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JUNE 15 - JUNE 21

Hello, once again Hallyuplussers and welcome to another great recap of this week in all things Asian Entertainment!


#1- Great news for SNH48 fans! One of their most popular subunits, SEN7ES (Seven Senses) have revealed that they will finally be making a comeback this July, though this will likely only be with five members due to Kiki's contractual obligations with THE9 & Akira still participating in CHUANG2020. It has been announced that GroovyRoom will be producing a song for OnlyOneOf's August comeback with "Produced by [] Part 2". Meanwhile, Kang Daniel will be taking part in the OST for the upcoming SBS drama "Backstreet Rookie", this will be his very first OST! What release are you most looking forward to?

#2- Following LDH's cancellation of all 168 performances scheduled for their artists throughout the entirety of this year, the label has announced that they have created a new video distribution service that will give fans access to special concerts and other programs, also announcing plans for a "social-distance live" largescale event in August.

#3- It has been reported that Lee Joon will be making his much-anticipated drama return with the Netflix production, "Sea of Silence". Meanwhile, Red Velvet's Irene and Seulgi will be launching their reality show, "Level Up Thrilling" on the 8th of July in anticipation of their upcoming unit debut. Finally, in the lead-up to M-net and BigHit's upcoming survival show "I-LAND", several concerns have arisen regarding the lack of safety measures on the set of the show.

#4- Following the evaluation that Pledis CEO, Han Sungsoo was committing fraud under the guise of claiming false royalty payments through the addition of his wife's name to production credits of songs that she was not a participant in, he has now finally removed the false copyrights and returned all royalties to the rightful people.

#5- It has been announced that Lee Ki-hong, known for his appearance in the "Maze Runner" film series has signed a contract with Saram Entertainment for his Korean and Asian activities. Meanwhile, Ouyang Nana's studio has announced that her two-year contract with easy Entertainment has expired. We wish them the best of luck with their future endeavours!

#6- We will be saying goodbye to two celebrities this week as they have announced their hiatus due to mandatory military service. Roy Kim enlisted in the Marines on the 15th of June and MYNAME's Jun.Q will be enlisting in the military on the 22nd of June. We wish them a safe and happy service.

#1- Park Bogum proves once again how much he loves his fans! As the actor will be releasing "All My Love" dedicated to his fans on the 10th of August! Oh My Girl's Binnie dropped an OST for the web drama "Sometoon 2020" on Tuesday. Woo Jiyoon has released her first single since leaving Bolbbalgan4 on the 18th of June. finally, SF9 has announced plans for a comeback this July! Which release are you most looking forward to?

#2- Nature has announced that following a leg injury, member Sunshine will be suspending all participation in stage performances, however, she will still be participating in other activities. Meanwhile, M-net has deemed the group's latest music video, "Girls" unfit for broadcast due to disturbing imagery.

#3- Fromis_9 want you to see more fun videos of them which is why they've just created a brand new Douyin channel for you to scream over. Meanwhile, Monsta X's I.M wanted to share more of his life with you with his brand new Instagram account. Finally, TWICE JAPAN has opened their official Tik Tok account in anticipation of their upcoming Japanese single "Fanfare"! Be sure to follow them ASAP!

#4- Great news! NCT Dream will finally be getting their first reality show in July, "NCT LIFE: DREAM in Wonderland". Meanwhile, Lee Hi is set to make her very first television appearance since parting ways with YG Entertainment through JTBC's "Begin Again". Who are you most looking forward to?

#1- Rocket Girls 101 announced that they will release the third single from their farewell EP on Thursday. It has since been released, did you listen to it yet? Meanwhile, OUI Entertainment will be debuting their latest boy group during the second half of 2020. SBS' "Backstreet Rookie" has announced their OST lineup this week, with Kang Daniel, Kim Taewoo, Park Kyung & WJSN's SeolA, Punch, April, Rothy & Colde all confirmed to be participating. Did your bias make the list? Finally, GFRIEND has announced that that will be having a comeback on the 13th of July with "回: Song of the Sirens". Are you excited yet?

