[Game] Dragon Realm //Starts @11PM KST


DR. K💉M 👄


Here you shall discover the invincible secret to victory.
And they say that those who discover are the ones with spirit, patience and logic.


This game will be a series of 5 tasks that each team must complete to reach the end and receive the secret weapon.

The tasks will all be provided in pm and must be completed in pm.

One player from each team must take the initiate to make a PM with me, Titled 'House *insert house name*'

The pm must consist of the two line chant the children in the cartoon 'Dragon Tales' use to enter the world of dragons.

You may also add one more player of your house in that PM. Your first task will be provided as soon as you are successful in making this pm.

you task, Ill be reacting to your answer post with a thumbs up if you got it correct or with a sad face if you got it wrong. Once you got it wrong, you must wait for 5 minutes before posting the answer again. So be sure to get it right rather than hurry.

Lastly, this game will end exactly after 2 hours and 30 minutes, after which the Dragon Keeper will (quite literally) fall asleep, and the gate to the dragon realm will close.


1. This is a team game so you may discuss and even share a screen shot from the pm in your house. However, DO NOT share any info with the other houses.
2. Spelling and full form matters, capitalization and symbols do not matter.
3. If you have finished the game, please do not share any info regarding the secret weapon with the other houses.

1st Place - Snatches last places land + secret weapon
2nd Place - Gains 10K soldiers
3rd Place - Loses 20K soldiers
4th Place- Loses land or equivalent soldiers.

If no house manages to finish, the prize will depend on up to which task you have managed to finish, but will be lower/lose more soldiers.

Individual Prizes will be announced at the end.

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I guess we can’t know the prizes/stakes and how we will answer either until the dragon gate opens huh
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