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Jun 10, 2019
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Some games are won with Violence

Some games are won with intelligence
but some games...
They are won with Laughter.
Do you think you have a sense of Humour that can win you a Kingdom?
Let's find out.


3 players from each house can sign up.
Each player will open a pm with me named in the following format before the game begins.
"House Name - Jester Player Name"
House Tyrell - Jester Akidoki

There will be 15 rounds in total.
In each round, you will be given an image to caption or a question to answer or sometimes you need to do something more. (There is no fun giving away all the rounds right now is it? Anticipate)
Either way, your answer for the round should be funny and humourous.
Unless specifically stated, it doesn't have to be relevant to Game of thrones.
Each player has to send their answer via their pm.
You are not allowed to discuss your answer with anyone on any platform. Play by yourself.

You will have 3 minutes to send in an answer.

After which, all answers will be gathered and posted anonymously in random order on the thread.
You need to pick the answer you think is most funny. By voting for the number of the Answer in your pm.

Round XX

What is a bad excuse for not submitting your homework

1. My dog ate it
2. I sacrificed it to Satan so we can have World Peace
3. It was stolen by Russian Spies
4. I lent it to Queen Elizabeth 2 so she can copy it for her exam.

In your pm you can say "Voting for 2." It doesn't have to be bolded.

You are not allowed to vote for your own answer.

The player who receives the most votes will be the winner of the round and will receive 3 points!
The player who receives the 2nd most votes will receive 1 point. In case of a tie, both will receive the points.

In case two or more players pick the same answer. They will be displayed as one and the players who sent it in cannot vote for it.
In case that answer is the one that has the most votes from the other players, the points will be split and given to both.

There will also be an external judge, Renjunslays who will vote for the funniest answer of her choice. She will not be informed regarding who the answers belongs to. The answer she chooses will receive 2 bonus votes.

At the end of the 15 rounds, all of a house's points will be tallied, and the house with the most points will win.


You are expected to play this game by yourself solo.

Do not discuss your answer before submitting or after submitting with anyone else not even your house members.

Do not try to hint or allude to which answer is yours.

Do not reference other houses or players in your answer.

Do not include Mature content in your answers. Try to keep it pg-13.

In case an image is requested and you cannot paste it, please send the link of the image instead.

Play fairly.

Good behaviour is expected. So being rude or harassing another user is not allowed.

If a house is found breaking any of the above rules, they will be automatically disqualified and could receive a penalty.


1st place- Wins the Land of house in 4th place
2nd place- gains 15000 soldiers
3rd place- loses 15000 soldiers

4th place - loses land or equivalent.

Elite Gamers and Ranking

This game is of medium difficulty. The points will be given based on individual scores
1st Place - 40 Points
2nd Place - 30 Points
3rd Place - 20 Points
4th Place - 10 Points

Best of luck!


House Martell
1. Chomiczewska
2. GoldenDivas
3. Baymax

House Lannister
1. BlueNose
2. yerimmie
3. Riri

House Stark
1. meltrosz
2. Frandae

House Targaryen
1. Kim Bowon
2. Hikaruaxi
3. ARandomFan
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