#2-SNSD's Yuri will launch her very own YouTube cooking show "Yuri's Table" through SM C&C, did you catch the first episode yet?

#3- A new drama "Blue Sky" has been announced. That will centre around the world and growth of BTS. They are currently in pre-production with principal photography set to take place in September with a 2021 air date.

#4- Former 9Muses member, Eunji has shared that she has safely given birth to her first child. We send our best wishes to the new family!

#5- It has been sadly announced that J-pop girl group, Fairies, have decided to disband citing creative differences and one member leaving the entertainment industry. We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours!

#5- Some sad news this week. TST's Yohan passed away on the 16th of June. The cause of death remains undisclosed. We offer our deepest condolences to his family and those close to him.

#1- It has been revealed that Hotshot's Ha Sungwoon and VIXX's Ravi will be releasing a collaboration this July! Heize will be singing the first OST for the upcoming TvN drama "It's Okay To Not Be Okay". Meanwhile, EXID's Solji is set to make her solo comeback on the 9th of July with a solo album!

#2- GNZ48 has announced that they will be reopening their Xingmeng Theatre in Guangzhou for public performances on the 25th of June. Covid-19 restrictions will still be in place with only half of the seats being up for sale.

#3- Great news! It has been revealed that Hyukoh's bassist, Im Dong-geon will be getting married to his girlfriend on the 27th of June, we wish them a happy future together!

#4- Pirates 2 has confirmed its main cast! Did you see any of your favourites in the list? Meanwhile, it has been announced that Netflix's "Money Heist" will be getting a Korean remake. Exo's Baekhyun has reportedly finished filming for the tvN show "You Quiz on the Block". We look forward to his appearance! Finally, "Road To Kingdom" wrapped its run on Thursday with The Boyz taking out the top spot, thus gaining a spot in the M-net upcoming competition show, "Kingdom". We anticipate their appearance and wish them the best of luck!

#5- BM of KARD has launched his "Big Tiddie Gang" merch clothing line, with a portion of the profits to be donated to breast cancer awareness and research. We appreciate his generosity.

#6- J-pop has seen several graduation announcements this week. READY TO KISS has announced that Kisumi Amau will be graduating on the 29th of June. Meanwhile, Kobayashi Rina has announced her graduation from NMB48. We wish them both the best of luck in their future endeavours.

#7- BigHit Japan has announced that they are now searching for female Japanese trainees born after 2001. We wish those auditioning success in gaining a spot in the company!

#1- It has been announced that Chungha will be releasing her 2nd pre-release single on the 6th of July. Veteran group KOYOTE also revealed and have since released new music on Saturday. Finally, Lee Kaeun will be releasing her remake of Taeyeon's "Can You Hear Me" on the 26th of June for Project 10. Are you excited yet!

#2- Following the continued dispute between Bighit and MBC, it has been announced that Seventeen will not be attending Show! Music Core during their upcoming promotions. Meanwhile, KCON:TACT, has announced its 2020 special stages! Which ones are you most excited for!

#3- Sadly, after only a year together, TREI has announced that they have disbanded. We wish them the best of luck in the future.

#1- The forum was down throughout most of the weekend, thus there was no significant news posted during this period.


Following the success of their full-album ‘BLOOM*IZ’ in February, IZ*ONE is back with ‘"Secret Story of the Swan" and it is quite different from the tracks in their Flower series. Despite the obvious differences brought about by this moombahton-inspired track, it still manages to capture a lot of elements, such as the sassy vocals, an intense chorus and an extended outro, that make it have that IZ*ONE flair. The music video has some great CGI scenes and you can definitely see that it has a high budget. Yena flexing her newly acquired license by driving a flying car that would make Ron Weasley proud. A great music video is not complete without a water dance scene, and Chaeyeon delivers with exactly that.

