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Do you want to be part of the most fun team on Hallyu+? Well we have news for you! We, the Events Team are looking for new fresh recruits to join us. With many amazing events planned, we would love to have more hands on deck.
Not only can you be a part of our events and help in the planning process, you also have the opportunity to host your own games and spread the joy of gaming across the entire Hallyu+ community.
Also you get to have our gorgeous purple grey banner so isn't that like the cherry on top of our delicious events sundae?

One more thing, our forum is very new so we are not specifically looking for experience. If you do have experience that is wonderful however if you don't, that is perfectly alright, we will be more than happy to teach you the ropes. So all you need is a passion for games and creating an environment that is fun and exciting.

So come apply today!


1 orb or 125,000 PC per game hosted
Remaining PC from 200K after game rewards are given to players
1 unique shop item

1. Plan and create games and events of your own (at least 2 a month, exceptions available)

2. Collaborate with the rest of the team in large events such as summer, Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's, etc.

3. Actively take part in team discussions

4. Support your team members and users

5. Answer questions in the Ask the Events Staff Thread

1. Be motivated to host and create games/events

2. Be creative and organized

3. Able to work in a team

4. Enough free time to host regularly

5. Should be able to communicate with team members frequently

6. Reliable access to the Internet

7. Be able to do Basic Maths

7. Most importantly, be friendly and handle people with maturity.

8. Must give up your spot in the event a game is full

Fill in the following form (that can be found in spoiler) and send it via PM to @roseychu and @AKID❀KI. The PM should be titled as follows -
"Events Application - [Username]"

If your application is approved you will be informed and then will have an interview where you will have to answer a set of questions and host a game. After which if accepted you will become our Events Trainee and will be trained.





*Are you good in creating GFX:

Why do you want to join the H+ Events Team?:

What experience do you have with events/forum games?:

Do you like working with a team?:

Mock OP:

*GFX skills are not necessary, we just want to know cause we are curious creatures.

The Mock OP will be a game you will be interested in hosting. Create a game of your choice. It can be relatively simple or be a bit more complex, that is up to you. The idea needs to be your own. If you are planning to use an existing game, please try to make it as unique as possible. GFX IS NOT NEEDED.
You need to think of the following things depending on your setup.

Game Name
Game Mechanics/Setup - Not necessary if your Game is explained in How to Play
How to Play
Prize Distribution

An OP is in the spoiler so you can see how it looks.

Fashion Royalty; Will your pick be the best?


Fashion and Hallyu goes hand in hand. With Hallyu stars expected to rock amazing outfits and look stunning in the best clothes and style.
Some do so amazingly well that vogue will be jealous while others make choices that can be called subpar at best.

So do you think you know who is the best dressed idol in kpop?
Maybe it is your bias?
Maybe it is someone else entirely who blew you away with their (or their coordi's) excellent Fashion sense?

Regardless come show me and the rest of the players that your pick for the Most Fashionable Hallyu Star is undoubtedly the best.
So amazing in fact that they are not just fashionable but they are true Fashion Royalty who everyone else bows down to in respect.

How to Play?

Choose an idol when you are signing up. This idol cannot be changed when the game begins nor chosen by anyone else afterwards.

You will have 12 Rounds

Each with 2 options of clothing with a specific colour


Round 1
Red Sweater or Red Beanie

Round 2
Blue Leggings or Blue Bag

They will last a maximum of five minutes.

Send a pic of your chosen idol wearing one of the two items. It doesn't matter if they are wearing both.

It can be a fanpic or an official pic but it cannot be a fan-edit.

1st three to submit will get 5, 4 and 3 points respectively. My favourite out of all submissions per round will get 1 Point (I think i have decent taste. Let's pray i do).

You can join after the gameplay begins. If you want to play, wait for the ongoing round to finish then quote me and say that you want to play and which idol you choose. Once again you cannot choose an idol already chosen by someone else.

There will be no eliminations.


Do not edit your post. Edited posts do not count.

Posts posted after the time is up will not count.

If an image is not visible for me in the post, submit it in another post. The first post would not count. so even if you posted first you won't get the points. you will only get points for the post with the image visible for me.

Only post one outfit for a round. if you want to submit different pictures of the same outfit you can do so but they should be in the same post.

Good behaviour is expected at all times.

Do not get help from anyone on any platform when playing this game. Search on your own.

If there is a concern, quote me and request for a clarification. I will respond when i see it. If you are not satisfied with the clarification you may pm me after the game finishes and i will respond.

Prize Distribution

1st Place - 30k PC and 30 Elite Points
2nd Place - 20K PC and 20 Elite Points
3rd Place - 10K PC and 10 Elite Points

Thanks for reading the post! I hope to see you apply!

Deadline - No deadline. ONGOING for now.

GFX by @eunheart
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Good luck to everyone applying! :partydogo:


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good luck everyone :shablob:

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I would apply, but I don't know if I'd always be able to dedicate enough time :sweat:
When it comes to time, the team is pretty flexible, you can always apply and then if you make it to the interview stage you can get more information about how much time you’d be expected to dedicate and if that would work for you.
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