A message to the Event team and the four houses


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Jun 16, 2019
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To the Event team, thank you all so much for taking your time to host Throne War. I am sure there is time that it is stressful, but you all always put in your best. Sure, there might be up and down throughout the event, but you all did great and I have a great time throughout the event. I am sure that the next event you all host will be a even greater success.

P.s: If there is a halloween event, may I suggest ''Hotel Del Luna'' as the theme :p

To House Martell:

Even though you all hardly win, you all didn't scowl or throw any temper around. You all are the life and soul of this event and I am sure everyone appreciate you all for always trying your best. #1 in Sportsmanship for sure.

To House Targaryen:

The legacy of your OP Design will live on in history as the best ever. I love how your house is always full of sweetness, cheering each other on. The #1 house in harmony. And oh from being the house with the least pages in your thread to the most, good job!

To House Lannister:

The house that constantly haunt me in my dream at night. All of you are so good at every games and I won't be surprised if you all have took first. The #! house in making Stark sweat for sure.

To House Stark:

My comrades, my family. It's been great being a Stark, and I am grateful to make many new friends. Once a Stark, always a Stark!

I hope everyone have fun throughout the event. Winning or losing isn't that important, as long as we all have fun. I hope that everyone make precious memories and new friendships. Friendships that will last forever. I look forward to meeting everyone again in whatever event that the Event Team will come up with in the near future.

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