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As this event is nearing its end I have some things I’d like to say~

Dear Best House,
Y’all are really the best house. Seriously. I’ve had so much fun being with y’all. Everyone is so nice and kind. Everyone is putting in so much effort into making this a fun time and a great experience. Thank you so much! I hope that we keep chatting in the discord even after the event is over.
Fire and Blood!

Dear Events Team,
Thank you for all of y’all a hard work and effort into even making this possible! Y’all are the the true MVPS! Hosting games and organizing events is no small task. I hope y’all haven’t lost years of your lives because of this lmao. But really, y’all are amazing!

Dear other house,
I don’t have much to say cause my main thing is that I kept getting called traitor baby :straw:
Jk lmao
Dear Martells,
Y’all are doing so well! With what seems like everything against you y’all push through! Really living up to the Martell words. I hope that y’all had fun with this event despite the odds that were against you.

Dear Lannisters,
Tbh I was very tempted to first join the Lannisters because I’m a Leo, therefore I feel like it fits. But clearly I didn’t lmao. Still not happy that you took the Vale from us AND Dorne literally right after we got it but what can be done (Jk jk). Y’all are worthy opponents and we definitely heard your roar.

Dear Starks,
Y’all ain’t playing with this game uh? Y’all make for tough opponents. Work hard play hard should be y’alls house motto. For being the house of snow y’all brought the heat that’s for sure. I hope y’all being that passion and dedication to everything y’all do.

And finally...
To everyone,
Thank you so much for reading. And if you actually read all of this then... Good on you!

Okay, this event has been really fun. I was hesitant to join at first cause I’m not good with these kinda of things. But this has been a great experience like actually talking to more than 0 people on the forum, and participating in things lol. I wasn’t very active on OH and I told myself that I would try to be more active here... I most definitely have been more active! And I would just like to thank everyone for making it so easy to do that.
Now let’s see if I keep being this active afterwards 👀

Once again, I can’t say thank you enough!

~ ARandomFan

sexy cutie

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Great read! :hearteu: i’ve played in some games and i can say it was nice playing with you! Just like you, i also never participated in events like this in OH (never even knew they existed) but i’ve played in a few games in this forum since its conception and it was actually the same players all the time so i’m delighted to see many new faces playing this time.

I’m actually planning to host a game sometime soon so i hope y’all join and play!
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Thanks so much for playing randy! You are a doll. I love you so much! I am so glad you had fun and enjoyed the event. I really am. I hope to see you play in more games. Cause you really are great company. And a wonderful player.
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