Hallyu+ First Anniversary Event - Starting today! Come join us for weeks of fun!


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A year has passed since the forum began. And what a rollercoaster it has been. We've spent countless joyful moments interacting with one another and spazzing about our faves. We have discovered new music and friends. We've learned what it is to love and to lose. We may have had some issues but as a whole, it was an eventful year that has made us grow as a community.

A new year brings new beginnings and the forum will be able to spread its wings and soar, with all of you by our side, even the sky wouldn't dare limit us!

So let's start this new year for the forum with a celebration like no other!
We, the events team who are stuck firmly to our houses (and one who is aboard his spaceship), are going to commemorate our anniversary by giving you guys what you want.

Now regarding our event, I would give out more information but surprises are more fun isn't it? :RunPar:
However, don't worry! We won't let you be puzzled too much. The Event Schedule and the First surprise awaits you tomorrow (the 16th of June) at 12 am EDT. Make sure to be there! :heartpar:

Furthermore, The Awards Team, Shop Team and Social Media Team also have treats ready for you so anticipate the slayage!

So come join us as we make Hallyu plus's 2nd year even better than its first!



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