ANNOUNCEMENT [Double Feature] Users of the month - August 2020

Idol Killer

Jun 26, 2019
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Saying goodbye to the month of July, we are here once again to show our gratitude to those who continue to work hard for our community through the nomination of the User of the Month of August!
The users selected each month is someone both the staff, and the users of this forum, have chosen. These users contributed to the community in standout ways, be it by helping other members, answering questions, promoting H+, donating, or anything that makes this person stand out in a positive way.

To show how thankful we are, being user of the month comes with perks as well!

One of the three banners of your choice

A special trophy (2,500 points)
10,000 Plus Coins

Before announcing the next user, we want to once again thank the previously selected user of April @Power Renger
We're lucky to have you in our community!

To make up for the time lost and the few months we skipped, we have decided to nominate two users for August!
Now, our new users of the month are users who have stood out, in various aspects on the forum, over the past month. Counting your votes, along with the Moderators' assessments, we have picked our user of the month for August 2020!

Please congratulate


The HallyuPlus staff, along with the rest of the community, would like to acknowledge your efforts and thank you for your contributions to the community!​
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