Aimer to release a coupling collection in January 2022


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Jun 15, 2019
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Aimer will release a coupling collection titled "Hoshi no Kieta Yoru ni" on January 26, 2022.

The album is named after "Hoshi no Kieta Yoru ni," which was the coupling track to Aimer's fifth single "RE:I AM." It will feature various coupling tracks from the singer's 19 singles released until now, as well as new recordings of "Gracenote" and "Hoshi no Kieta Yoru ni -rit. ver.-." You can listen to a clip of "Hoshi no Kieta Yoru ni -rit. ver.-" in the trailer for the short anime 'Yoru no Kuni' below.

The album will be available for purchase in four different versions: Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B, Regular Edition, and Complete Production Edition. The Complete Production Edition will come with a Blu-ray containing footage from her one-man live 'Aimer 10th Anniversary Live in SAITAMA SUPER ARENA -night world-' held on September 11 and 12 of last year at Saitama Super Arena.

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