1. I & U (become 1ne)

    My heart..... Best Channel on Youtube 417P aka Natsukawa Shiina

    ofc it's trysail related mewhewhewhew (evil cat laugh) also trending is #onlyhappymews get amongst it please! :RunPar: I died in like 2 seconds. one from her wave and two from a preview arghhhhh! so cute :love: @Nara @kimsguardian @Vampire @Idol Killer @C C @Ackerman @rosie @dnb @Seunghee's...
  2. Saint Ren

    VIDEO Interview with your favourite ♡Grazy Grace♡

    Special Thank You To Llama whose name I don't know for editing this @Jibang for letting us use his emoji people and Grazy Grace for being incredible to interview
  3. Vampire

    Hololive's Top VTubers Brought in Over 500 Million Yen in Just Super Chats in 2020

    In the year that was, 2020 had one shining light that brought people happiness; having VTubers invade our homes and bring us comfort through video games, head pats, and bonks. These VTubers were highly rewarded for giving us this comfort, with the top five virtual avatars bringing in more than...
  4. D

    VIDEO H+ YouTube Content Voting Thread | Voting ends on 4th Jan (KST)

    Hello and welcome to the voting phase for our YouTube channel launch! Previously, our users had suggested the type of content they want to see in our channel. Along with the PR and Video team's suggestions, we speculated and narrowed down the types of content which would be possible for us to...
  5. Saint Ren

    VIDEO H+ YouTube Content Suggestion Thread | Open

    Hello guys, this thread will continue to remain open, feel free to post any suggestions Suggestion Form Username: Idea (title): Description:
  6. Vampire

    Voice Actor Natsuki Hanae Samples the PlayStation 5 Ahead of Release

    Popular anime voice actor Natsuki Hanae, who also runs a gaming YouTube channel, will be among the first gaming personalities to sample the PlayStation 5 ahead of its November 12 release in Japan. The PlayStation Blog announced on Wednesday that Natsuki Hanae is among the 12 Japanese YouTube...
  7. kimsguardian

    TWICE: Seize the Light will begin on April 29th

  8. SageWren

    TXT's Crown Fastest BG Debut to hit 100M views

    Crown by TomorrowxTogether has surpassed 100 million views on YT, becoming the fastest boy group debut mv to hit this mark! It took them only 347 days, beating Wanna One's old record of 544 days with Energetic, and was reached before their 1st year anniversary! Congrats to TXT and MOAs😊 Source...
  9. sexy cutie

    CHARTS EVERGLOW's ‘DUN DUN’ reached 15,059,674 views in 24 hours

  10. sexy cutie

    Jessica Jung opens youtube channel. "Jessica Land"

  11. Danee

    ANS - Say my name reaches 1mil views

    Took them only two weeks. Nice for nugu rookies.
  12. tseunhadoku

    OTHER creating my own kpop girl groups

    [YOUTUBE] creating my own kpop girl groups // velvetpjms i personally like this channel and this video was kind of interesting so enjoy
  13. Soyundorito_

    YouTube views

    So with the new YouTube rules, I think it will be interesting to see the changes (tho views don’t really mean much imo, maybe if it were per person) So with this I don’t think it’ll really affect groups at all, just maybe some fans will get mad over their faves not doing the same numbers as...
  14. _universo

    SENSITIVE CONTENT Tw// Rape. A 19 years-old describes murder attempt and rape by an Uber driver on her Youtube channel.

    The 19 years-old Mexican girl, Osiris Mendez, told her heart-wrenching experience through her social media. The girl explains the events that took place on July 26, at Guadalajara, Jalisco, when she decided to take an Uber after getting out of work in order to go back to home. In the video, she...
  15. davidguy

    There is now an official Johnny’s YouTube channel Johnny’s Jr group, Travis Japan, provides the 2nd ever full Johnny’s MV to be uploaded to Youtube
  16. zai

    Why MV views and sales are often misread by K-pop fans and how to correctly read them

    my opinion from this: 1.Kpop is really big now in 2019, so we cant compare 2019 MV to 2009 MV. and nowadays kpop fans are like to stream their faves MV so we don't know if it pure new unique viewers or same person watching it for 10000000x times 2.Sales number are important but its not really...
  17. Flooffy Lights

    Baekhyun's VLOG (half-face shooting contents/love-light friend/Han River/whoosh/whoosh)

    cc for subtitles Baekhyun : "Dear my KyoongTube subscribers! Hello. An indoor guy came by the Han River!^^ Those who were beside the Han River all looked happy! I think it is good to take a walk and go out with your family or friends when the sun shines on the Han River! This is Baekhyun...
  18. Flooffy Lights

    Baekhyun's Vlog (Mong-ryong/Kyoong Tube/Corgi Tube/my clone)

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