MINI+ [FINISHED] How The Grinch Stole Plusmas | Dec 22nd (Wed.) at 2PM EST / 7PM GMT / 23rd (Thurs.) at 4AM KST

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Jun 16, 2019
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The Grinch is at it again with his plans to steal Christmas! This time, he has come to H+
Knowing that the Plus Pals will deliver users' gifts on Christmas day, he hid the Pals around Winter Valley! Can you help find them and save Plusmas?


Each player will choose a color of pawn (see board below) upon sign-up. There will be 10 players maximum.
The order of turns will be RNG-ed before the game begins. This order will remain the same through the whole game.
At the beginning of every round, the Game Host will RNG values from 1-12 (12-faced dice) for each player.
Then, players will have 5 minutes to post in the thread which direction they want to go (north, south, east, west, northeast, northwest, southeast or southwest, abbreviations allowed), remembering that actions will be processed according to the order of turns!
The GM will then post the updated board, revealing the walked-through squares.
The goal of the game is to escape the board by arriving at the far right, past column 32. However, you must get to the end with at least one Pal to win first place.
After the first place is decided OR after 8 rounds with no winner, the remaining players will race to the finish line, even if they don't have a Pal. The game ends after 3 people cross the finish line.



Special Objects that can be found around the board:

Angry Blob: If you fall on this square, it will have a negative effect on your next turn.
The effect will correspond to the color of its hat, in which:
Pink: Divide the result of the dice by half
Green: Skip a turn
Blue: Donate a Pal

Candy Cane: If you fall on this square, it will have a positive effect on your next turn.
The effect will correspond to its color, in which:
Pink: Double the result of your dice
Green: Freeze someone else (make them skip a turn)
Blue: Steal a Pal

Plus Pals: You have to fall on a square with a Pal to obtain one. There are 6 Pals in total on the board. You must lead at least one Pal to the right end of the board to win first place (passing column 32).

Angry Blobs, Candy Canes and Plus Pals will be removed from the board after one player has successfully obtained them (In the case of Donate/Steal a Pal, if no one has a Pal to give or receive, the object won't be removed)

Pawn: Each player will have a different coloured pawn. If you fall on the same square as another player, you switch Pals with them.
Example: If Player 1 has 1 Pal and Player 2 has 2 Pals and they fall on the same square, Player 1 will have 2 Pals and Player 2 will have 1 Pal.
In case more than two players fall on the same square in the same round, players will switch Pals with the one who came immediately before them, according to the order of turns.


-All H+ rules must be respected.
-Your decisions are FINAL. Once you post, you can't edit or repost a different command.
-If you fail to make a decision on time, you will skip a turn.


1st place - 3 orbs, 80k coins, 30 Elite Gamer Points, 500 Frozen Tears
2nd place - 2 orbs, 70k coins, 20 Elite Gamer Points, 500 Frozen Tears
3rd place - 1 orb, 60k coins, 10 Elite Gamer Points, 500 Frozen Tears
Participation - 70k, 5 Elite Gamer Points, 200 Frozen Tears

Prizes are subject to change if the game proves to take longer than expected.

In addition, one of the lucky participants will win 2 random +Cards from our special winter edition–one to keep and one to give away.
Please be sure to complete the form below within 48 hours of the winner announcement to claim your prizes:


1. hatfelt - Green
2. Chomiczewska - Cyan
3. Baymax - Yellow
4. ARandomFan - Red
5. Stannie - Black
6. abra - Purple
7. Chiharu - Pink
8. Bellamy - Orange
9. Nara - Lavender
10. yongfilms - Dark Blue​
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SMU with lavender~


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GREEN IS HERE hopefully work leave me alone when the game comes around

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