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Our newest "ICYMI" article is here! Just like every Sunday, it's time for you to get updated on the all important news,
releases and forum updates. We hope you will enjoy!

The biggest news of the week (and the one nobody expected) dropped on Monday: so here is a special recap for it!

#1- It was first reported around 10AM KST that
Twice Jihyo's and rookie solo artist/ex-Wanna One Kang Daniel have been dating since early 2019.
Dispatch revealed exclusive (but blurry) pictures of the two of them meeting at Daniel's house in UN Village.

#2- After checking with their artist, JYP Entertainment confirmed the news three hours after. KONNECT Entertainment (Daniel's agency)
immediately released a similar statement.

#3- To continue with the gossips, we learnt that 2AM's Seulong, who was Jihyo's labelmate in the past,
is reportedly the one who introduced
the two idols to each other

#4- To no one's surprise, Daniel received backlash from many Korean fans.
He posted a long letter on his fancafe to apologize for not announcing the news
himself, and thanked them for their support through the past years.

#5- The next day,
KONNECT announced that they will take legal actions against malicious comments, rumours, and basically any post that could
cause damage to Daniel's reputation.

Hallyu+ staff members only have praising words to share about the cute couple - we wish them the best!

#1- Jihyo and Daniel apparently inspired reporters on the next day and it was announced that Super Junior's Heechul and Twice's Momo were also dating.
As expected,
Label SJ and JYP ended up denying the news a few hours after.

#2- EXO's DO is now ready for a new role in the army: after completing his basic military training,
he has been assigned to cooking duties!
EXO-Ls knows how good of a chef he is and after taking care of his group mates, it is time for him to feed his fellow soldiers!

TRCING announced their fandom name on Tuesday during a V-Live broadcast. Their fans are now called "Champions"!

#4- Tuesday was also the day of departures: Park Jimin decided not to renew her contract with JYP (with the consequence of virtually disbanding 15&),
Produce 101's Season 2 and YDPP member Lee Gwanghyun left Starship reportedly after not being selected for their upcoming boy group, and

Produce X101's Moon Juhno parted ways with Woollim for personal reasons on Kakaotalk, and opened an IG account to keep in touch with his fans.

#1- Our hero of the week is undoubtedly NU'EST's Aron. It was revealed on Wednesday that he used his knowledge of both Korean and English to help an
English doctor take care of a Korean child having a seizure on a flight
. The plane landed in Alaska in emergency for the boy to receive medical attention.

#2- Red Velvet will comeback soon! The girls, who planned to record 3 albums as part of their "ReVe Festival", announced their new release for
. ReVeluv, are you ready?

#1- As promised, SM Entertainment gave more details about their "super group", along with a teaser video: the group is called Super M, includes
SHINEE's Taemin, EXO's Kai and Baekhyun, NCT's Taeyong & Mark and WayV's Lucas & Ten as reported previously, and will debut in the US in October.

#2- A comeback was announced on Thursday:
Twice is getting ready for a new release in September, and filmed a music video on Friday!
However, it is still unclear if Mina will participate or not in the recording and promo schedules.

#3- It was also reported that Music Works is working on launching
a unit with Produce X101/MyTeen's Song Yuvin and Kim Kookheon.
Details have yet to be given.

#4- Bad news for TXT and SF9's fans: the first group's comeback, which was scheduled for this month, has been
delayed to September due to health concerns
on Yeonjun and Soobin; As for SF9's Inseong, he is currently on hiatus because of a sternum's fracture.

We wish a speedy recovery to the three of them, and hope they will be able to rest and heal during their small break!

#5- We will finish this Thursday's recap with Yang Hyun Suk (YG)'s latest alleged shenanigans: it was reported that he illegally gambled in Las Vegas,
and that he has been a
regular visitor of Macau's casino for almost 20 years. Will we learn anything else in the next few days?

#1- The list of MCs for ISAC Chuseok 2019 dropped on Friday: Jun Hyun Moo, Super Junior's Leeteuk and Twice's Dahyun have been chosen this year,
along with MOMOLAND's JooE, NCT's Haechan, OH MY GIRL Seunghee, and WJSN Soobin as special MCs!

#2- It was announced during a concert in Tokyo that
two Johnny's jr groups, SixTONES and Snowman, will officially debut in 2020. Tours have already
been announced. JPOP fans, it's time to get hyped!

#3- Another week, another series of records broken for BTS: “Dope” reached 500 million views on Youtube on Friday and
"Boy With Luv" did the same on
Sunday, while "DNA" became the first
music video by a Korean boy group to hit 800 million views the day after. Congratulations to them!

#1- After Buenos Aires in June, IZ*ONE are already getting ready for another comeback in Japan! The twelve winners of Produce 48 will release "Vampire",
their 3rd Japanese single, on September 25. Should we be getting ready for a Halloween concept?

#2- (G)-Idle will meet their fans very soon! It was announced on Saturday that
they will hold their first official fanmeeting "Welcome to Neverland" on
September 22. Let's all be jealous of the ones who will be able to attend!

#1- Sunday's biggest news came a few minutes before the day ended: BigHit stated that the members of BTS are going on an extended hiatus to get some
well-deserved rest. They have no more activity planned for now and will enjoy holidays "to recharge in their own personal ways".

