1. MVSica

    WJSN’s Dawon And Yeonjung Feature On Goo Jun Yeop (DJ Koo)’s Winning Performance On “Immortal Songs”

    Watch: WJSN’s Dawon And Yeonjung Feature On Goo Jun Yeop (DJ Koo)’s Performance On “Immortal Songs” TV/FILM Jul 17, 2021 by C. Hong WJSN’s Dawon and Yeonjung made a special appearance on KBS’s “Immortal Songs.” The July 17 episode was Part 2 of the show’s “Summer Gayo Daejeon” special, pitting...
  2. jin

    ♡ Official WJSN Subunits (CHOCOME & THE BLACK) Badge Voting Thread ♡ FINISHED

    Welcome to the official WJSN subunits badge voting thread! In this thread, we will be creating badges for WJSN's two official subunits: WJSN CHOCOME and WJSN THE BLACK. We will not be creating badges for the individual members as they already exist in the system. - BADGE GUIDELINES - - No...
  3. MVSica

    EVENT Dawon and Yeonjung of WJSN, "Dajung"; going to Immortal Songs looking amazing

    Dawon and Yeonjung of WJSN "Dajung" going to Immortal songs looking amazing:love::love:
  4. MVSica

    A Story About Kpop Karma

    A Story About Kpop Karma This is a story about karma. A warning to those who would talk trash. Way back when in 2016 a group named WJSN debuted and, their senior group fans could not handle it. They created an acronym called WE JUST SOLD NOTHING. They called them flops and nugus out of...
  5. MVSica

    PERF-K (WJSN)의 “UNNATURAL(Band Live Ver.)

  6. MVSica

    PERF-K WJSN - UNNATURAL + Last Dance + Interview on Music Bank

  7. MVSica

    Did you know Blackpink Jisoo and WJSN Bona call each other 1 to 2 times a day?

    :hehe: https://www.soompi.com/article/1409737wpp/blackpinks-jisoo-and-wjsns-bona-warm-hearts-with-their-adorable-friendship
  8. MVSica

    Youtube reactors reactions to WJSN UNNATURAL

    They were quick this time! Leave your reactions on plus thread for mv! https://hallyuplus.net/threads/%EC%9A%B0%EC%A3%BC%EC%86%8C%EB%85%80-wjsn-unnatural.44337/
  9. MVSica

    WJSN slayed the Universe again and they haven't even sang yet

    I mean look at them :palove: I'm already dead and they still have a version 2 :ROFLMAO: :love: Stan WJSN!
  10. MVSica

    WJSN comeback clues

    :TzuyuKek: 03/11/2021 https://www.soompi.com/article/1459124wpp/wjsn-announces-comeback-date-and-details-in-first-teaser
  11. MVSica

    Did you know WJSN is a style of music?

    Ngl I'm going to listen to Yukikas release because it sounds like WJSN genre :palove:
  12. MVSica

    APPRECIATION Happy 5th Anniversary to WJSN!

    Happy Anniversary WJSN!!! :hehe: :bakacat:
  13. MVSica

    Yes, yes, all this kpop news is crazy right now but lets take some time to...

    Acknowledge the Icons of hope; WJSN :bakacat: https://hallyuplus.net/threads/hey-everyone-did-you-see-what-wjsn-did.41412/
  14. MVSica

    Ok so hear me out here lol UNIVERSE app with private messaging

    I don't know about you but I cant read Korean and need subs or google translate to understand what my favs say that can't speak English like Jessica or Tiffany or Chungha etc. Sooo, it can be hard to stan a mid tier group because only main things will get subbed. Like for example I've only seen...
  15. MVSica

    MVSica's WJSN Title Track Ranking 02/2021

    MVSica's WJSN Title Track Ranking 02/2021 A Tier - Great to Excellent Secret One of the best Kpop songs in existence, it has everything you could want in a song, from lows to highs and everywhere in between. The concept (WJSN need to save Yeonjung as she careens from space to the WJSN space...
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