INSTAGRAM Ella and Selina update for S.H.E's 18th anniversary


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Happy 18th Birthday S.H.E!
Recently a lot of fans have been posting compilations of funny highlights
as well as many many well-wishing videos
I want to say
We've received your feelings
Thank you all for celebrating our birthday
Anticipating the day when the flowers bloom again (T/N: also ref to their last comeback)

# An age full of collagen
# Zero photoshop generation
# SHE Happy 18th Birthday
# 18-year-old us are still super pretty
# Are 18-year-old us still extremely popular or just okay 🤪
# Thank you everyone for accompanying us on this journey
# I love SHE, do you?


11 September 2001,
a huge event rocked the world,
that was the 911 terrorist attack.

yet on the same day,
a huge event also rocked my world,
that was the day S.H.E was born.

18 years have passed,
today I'm going to the 911 Memorial Museum,
the weather is good,
warm sunlight's gently shining on my face,
everyone is quietly listening to the sound of the water.

Love and courage can overcome all terrors.

Wishing for world peace❤
Happy birthday S.H.E🎂
I love you all 🥰
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