EVENT+ [FINISHED] Escape the Sewers | Oct 19th @ 3pm EDT / Oct 20th @ 4am KST


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Jun 15, 2019
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Night falls on the little city of HallyuPlustown. For the longest time there have been rumors of a terrible monster kidnapping villagers and doing horrible things to them. So many families have lost their children,siblings or parents to the malefic monster. There is no clue of where the villagers have gone, if they will ever comeback and most importantly if they're still ALIVE.


The goal of the game is escaping the sewers first.
There will be 2 teams of 5 people each.
Only one team will be able to get out alive.

•There will be 7 rounds, each round a mini game will be given.
•Each team will have a spokesperson that will deliver the correct answer for every mini game and round.
•Each mini game will have an assigned time in which the teams are allowed to discuss the right answer in their own discord group and post it before time is up.
•The first team to post the correct answer in the assigned time wins the mini game.
•After each mini game, the op will give the mini game winning team 2 prompts from which they can choose;
eg. You encounter a puppy. Do you choose to pet it or not pet it?
•The team that first solves the mini game correctly gets to choose the prompt and the losing team will get the other prompt.
This is very important as only one of the 2 prompts will lead to a good outcome at the end of the game.
•Neither of the teams will know if the prompt they choose or were assigned was good or bad until the very end, so be careful with your choices!

At the start of the game or throughout the game, each team will be given a set of objects that can help them with the gameplay!
Standard objects that will be given directly at the start to both teams:
-Magnifying glass x2 (gives a hint for one of the mini games, can’t be used on the same mini game twice!)
- Lighter x2 (after you've won a mini game you can use this object to discover which is the winning prompt; you can't use this after round 5 anymore!)

Objects that can be obtained by choosing a prompt:
-Deck of cards x1 (this will make the assigned time for the round go slower so you will have more time to give an answer, however the losing team will have half the minutes of their assigned time to answer in the next round)
-Rose Colored Glasses x1 (if you acquire this item you will have to use it before next round's mini game starts, if you win the mini game you will be shown the prompt with a good outcome then your glasses will break, if you don't win the mini game the first time you have one more chance of using the glasses after which they will break regardless of the outcome)


- No talking outside your given discord channel or this thread!
- Teams and members of the teams can't help each other with the mini games
- Teams and members of the teams can't message members of the other team
- Only the spokesperson of each team can post the answer to the mini game!
- You can answer as many times as you want
- The first team that posts the correct answer wins the mini-game
- Try not to merge your posts, if they do merge you will be asked to show proof of it
- Spelling counts!
- Answers will be valid if posted before time is up, after time is up do NOT post further
- If neither of the team posts an answer before time is up both will be given the bad prompt and the game will move on
- Do NOT harass or be mean to the other players
- Abide to H+'s general forum rules



Team A
1. Feitan
2. OutroTearTheFirst
4. Baymax
5. emma

Team B
1. Iususchrist
2. Galaxy
3. Chomi
4. BlueNose
5. Stinkerbell


1. Feitan

2. yooamygirls
3. miatheikonic
4. AStan
5. meltrosz
6. joo​
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Jun 16, 2019
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@Baymax dont get cute with the heart eyes, you know u my #1 if we on the same team but if not, dont forget to pull the previous knife out of my back before sticking another in there :taegun:

Baymax in mafia was just a fever dream, we don't know ha :sejeongcry:
What we do know is the Baymax from Spot the Difference. I really do hope we get to be on the same team. :heartublob:


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Jun 16, 2019
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Baymax in mafia was just a fever dream, we don't know ha :sejeongcry:
What we do know is the Baymax from Spot the Difference. I really do hope we get to be on the same team. :heartublob:
lmao ik i'm just messing with you. i hope so too :hehe:
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