Events Team Game - History Edition// Starts 4th July 2.30 pm EDT, 7.30 pm BST (5th July 3.30 am KST)


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Jun 10, 2019
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It has been a little more than a year since the events team hosted its first game on this forum.
And what an eventful year it has been.
There were many events held and even more games.
Users joined the games and were able to have fun and interact with others.

They were even able to win prizes and get beautiful items.

Now, we have to ask you a very important question...

How well do you know the events team or even the forum?
Come show us, that you've paid attention to what we've done.
And don't worry or be afraid to sign up, if it turns out that you know us like how I know k-dramas... you will still get the participation prize so you are winning either way. :sehunehh:


There will be 12 rounds.
Yes. Just 12. A miracle I know. :sehunehh:

Each round will give you something to do. It could be a question. A puzzle or even a task.
Whatever it is, you need to complete it.

For each round, you will be given 3 minutes to submit an answer in this thread.
But there is a catch.
You are only allowed to give one answer per round.
In case you post more than one answer. Your first will be the only one that counts.

The first three to get the answer correct or complete the task properly will receive 5, 3 and 1 point respectively.

In case everyone submits an answer before the time limit and at least three players have not gotten it right, the players will be given a hint and asked to resubmit.
The players who got the answer right already will not be informed that their answer is correct and therefore will have to submit again. But the second answer won't count as they already got it right the first time. This is to ensure people just can't copy the right answer.

At the end of all 12 rounds, the three players with the highest scores will receive prizes!


Spelling matters. Diacritical marks, punctuation marks etc don't matter.

In case you are asked for names of games, you need to give the full name of the game thread.
In case you are asked for names of members, you can use short forms as long as it is clear who you are referring to.
E.g. sooz for soozie is allowed. R for Riri wont be accepted as it could refer to Rektinq or another member.

Do not edit your posts for any reason.

Do not discuss answers during an ongoing round.

Good behaviour is expected at all times.

Do not get help from anyone on any platform when playing this game.

If there is a concern, quote me and request for clarification. I will respond when i see it. If you are not satisfied with the clarification you may pm me after the game finishes and i will respond.


First Place - 3 orbs, 30k coins, 30 Elite Gamer Points

Second Place - 2 orbs, 20k coins, 20 Elite Gamer Points
Third Place - 1 orb, 10k coins, 10 Elite Gamer Points

Participation - 20k, 5 Elite Gamer Points

Best of luck!



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