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Jun 17, 2019
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Hello Hallyuplussers, we're back for another week with more great updates for ICYMI! This week was full of news related to contract negotiations and comeback announcements!! However, we also received multiple updates related to numerous artists contracting Covid-19. The most egregious of cases being from the seven-member BELIFT rookie group ENHYPEN, where all but one member contracted the virus just this week! We hope that they, as well as the other celebrities, are able to recover soon. Now with the intro out of the way, let's jump into this week's updates!



#1- We received a number of debut announcements on Monday! Both MLD Entertainment & KM Entertainment are planning to debut new girl groups soon! KM Entertainment's new girl group, ICHILLIN' will be making their debut next week on the 8th of September with their single, 'Got Ya'. Meanwhile, MLD Entertainment has announced that they are preparing to debut a new girl group during the first half of 2021. This will be the company's first girl group since MOMOLAND made their debut in 2016. Which group are you most looking forward to?

#2- Now onto news related to contract negotiations!
Nicole, formerly of KARA has signed an exclusive contract with FR C&C. Also signing contracts this week are MAMAMOO's Wheein and 2NE1's CL & Dara. On Monday we received news that CL had signed with the management agency, Satellite414 in order to strengthen her global presence as a singer & entertainer. Then later in the week, her former groupmate Dara announced that she had joined ABYSS COMPANY, while THE L1VE announced that they would be welcoming Wheein as the newest artist signed to their label. Former Hello Venus leader Alice signed with Pop Music. She will continue her activities as both a singer and actress. We look forward to each of their future under new management!

HOT ISSUE both announced the opening of new social media channels on Monday! PURPLE KISS announced the opening of their weverse account just in time for the release of their newest album! Meanwhile, HOT ISSUE announced that they would be joining DearU Bubble at the end of September. Also joining DearU Bubble will be former IZ*ONE member Lee Chaeyeon. She'll be joining the service on the 6th of September. Don't forget to sign up for these apps if you want to keep up with your favourite artists' updates!

#4- A.C.E's
Donghun will be temporarily leaving the entertainment industry from the 23rd of September when he officially begins his mandatory military service. We wish him luck and hopes he stays healthy during his service.

#5- We finished Monday as it was reported that former MOMOLAND member Yeonwoo & actor Lee Minho were in a
relationship. In response to this, Lee Minho's agency came out to clarify that the two were not in a relationship, but were instead just acquaintances.

#1- Tuesday was relatively slow in terms of updates, but we did receive some news that Hinatazaka46 would be making their comeback this October with their 6th single. This single will include the participation of 21 members, while member Kanemura Miku will be the designated centre for the first time. Later, it was announced that APINK's Oh Hayoung would be making her first solo comeback this September through a collaboration with house music artist Sarang. We can't wait!

#2- Moving on, and we also received some news related to online concerts on Tuesday! SHINee's Key & A.C.E both announced upcoming concerts for September.
A.C.E held their online fanmeeting, 'Dear.' on the 4th of September while Key will be holding his solo concert, 'KEY: GROKS IN THE KEYLAND' on the 26th of September. Then in October, we'll be greeted with a two-day concert experience by INFINITE member Nam Woohyun with his 'NAM WOOHYUN ONTACT CONCERT - ARBOR ON' concert series on the 2nd & 3rd of October'. Which concert are you looking forward to seeing?

#1- Continuing the trend of announcements related to new and upcoming releases, we saw even more announcements on Wednesday! ITZY will be making their official Japanese debut when they release 'What's ITZY' through Warner Music Japan. Also releasing Japanese music soon will be UKISS, who are set to release their final Japanese single 'Be Good' on the 22nd of September. The following day, both HOT ISSUE & NORAZO announced that they would be returning this September. Are you excited about any of these upcoming releases?

