Baymax and Saint Ren appreciation thread ♡

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@Baymax goes out of her way to help everyone. She's truly so kind and hard-working, she's also very fun to be around and I'm glad we got closer through the ppg

@Saint Ren is someone I admire a lot. She always stands up for the people that are important to her, most loyal friend ever. Thanks for making me feel so welcome in the mc

Love you both and thanks for the work you guys do on this forum, it wouldn't be the same without you

I want to give a shout out to other staff members who also work super hard and are amazing people

flopidoki @AKID❀KI and @AStannie and all of the events team, thanks for bringing us fun stuff, you're really good at what you do and your team is what binds our community together.

@Polaris_Tae and @Dragon of the West and the social media team who do so much on a daily basis to keep us updated and informed. I know it is a lot of work and I hope you guys take care of yourself well.

@Lurkette thank you for your amazing threads and all your translation works. You are a really good writer and also really good at games. What other talents are you hiding from us?

And last but not least, thank you my own team for putting up with me daily @Golden @Idol Killer @noot noot @Kakarotto @roseychu you do an amazing job I'm in glad to work with you guys.

Also to everyone who made me appreciation posts and threads, thank you so much it made me wake up smiling and improved my mood a lot @Chococo @Multilingual Cactus @Hecate @sunsetsana @OutroTearTheFirst @anh.
You guys might not be staff but the community is what makes the forums, and you guys are all very important to keep us going and make this place so lively and fun. Thank you for everything

And to @Yohanelle Delphine who is a tsundere and likes to pretend to hate me, I love you too ♡​

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you are amazing <3