Anniversary Event and Closing Thread!


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Jun 10, 2019
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The Anniversary event is finally wrapping up. It has been quite a long ride with games and surprises, plus changes have been made to make our 2nd year more exciting for everyone!

Isn't that awesome?
The past month was lovely, the team and I truly enjoyed hosting for you and we hope you had a good time! Plus, now maybe you know a little more about the team!

This event starts off our second year and hopefully the year ahead will be filled with more events and games that bring all of you happiness and more orbs!

Now moving onto what you've been waiting for!

The Updates!

The Name of our currency will remain as Ørbs! a whopping 22 users wanted to hold onto our Fancy Ø and their wish has been granted!

Now what about the new items?

Are you ready to find out what they are?
Then join us for the live raffle at 4pm EDT today in this thread!

Not only will you find out what the new items are, I have one more announcement to make.
As you know the raffle will have 10 winners who will get different prizes depending on their placement!
The special prize for the person who places first is... drumroll....
They get to claim one of the new items as their own!

So come and join us for the live raffle! Maybe you will be the winner!

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