ARTICLES Girls Generation member Lee Soon-Kyu reviewed her journey as an artist and discussed her future goals

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Jun 16, 2019
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Girls Generation member Lee Soon-Kyu reviewed her journey as an artist and discussed her future goals


Article: Kimoto
Translation: Vanilla Cupcake


Girls Generation Lee Soon-Kyu first discussed her two cats, Salt, and Pepper. “Lately, because I’m always at home, I put all my attention on them.” She said, “Since I spent more and more time with them, our relationship is getting deeper and deeper, and we are getting closer together. Although they are cats who behave like dogs, I can’t help but smile when they snuggle next to me like sticky gum.” When asked about how Lee Soon-Kyu spent time at home, she mentioned she likes to watch web drama, read webcomics, and play mobile games.


Lee Soon-Kyu expressed how her artist name affected her personality, “when I decided the name “Sunny”, I started to use this name as my foundation. I have heard my resting face is quite scary, so I learn to smile every day.” She added, “Sometimes this isn’t easy.” When asked about how she managed to endure through all the rigorous stage performance as part of Girls Generation, Soon-Kyu revealed that the members would practice their stamina by running along the Han River before their debut. “Because I was so young back then, my stamina then was much better compared to right now. Lately, I realized the importance of exercise; nothing can increase energy better than exercising.”


As a member of Girls Generation who debuted with the song “Into the New World”, Lee Soon-Kyu talked about how songs like “Gee” and “Genie” had a special place in her heart. “I always wonder why. I’m guessing it’s because many people continue to sing and listen to these songs. When we first practice these songs, I was very worried if the public will support us. Now I am very thankful that many people feel energized listening to these songs and cherish them in their memories.” She pointed out “Gee” is a song that she appreciates a lot because the song received a lot of positive feedback from the public. She shared, “{“Gee”} is a song that I embody the concept very well.”


When asked her thoughts of Girls Generation being known as the “Textbook Girl Group”, Lee Soon-Kyu smiled bashfully, and responded, “I’m very thankful every time I hear this. When I look at our members, everyone is filled with charisma. They can act well, sing well, and they can bring good energy to variety shows. We received a really great response from the public because we challenged different kinds of concepts. I’m guessing this is why we are known as the “Textbook Girl Group” when people are discussing our members’ acting and singing careers.”


“When I see other members promoting their own activities, I would think about how much work they have put in to get this result. I feel sad for them, but I also think they are brilliant. My real name is Lee Soon-kyu, but sometimes I can’t tell the difference between my real name and my artist name.”

“I’ve used the name “Sunny” as part of my promotion for about 14 years. Sometimes I would mix up my names. There were definitely times when I mix them up, just like when you are growing up. But I have realized something lately, like ‘oh this is when I feel comfortable” or “this is Lee Soon-Kyu.’ I will continue to work hard to let everyone see the Sunny from Girls Generation, but right now I accept myself as both Lee Soon-Kyu and Sunny. Since my debut, everyone has been calling my artist's name. I have become used to this, and it became a habit.”


Recently, Lee Soon-Kyu participated in the show “On and Off”. On the show, she shared her concerns about her own voice. On this topic, she explained, “It’s not that I hate my voice, but there used to be a time when I didn’t know how to properly express my voice. I felt very embarrassed when I shared my story during filming. Since my confession on the show, many people speculate I don’t like my voice. But I also found confidence from the show. And I had the feeling like I found new fans.” When asked about what type of music she would like to try, she noted, “because there is a large age gap between me and my sisters, I have come across a lot of older songs when I was younger. When I listen to those songs, I feel that it might be a good idea if I can perform with those artists.”


“I have listened to a lot of music from many brilliant artists.” She expressed, “I hope that my heart will continue to change, and I won’t see the need to continue to try a new image and concept. I want to become a comfortable person, and I want to express my natural and sincere side to the public. Perhaps it’s because I only focus on my career since I was young, I feel like I’m lacking experience in many other areas. I still have a lot of room for growth. I want to hurry up and become more mature, that’s the only way I can become someone who is self-actualized.”


Lee Soon-Kyu just turned 30, and she said, “I wanted to become someone who can experience an ordinary everyday life. Moving up is a good thing, but there is happiness in daily life too. From now on, I want to be someone who cherishes happy moments in everyday life.”

In 2 months, it will be the 5,000th day since Girls Generation debut. Lee Soon-Kyu is quite shocked at this number. “I truly decided on becoming an artist so early in life. I loved singing and dancing since middle school, and that’s why I wanted to become an artist. In the past years, I have lived out my dream, and I received a lot of love.”


“Thinking back, this has been a pleasant and surprising journey. This has been a dream that I cannot accomplish on my own. It is a dream that is supported by the friends I have met on the way. I need to thank all my fans for helping me protect this dream. I also sincerely thank all my fans and those who have helped me. They allow me to move forward, moving towards the 5000th day.”
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Jun 17, 2019
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How long has it been since her last interview?
I hope this is a sign for some GG activities to come. Out of them all, I miss her the most; she was my bias for almost a decade. I miss her.


Jan 3, 2021
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You know, I'm usually not crazy about magazine interviews because a lot of the questions seem very predictable. This was an interesting one though, thank you for translating. Hey! Aren't the girls always saying they're waiting for a special anniversary or reason to make a comeback? 5,000 days seems like a pretty huge milestone worthy of celebrating as 8. Don't suppose now that it's been pointed out to her, she might make it known on the Soshi group chat? Please?
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