ARTICLES (G)IDLE members reviewed their growth journey, and discussed the joy of releasing their upcoming album

Vanilla Cupcake

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Jun 16, 2019
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(G)IDLE members reviewed their growth journey, and discussed the joy of releasing their upcoming album


Article: Kimoto
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Translation: Vanilla Cupcake


(G)I-DLE members reviewed their life in 2020 and discussed their upcoming album! Jeon Soyeon reminisced her experiences on survival shows, “Produce 101,” “Unpretty Rapstar,” and “Queendom.” She assessed, “At that time, I was still a trainee. When I was participating on Mnet’s ‘Produce 101,’ that was when I realized how many talented people exist in this world. Among all the 101 trainees I have met, no one was a villain. Because everyone has their own personality, so we are all special, this is obvious.”


Soyeon also discussed the love she has towards her group members; she shared, “My team members are very reliable. They are so precious; I see them as the only friends I need.” Soyeon added, “We thought of a theme for the album that will be released in January. We will combine the six of us into one. I am determined that this music will be more progressive than the current popular music.”


Song Yuqi, who is famous for her mesmerizing raspy voice, revealed, “[My voice] used to be something I am not confident about.” She explained, “When I was a child, I had a high fever. I cried out for my mom too loudly, and it caused a lot of tension on my voice. Afterwards, my voice became deeper, and raspier. I might look like a baby, but my friends would always make fun of me, saying my voice sounded like a man.” She continued, “Even after I passed the audition, I still question if I can use my voice to become a singer on stage. When I received proper vocal training, I was told my voice is very enchanting, and I couldn’t help but feel shocked. Slowly I gained confidence, and now I use my voice as my greatest asset.”


When discussing her popularity among female fans, Seo Soojin laughed, “I never thought I will be this popular among females. People told me they think my slow yet emotional dancing very sexy. But what I am thinking is really about my next movement. When I’m dancing, I am really working hard on paying attention to my lines”


Soojin also said, “I believe there is a certain aura with every performance. I especially like Uhm Junghwa and Gain’s performance aura. When I watch the performance of these two veteran artists, I dream that one day I can properly express my own sexiness. Nothing too dark, just something that can make the audience smile.”


When discussing her acting debut in an online drama, Miyeon shared, “I have a chance to develop an honest and naïve character, and I used the character to evaluate myself. Subconsciously, I am always considering my performance in front of others. I feel that I kept hiding myself. After being a trainee for so long, I would blame myself for making a habit to lie to myself. I would allow myself to believe I am great, no matter how I am struggling. The feeling of acting allowed me to come out from hiding.” Regarding the new (G)I-DLE album, Miyeon noted, “During the final phrase of the album preparation process, someone critiqued, ‘Isn’t this a little weak?’ but we are very confident. We prepared this song because we love it, and we must love it in order to do well.”


Yeh Shuhua talked about how she embraced her own skin, she explained, “Many people always ask me why don’t you put on make-up, dye your hair, get a manicure? I don’t know if I am lacking anything right now, but I really like my natural self. I think it is very precious. I always want to tell everyone we should get rid of the rigid beauty standards to show that everyone seeks different things. Therefore, if we can respect other’s preferences, then life will be better.”


Minnie chatted about her first acting debut as a Thai exchange student in sit-com “I Wish Tomorrow is the End of the World” (translated literally). She revealed, “When I was still in high school, I was a ELF, and I was obsessed with Super Junior.”


“I was there when Super Junior was hosting a concert in Thailand, so I really sympathize with foreign fans.” She also added, “I experienced the happiness of meeting my favorite artist, and I want to give others the same feeling as well.” Minnie also described her journey in (G)I-DLE has a constant challenge. She explained, “There isn’t a time when we fail to find another layer. Our upcoming album will be widely released. We must journey to Billboard. They say we should always dream big.”
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