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    On her Vlive today WJSN Yeonjung mentioned Aespa and StayC as juniors she likes!

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    PERF-K WJSN - Yeonjung "Sad Relationship" Lotto Singer Performance

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    WJSN Dawon Began filming musical movie "K-School" to be released on HBO and others

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    The Crazy Reactions to WJSN Yeonjungs Amazing Cover of BTS - Fake Love

    WJSN’S YEONJUNG TRULY CAPTURES HEARTS WITH THIS ‘LOVE’LY COVER INDEED! https://www.hellokpop.com/kpop/wjsn-yeonjung-reveals-a-riveting-rendition-of-bts-fake-love/ WJSN’s Yeonjung has revealed her unshakable singing skills and strong stage presence with this rendition, despite being the...
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    [SOOMPI]Watch: WJSN Yeonjung’s Emotional Reinterpretation Of BTS’s “Fake Love” Blows “Lotto Singer” Audience Away

    Watch: WJSN Yeonjung’s Emotional Reinterpretation Of BTS’s “Fake Love” Blows “Lotto Singer” Audience Away Nov 14, 2020 by E. Cha WJSN’s Yeonjung wowed the crowd with her stunning rendition of BTS’s “Fake Love” on “Lotto Singer”! On the November 14 episode of the MBN music variety show...
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    PERF-K Yoo Yeonjung(WJSN) - BTS Fake Love live(lotto singer)

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    Regulator orders 6-month suspension of cable channel MBN for accounting fraud

    South Korea's telecommunications regulator on Friday ordered a six-month suspension of services for cable TV channel MBN for accounting fraud in an unprecedented heavy punishment of a broadcaster in the country. The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) said MBN manipulated its balance sheet in...
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    MV-K WJSN Yeonjung OST - 피안화 | More Than Friends OST Part. 7 (경우의 수) MV + Interview

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    WJSN Yeonjung's OST from the Drama 'More than Friends' will be released today at 6pm kst!

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    React to the k: Classical and Jazz Musicians freak out to WJSN - Pantomine

    :catpopcorn: :poggers::hehe:
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    WJSN CHOCOME HMPH! Special Guests? Which one's your fav?

    WJSN Chocome X Moon Se Yoon(Tasty Guys show) Moon Se Yoon from Tasty Guys joined Chocome for a performance and recorded it all , its really fun lol. CHOCOME X Kim young chul CHOCOME x Norazo
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    My favorite new Group CHOCOME has 4 amazing members... But who's your favorite??? Luda- Leader, Main Visual, Lead Vocal, smol :heartublob: Bonas Favorite Soobin - Main Vocal, Visual, smol:love: Seolas Favorite Yeoreum - Main Dancer, Lead Vocal, Visual, smol maknae line:LovePar:Eunseos...
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    PERF-K WJSN CHOCOME - Hmph! 1thek Gap Crush

  14. Seunghee's Eyebrows

    WJSN Chocome's debut saved K-POP in 2020

    I joined the K-POP brigade in 2008 and was wowed by the array of styles and genres throughout my time. But one concept stood out among the rest. And this was the oddball and wild concept which doesn't make sense. And that was the main reason why I loved it. (Which is why I stan weirdos) Orange...
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    WJSN Yeonjung to release OST for JTBC Drama 'More than Friends'

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    WJSN to release first Single Album 2020.10.07#CHOCOME #Hmph

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    IOI was rigged because Yoo Yeonjung should have been top 5

    At the very least. Her album sales alone shows how great she is(she sings 60% of WJSN songs along with being a main vocal in ioi, she had the most lines on Miss Me and Second on Chrysalis. 9 osts is equivalent to top main vocals in the industry. With 8 wins, 750k album sales, and a huge amount...
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    How are new gen groups compared to WJSN?

    :TzuyuKek: I don't want to be too mean. But @Seriously how can new gen compete? 5 vocals, 5 dancers, 13 visuals , incredible concepts, legendary stages, historic starship gg sales(its incredible how much they've sold) actresses, vocal queens, variety comedians, Chinity legends, etc, etc,etc...
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    Intellectual opinion on the current stasis of the musical condition of popular Korean music grill groups

    I saw it on twitter :shablob:
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    Happy 4th Anniversary to the Legendary WJSN Bop "Secret"