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    TEASER-K WONHO(원호) _ 'LOVE SYNONYM #1. Right for Me' Album Preview

    Couldn't seem to find a thread for this already so thought I'd post it :hehe:
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    The MV will be released 2020.08.14 1PM (KST)
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    Wonho fandom name announcement [UPDATED]

    Wonho's fandom name will be announced today on Vlive!~ Update: Wonho's fandom name is WENEE
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    It's been a year, so I'm bringing back bodyguard Wonho because this was a look: Anyway, anticipate Monsta X's comeback on 26th!~
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     Wonho's first selfies in 6 months~

    Wonho has finally posted selfies for the first time in 6 months :sejeongcry: Welcome back king, we missed you!~
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    Monsta X's 널하다 (I Do Love U) debuts at #5 on Billboard's World Digital Sales Chart

    The song was produced and written by Wonho~
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    I'm not crying

    I'm not crying or anything. Nope! Sadly, he edited it. Looks like he can't call us Monbebe anymore :tears::tears::tears: This is so bittersweet.
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    Want some plus coins?

    Seeing as Wonho has returned, I'm feeling generous. I'll be giving 100k plus coins to 3 different users!~ The winners will be randomly chosen. To enter into the draw, make a thread about Wonho and post a link here!~ Obiviously, no negative threads please. I will close entry today at 8pm...
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    Wonho official social media accounts

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/official__wonho/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/official__wonho Fancafe: https://t.co/581pjcWvwP?amp=1
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    He's not Voldemort ffs!

    I am beyond fed up of Wonho being used to promote things and get attention from Monbebe and then not having his name mentioned or being straight up erased. Like what the hell is this: They used an OT7 photo originally to advertise the project and the suddenly when people submit OT7 ads it's...
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    He's so precious~

    At a fansign event it was raining and originally there were no seats for Monbebe. The members asked the staff to bring chairs so Monbebe wouldn't have to kneel on the ground. Wonho wiped the chairs dry with his sleeves: It was raining and a Monbebe didn't have an umbrella, so Wonho gave her...
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    Wonho says sorry to fans and explains why he left Monsta X

    http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20200316000753 https://m.news.nate.com/view/20200316n15034 Please come back Wonho, Monbebe still love you :sejeongcry: EDIT: EDIT 2: Here is a full English verison of the interview: https://channels.vlive.tv/C796F3/vtoday/0.13172672
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    APPRECIATION Wonho deserves the world!~

    I'm glad Monbebe never gave up on him. He really deserves all the love in the world~ I hope all his haters and doubters are ashamed that they jumped to conclusions without proof :sip: Anyway, I hope we can hear from him soon~ It's almost 3am, so I really need to go to bed now before I...
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    Wonho isn't just a "sexy body"...

    he is talented: and cute too: ...and of course, his body is sexy af!!! agree or not? STAN WONHO, STAN MONSTA X!!!
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