#2- We received a number of new announcements related to brand deals and ambassadorship this week! Colorgram has announced that
Jo Yuri has been selected as their newest global muse. Meanwhile, Hwang Kwanghee has been appointed to the position of ambassador for the Good Neighbours' school violence prevention campaign. Later in the week, we received even more announcements! Jeon Yeobeen was selected as the Korean model for Giorgio Armani Beauty, J-pop artist & 'Gurenge' singer LiSA has become the latest campaign model for NARS JAPAN's Autumn lip line, Chungha will be the endorsement model for the weight loss product, WANNA LAB's Burning Diet, while Song Joongki is the new spokesperson for the Indonesian cosmetics brand, Scarlett Whitening. Congrats!

#3- It's been announced that SEVENTEEN's Jun & THE8 will be taking
a temporary break from September to December to spend time with their family that they've been unable to meet during the ongoing pandemic and focus on their activities in China. During this 4-month period, SEVENTEEN will promote as 11 members. We wish them the best!

#4- Kakao Entertainment has announced that they have
officially merged with Melon Company -- home to the Melon Music streaming platform -- in order to expand their dealings in global content production, music, distribution & more. Through this merger, Kakao has made the decision to centralise the work of all three of its main branches, Kakao Page/Kakao Webtoon, M Company (music distribution) & Melon Company (music streaming). What are your thoughts on this? Is this a positive addition to the entertainment industry? Or is Kakao looking to monopolise the industry?

#1- Sadly, the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect not just the lives of everyday citizens, but also those within the entertainment industry. At least three separate artists & groups were confirmed to have contracted the virus this week. On Thursday it was announced that five out of the seven ENHYPEN members had tested positive for coronavirus, while youngest member Niki also tested positive later on in the week on Sunday. Then, on Friday, N'Flying's Lee Sunghyub, Yoo Hwesung & Seo Dongsung were also confirmed to be COVID-positive, while former IZ*ONE member Ahn Yujin tested positive for the virus on Saturday. We hope they all feel better soon & make a speedy recovery.

#2- Sadly,
Miyawaki Sakura will be ending her radio show, 'Saku no Ki' at the end of September after almost four years of airing. We wonder what's next in store for the artist.

#1- Wrapping up release announcements for another week we have BiSH's AiNA THE END announcing the release of her 2nd studio album, 『THE ZOMBIE』 which has been scheduled for release on the 24th of November. In the meantime, the artists also plans to release two more EPs, 『BORN SICK』and『DEAD HAPPY』with the former set for release on the 20th of September, while the latter of the two is scheduled for the 25th of October. Fellow WACK artist ASP has also announced that they also plan to release new music this September. The group will be dropping their first single, 「the MAN CALLiNG」on September 22. Then in November, we'll see the return of EMPiRE when they drop their 3rd album, 'BRiGHT FUTURE' on the 11th of November. Officially ending this week's release announcements is J-pop idols ≠ME, who will be releasing their 2nd single this November. We hope it's just as good as their last one!

#1- On Saturday, it was announced that BLACKPINK's Lisa will be performing her new solo single, 'LALISA' on 'The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon' during the 10th of September showing. We can't wait!

NMB48 will be launching their newest mobile game in the form of a love simulation dating sim with the members. Will you be downloading the game?

#1- The JYP & P-Nation collaboration trainee show, LOUD has officially concluded, and in doing so has officially announced the final members for the Team JYP & Team P-Nation groups. Included in the debuting members is, interestingly, a 7-year-old child. Are you surprised with any of the additions to the respective groups?



Coming off a fairly successful run on Mnet's Kingdom, where they charmed viewers with their skills as well as their experience as veterans, BTOB have made a comeback with a special mini-album titled 4U : OUTSIDE. Title track 'Outsider' seems to play off well with some of the concepts they explored while on Kingdom, having a theatrical, brass-heavy sound that feels tailored to a live performance. Its central riff makes for a sturdy backbone, pulsing across the entire track with a gleeful energy. The rest of the instrumental assembles around it, effective but not particularly memorable. Much of the song doesn't seem to get out of first gear, lacking the powerful jabs that would have elevated a song of its nature. Nevertheless, it's always a good sight seeing some of the older groups in K-pop still going strong.

