tae

    APPRECIATION šŸ„³ Happy Birthday Song Jiyang šŸ„³

    happy birthday little fairy ~
  4. Riri

    Send me something to draw

    like a picture or something because i'm bored don't give me people cause i don't know how to draw humans :pepesanta:
  5. Polaris_Tae

    APPRECIATION Jungkookie's little face scrunch ~

    cute bunny ~~~ :sejeongcry:
  6. Seunghee's Eyebrows

    ♦ The Official Seung's Stories Thread ♦

    Annyeong H+ Welcome to Seung's Stories thread. A place where you can casually share stories about your faves and chat with your fellow H+ residents. You can promote your faves here too with songs, pics or whatever satisfies you :yoosmile: Let this be a place for us to feel comfortable...
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