1. Astro

    [Update: Denied] Taeyeon and Ravi reported to be dating

    Update: Original post:
  2. Panda

    MV-K Kim Namjoo, RAVI, Kang Seungsik: 'That Summer' [Summer Memories]

  3. BlessMeAchoo

    It's already been a year since this collab

    I know it was for Pepsi, but this collab between Hyungwon and Hongbin deserved more hype~
  4. Aquamaraqua

    Not to be racist but...

    Flower DPs are superior sorrynotsorry @ARandomFan @bobo @Stinkerbell amirite? uwu Everyone should vote for E.MUGI here as we got the superior DPs and superior group:
  5. ARandomFan

    This Is So Sad!!!!

    The beautiful, wonderful, talented, amazing @Aquamaraqua snaPPED making thIS FANTASTIC GFX AND NO ONE IS APPRECIATING IT! ON HER BIRTHDAY!!! The audacity... it hurts my soul... So... imma need y’all to head over HERE and vote for Team 3: E.MUGI Because. On top of Aquas EPIC gfx, and @bobo and...
  6. Bobo

    Some of y'all 'bout to be real mad at me... But it must be said

    Some of y'all aren't voting for E.MUGI in THIS thread and that is NOT ok, just DON'T be who you are Some of y'all gonna say, Well your lineup is clapped that's not ok, cause each member adds flavor to the team and make it harmonious Some of y'all gonna say, well i don't like you and your...
  7. Aquamaraqua

    H+ Entertainment: E.MUGI

  8. Bobo

    Half Naked kpop guy

    Now that i got your attention, please come here and vote for team 3 composed of: -Shin Wonho - Min Yoongi - Lee Taemin - Han Seungwoo (Abs guy btw) - Han Sanghyuk you'll be able to vote in a few days
  9. D

    I miss my fandom

    Well its pretty obvious that most(almost all lol) starlights have moved on from the forum life. And it gets pretty lonely/ boring when you are discussing your faves with... your head... yike. I got into forums bc of my fandom but now its just scrolling through random news everyday...
  10. Bellamy

    Do you have a kpop song that helped you through a bad time of your life?

    For me: is Dynamite by VIXX. This song came up 3 days after a big tragedy on my country (the earthquake of April 16th of 2016). My country had some earthquakes before (like years ago) and i have experienced those of lesser magnitude...but this one was a living nightmare so i was traumatized...
  11. SLY

    Stone Music (CJ E&M) deletes VIXX's new music video five minutes after its release

    Some fans were speedy enough to see the MV when it was released Some even managed to capture some few screenshots featuring the five members However, just few minutes after its release, Stone Music immediately deleted it. Take note that only Stone Music YT Channel handles all music releases...
  12. D

    APPRECIATION Okay but Cha Hotyeon?

    Why not look at this hot model? Hotyeon shining in his gorgeous skin tho :sejeongcry: But don't just stop right here! You've got to witness him working those muscles in a casual T Dang he pops I miss him... but okay ya'll, stan art :RichPar:
  13. Leo

    MV-K RAVI - STILL NIRVANA (Feat. HAON, Xydo)(Prod. PUFF)

  14. Leo

    AUDIO-K RAVI - 'LEOPARD' ft. Solar of MAMAMOO (Prod. Cosmic Boy)

  15. Leo

    RAVI & SOLAR - ‘LEOPARD’ Interview

    Solar wrote her own part and even the melody! How did you feel when you got the call about the Collab? Solar: Ravi had actually spoken about featuring once before but unfortunately we couldn't, so when he asked me this time I was really happy and I wanted to do really well. How did you end up...
  16. Leo

    MAMAMOO's Solar to feature in Ravi's new single

  17. lin_ash


    Shinee - Taemin was the first one who stopped accepting gifts - And the members all eventually followed VIXX - They refused gifts saying they wish they can spend on better things GOT7 Twice Day6 Stray Kids ITZY EXO Lay, D.O, Xiumin, Chen, Sehun - Lay was the one who was the...
  18. jin


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