[H+ 1st Awards Season] Awards Guidelines

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Jun 16, 2019
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General Guidelines
  • No fantaken images.
    To protect the content creators rights as well as ourselves fantaken images are not allowed to be used as badges.
  • Only HQ pictures.
    For quality purposes. The higher quality, the better an image will look as a badge.
  • No heavily edited images.
    The more edited, the worse the quality becomes overall.
  • No extreme contrast, highlighted colors, or super light/dark images.
    They just don't look good when sized down.
  • Face should be centered.
    For aesthetic purposes.
  • Logos should only be used for groups & are not allowed for individuals (in most cases).
    We understand some artists are very difficult to find pictures of and will deal with that on a case by case basis.
  • Only screenshots from Music Videos, CFs and official content are allowed.
    If you're unsure what falls under this rule, please don't hesitate to ask on our ask thread.
  • Instagram Pictures.
    Selfies are not allowed, however, pictures taken by someone else are allowed (examples of such: here, here, here or here). Still, keep in mind that these have to meet all the other guidelines as well.
  • Profiles can be used, as well as some object coverage is allowed.
    Face coverage isn't totally ruled out but the more you can see of the artist the better. Profiles are OK if we can clearly tell who the artist is.
  • Derp faces / Exaggerated facial expressions / Unrecognizable.
    These will not be allowed, badges are not to be meme-like or anything that is out of the ordinary/unpleasant, such as: frowning, crying, etc. We will also not be allowing badges that look weird and in which people look unrecognizable - regardless of it being an official picture.
  • Zooms.
    Any mocks found to be too zoomed in or zoomed out will need to be readjusted, as all badges must be able to resized down to 74x74 properly. In the event a mock does not pass crop standards, it will need to be readjusted until our quality standards are met.
  • Pre-Approval of badges.
    We ask that all OP’s submit their round 1 mocks to be pre-approved by an Awards member in the appropriate thread. This is to avoid badges that are not up to standards from making it to later rounds and dividing votes from other badges. That being said, we still reserve the right to veto any badge that we feel does not follow the rules by the final crop (this is especially relevant in crop rounds).
  • Final submission.
    The Awards team reserve the right to re-do a mock if we feel they are not in accordance to all the aforementioned rules.

OTP/Sub-Unit Guidelines
Same guidelines as above apply though less strict:
  • No more than two people in an OTP badge
  • Selfies are allowed, however, fantakes are not
  • Screenshots are fine but should be high quality

Anime & Video Game & Dramas & Variety Guidelines
  • Only official artwork, no fan-drawn images allowed
  • Screenshots are fine but should be high quality

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