wonder girls

  1. fullofjoy


    I'm having voting thread for them. And I need keepers & suggestion. I made some badges but I still need some high quality ones!!! So please come keep!!!! You can to the award section to view the voting thread. I'm on mobile now so I can't link the thread! PLEASE & THANK YOU!!! ❤❤❤
  2. fullofjoy

    The Official Wonder Girls Badge Voting Thread. STATUS: SUGGESTIONS FOR INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS! Keeper needed!

    Welcome to The Official Wonder Girls Badge Voting Thread. EXPENDING PERIOD FOR GROUP SUGGESTION UTIL WE GET ENOUGH FOR EACH MEMBER, YEEUN IS THE ONLY MEMBER SO FAR TO HAVE OVER 5 BADGES. I have made some suggestions in Request a Mock Thread, you can too! WINNING BADGE...

    Irony vs BGGG vs LOA vs Dalla

    Cuz why not? I'll just vote for Irony because I know no one else will and it's underrated as fuck, lmao. Oh yeah, bonus video
  4. -purelovefx-

    2NE1 Minzy, Sunmi and G-Idle Soyeon look likers in one group

    The first one = Minzy The last one = Sunmi The fourth one = Soyeon What do you think?
  5. Seunghee's Eyebrows

    APPRECIATION Sunny and Sohee's lips

    They have such cute "w shaped" lips :)
  6. Park_Oppa

    Should JYP just stick to debuting girl groups?

    I have never seen a track record good like JYP with all their girl groups being hit after hit They could run a girl group empire :sejeongcry: and hold all the top girl groups in their company if they wanted too. Don't get me wrong I love Stray Kids and how JYPe are promoting them but

    Official Sunmi Thread #Gotta Go OST!!!