MINI+ [FINISHED] One Of Us Is Lying / May 25th 5 am KST / May 24th 4 pm EST


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Which one of us lying?
You'll never know who it is.

How To Play
There will be citizens and a killer
You will have 3 guesses to guess who the killer is.
Whoever guesses the killer first wins.
You will receive an action card from the host
On Day 2, 4, 6, 8 you will receive a hint to who the killer is
Day phase lasts 15 minutes
During Day you will be able to talk about who you think is the killer, or lead others off the path so you can guess the killer first.
Night phase lasts 5 minutes
All victims will be cleaned to give the killer a better chance at winning.

1. Do not talk about the game outside of the Gameplay thread and Role PM.
2. Do not quote, copy, or screenshot anything from your Role PM.
3. Do not talk in the thread during the Night
4. Game throwing is not allowed
5. Do not talk on the Gameplay thread if you are dead.
6. Do not give reactions, do not be rude and attain to the Forum’s rules.
7. Infractions of any of the rules will get the player mod killed.

Prize Distribution
This is a Hard level game.

First to guess the killer: 5 orbs, 50,000 coins, 50 Elite Gamer Points
Second and Third to guess the killer: 3.5 orbs, 35,000 coins, 35 Elite Gamer Points
Participants: 60k, 10 Elite Gamer Points


1. Mina
2. Chomiczewska
3. Stannie
4. Nara
5. Bchip
6. Chiharu
7. GoldenDivas
8. yongfilms
9. BlueNose
10. wonwoo
11. OutroTearTheFirst
12. Feitan


Please try to show up 10 minutes early to confirm you are present for the game
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