Seventeen came back on Monday with "Hit"! Marking a complete change of concept from their previous Korean single "Home", this new song mixes EDM,
hip-hop and funk sounds, and comes with one of those perfectly synchronised choreographies that helped building the group's success. If you feel tired
and lazy right now, I swear "Hit"'s energy will wake you up entirely!

Woollim's anticipated new girl group "Rocket Punch" debuted on Wednesday with "Bim Bam Bum"! While the first thirty seconds of its music video might
make you confused about their choice of concept (cute or powerful?), you will quickly put your interrogations aside and focus on the song's singular
structure and tropical-based instrumentals instead. Will Rocket Punch succeed in catching your attention?

FANXY CHILD crew's new song "Y" was released on Friday, and as usual it didn't disappoint! DEAN, Zico, Crush, Stay Tuned, Millic and Penomeco
unite on this slow-tempo hip-hop/rnb track that will bless the ears of all fans of the genre. You can give it a listen in the music video below!

Japanese girl group Nogizaka46 revealed their music video for their 24th single "Yoake made tsuyogaranakute mo li" on Wednesday! For this comeback,
the lyrics are focused on finding the light in the darkness, describing the strength one must find in themselves to battle depression and anxiety.
A powerful message sung by eighteen angelic voices!

#5- JBJ95 - SPARK
JBJ95 are back with their new EP "Spark", and its title track will make all the cheesy people in the audience get their dose of cuteness!
"Spark" makes good use of Takada Kenta and Kim Sanggyun's smooth voices, top-notch aesthetics and a catchy chorus to create the perfect romantic
atmosphere. The music video is available here!

Do you like Dreamcatcher? If the answer is yes, then Pink Fantasy is THE rookie group you need to keep an eye on! The girls came back on Monday with their
2nd single "Fantasy" and the influence from both Dreamcatcher and anime opening sounds will immediately seem obvious to you. You will undoubtedly
fall in love with their strong vocals and their dark concept!

A complete change of atmosphere from the previous recommendation with BTS' V's new solo song, "Winter Bear"! The idol, who helped producing this
melancholic ballad and directed its music video, chose to sing entirely in English for the very first time. Get ready to feel emotional and to live a
whole experience, both visually and musically!

Still in need of new summer songs to add to your playlist? Then it's time to take a trip to "Bangkok" (or almost) with Soyou and Francis! The song dropped
on Friday, and as expected, the two singers' velvety vocals are perfect for the season. Even on their own, the girls from Sistar will never fail at
making summer better!

Ong Seongwu, who still has to make his official solo debut (what is his company waiting for?) recorded an OST for the drama "At Eighteen", and the song
was released on Monday. The song follows the traditional codes of ballads and is highlighted with the boy's soothing voice that we had all missed.
A blessing for the ears!

The girls of Oh My Girl have decided to make your summer a little more exciting with "Bungee"! It serves as the title track for their summer repackage album
"Fall In Love" and its addictive pop sounds will undoubtedly put a smile upon your face and make you dance along the beat. There was no better song to end
this top 10 of recommendations!

Our admins introduced Hallyu+'s "member of the month", an occasion to "celebrate members who contribute to our community". For August, staff chose
the lovely B612 for her various achievements and her huge help in promoting our forum on other platforms. Congratulations to her!

Here are the new badges that got added to our system this week! If you like some of them, you can request them here (don't forget to follow
the instruction in the OP)!

Our Events Team kept hosting games for "Throne Wars", their big event that started almost two weeks ago. The final one will be held in a few hours...
So who will win the crown between Starks, Lannisters, Targaryens and Martells? Stay tuned!

Our staff member roseychu posted a very cute article for "International Cat day" on Thursday, for our "PlusDays" series. It's time to check it out!

Hallyu+ is actively recruiting for staff. If you want to contribute to the forum's growth and join our amazing team, don't hesitate and apply now!
We are searching for new
Tech admins, GFX members and Social Media writers (Press) and/or accounts' managers.

And... this is the end of the article! Thank you for reading, and please drop a comment before leaving.
See you next week! ;)



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Ong Seongwu, who still has to make his official solo debut (what is his company waiting for?) recorded an OST for the drama "At Eighteen", and the song
was released on Monday. The song follows the traditional codes of ballads and is highlighted with the boy's soothing voice that we had all missed.
A blessing for the ears!
Say it louder for the people in Fantagio please smh; I need his solo debut asap

Thanks for all your hard work Galaxy! I loved it as always! ♥
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Me reading the article:

oho i knew this...
yes yes...
seulong did what..
moving on
momo heechul
knew this too..
yes yes
nu'est what..
i see...
moving on...
sixtones and snowman debut..

i've missed so many news articles

thank you for this
it was well written and very helpful!!
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Finally found some time to read the ICYMI. Gfx didn’t disappoint. It really slaps this week.

Omg a whole section dedicated to jihyo’s news. And that first line for Tuesday was funny af.

I see a lot of the lowkey releases i posted made it here :sejeongcry: ngl i thought fanxy child was a nugu group lmao

Kinda sad that H+’s most epic badge was not featured here and people will probably remain unaware of its existence, so i’m taking the liberty to post it here. Please support the Meltrosz’s Fan Award!!
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