#2. fromis_9 - TALK & TALK
The girls of fromis_9 have made their first comeback under Pledis Entertainment, who recently announced that they will be managing their career from now on. While the company doesn't have the best history with its management of girl groups, the new single 'Talk & Talk' is a promising step. Though this is the first time for some producers such as Ryan Jhun & Andreas Carlsson composing a title track for fromis_9, they still manage to nail the group's bright, poppy sound. airwaves. The track bounds along bright beat, anchored by a catchy vocal refrain. The song's chorus has a laidback energy, tied to an ascending melody that keeps things brisk and compelling which works quite well the more obvious chants that are heard in the rest of the hook. Overall, this is yet another solid single from the group, but let's just hope it won't be too long before we get another comeback from them.

With members Donghun and Wow gearing up to enlist in the military soon, this could be one of, if not the last release we get from A.C.E as a full group for quite a while as they put out their repackage album Changer : Dear Eris. The title track 'Changer' shows love and appreciation for their fans, incorporating many of the elements that have made their music so addictive over the years as it pulses forward on an EDM-centered instrumental. The standout is undoubtedly the pre-chorus with its beautiful melody and while the chorus could have been a bit more impactful, the song as a whole is both celebratory and intense, making it the perfect close to the first chapter of the group's career.

As she prepares to release her third full-length album 4 Only later this week, Lee Hi has put out the album's second pre-release single 'Savior', which opts for a modern touch, casting a plaintive tone over a subdued instrumental. The jazzy keys and brushes of percussion deliver a soft, muted energy. The song pairs Lee Hi with B.I – another ex-YG artist – who is used sparingly as his voice doesn't appear until the song's bridge towards the end. His rap verse is impactful, offering a constrasting tone that pulls the song to its finale. A song such as this is more about its calming vibe rather than its melodic showcases, and Lee Hi's voice certainly helps it fulfil that, even though it doesn't fully utilise her vocals. It does set expectations for the full-album though, which will be her first since 2016's Seoulite, as well as her first album released under AOMG.



#1- Stray Kids became JYP's first million seller group as they recorded over 1.1 million in sales for their latest album 'NOEASY'! Congrats to the group for this tremendous feat! In addition, NOEASY's title track 'Thunderous' became the fastest Stray KIds' MV to reach 50 million views on YouTube as they achieved this milestone in just 7 days! 'Thunderous' went on to reach 60 million views within 2 weeks of its release!

#2- BLACKPINK Lisa's upcoming single album
'LALISA' has achieved more than 700K in pre-orders in just 4 days! Congrats and we look forward to seeing her solo debut!

#3- Congrats to this week's YouTube milestones: BRAVE GIRLS' MV for
'After We Ride' has surpassed 20 million views within its first week of release, and Jessi's MV for 'What Type of X' has surpassed 50 million views!

#4- ATEEZ surpassed
700 million cumulative streams on Spotify! Following the news that it surpassed 600 million at the end of May, the number increased by 100 million in about three months-congrats!




Our September 2020 User of the Month was announced this week! This time, Miss 'Perfect' Princess was given the honour! Congrats!


The Events Team took a survey on where users could nominate artists for a special edition of +cards that are set to be implemented this October. We can't wait!


Our Translation Team gave us one update this week!

Lurkette gave us part one of an article translation related to '
The Rise of Local Idol Culture'.



Hallyu+ is actively recruiting for staff. If you want to contribute to the forum's growth and join our amazing team, don't hesitate and apply now!
We are searching for new members for the following teams GFX, Translations and SM Team - Press Division.

This brings us to the end of In Case You Missed It for another week! We'll see you again next week with even more great news and updates!

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FEATURED ARTISTS: Okada Nana (AKB48), Minhyuk (BTOB), Saerom (fromis_9), Donghun (A.C.E), Eugene (S.E.S.)
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