SNH48 are finally back with their first release of 2020 "Beautiful Day" from their election EP and the theme song of their upcoming 6th Senbatsu, which if you're situated in China, counts as a ticket towards the SNH48 election! With SNH48 member, Lu Ting serving as the centre of the music video, this release is bound to be amazing! Even coronavirus did not stop SNH48 from being a god-given gift to music, as the instrumental gives us all a feeling of Spring and new beginnings, which the group sings about along with the topic of moving forward together. Another year has passed, which means that another centre will be chosen. After the majority of the previous SNH48 frontrunners taken out from the competition due to commitments to survival shows or upcoming graduations, we will likely see a brand new member take the position of centre this year, and I honestly can't wait!

#3- STRAY KIDS - 神메뉴
Stray Kids are back and this time, it’s with an absolute banger in the track "God’s Menu" - what a way to mark the release of their first full album. With lyrics that confidently amplify the members’ pride in their unique craft, addictive choreography, a sublime pre-chorus that seeps into a hard-hitting chorus and a stunning music video, they have definitely shown everyone just how incredible they can be. Felix's ‘’Five Star Michelin’’ line was just, pun intended, *chef’s kiss*. This is definitely a tasty track that everyone needs to check out!

Ouyang Nana had the best present for her fans on her 20th birthday! A brand new solo album with a great single "The Best For You" featuring a special appearance from Chen Linong. The actress shows that she's just as good at singing as she is at acting. We will definitely be keeping an eye on her to see just how much she grows in the future and thank her for blessing us with her vocals on her birthday and hope she had a great day!

Weki Meki, prove to us yet again that they are incapable of releasing a bad song! "Oospy" continues the trend of releasing amazing bangers that everyone, even your grandmother will be singing along to! Proving yet again why people need to stop sleeping on this amazing group and consider picking up Weki Meki as another group to love and appreciate!

Nature is back with a massive curveball in their discography in the form of a dark, mature concept with the title track "Girls". There has been quite a lot of this Latin tropical/dancehall sound in K-pop but they manage to keep it interesting with a dark, ominous edge to it. Their vocals shine a lot in this song which isn’t something they’ve managed to do in some of their more recent stuff. This groovy jam will keep you at the edge of your seat due to the haunting aesthetics in the music video. If this is the censored version, I really hope someone manages to leak the original one!


#1- WayV has set a new personal YouTube record! As their latest release, "Turn Back Time" has surpassed 10 Million YouTube views only5 days after its release, making it their fastest music video to achieve this feat!

#2- BTS' "Bang Bang Con: The Live" yet again proven their amazing success! As the live concert peaked at 756,000 concurrent online viewers! We can't wait to see what they do next!

#3- Oh My Girl's success continues as ''Nonstop'' is now the fastest song by an idol group to surpass 200 million digital points in 2020 on the Gaon digital chart. On top of that, their viral b-side ''Dolphin'' is now the first b-side to chart inside the top 10 on the Gaon digital chart since Blackpink's Forever Young back in 2018. They have done amazing so far this year and this success has been a long time coming. Congratulations to Oh My Girl and their fans, Miracles.

#4 - Exo'x Lay has proved himself a hit, yet again. As his music video for "Lit" has officially surpassed a cumulative score of 10 million on QQ Music's Top MV Chart!

#5- iKON's hit song from 2018, ''Love Scenario'', has surpassed the milestone of 400M views on YouTube. Congratulations on the huge accomplishment!

#6- IZ*ONE has once again shown just how insane their selling power is by breaking the first-week sales record for a girl group for the second time in just 4 months! Their latest EP, ''Oneiric Diary'' has managed to amass 389,334 copies sold within the first week of its release. Truly an incredible achievement!

#7- BLOO's ''Downtown Baby'' has taken the top spot on Melon Chart after 2 and a half years since its release. This sudden rise in popularity comes after Lee Hyori performed the song on MBC's ''How Do You Play'' which has caused the song to go viral in Korea. Congratulations to BLOO!


Following a generous donation from an anonymous donor the forum has reached its donation goal for 2020 and has since moved servers in the process. We look forward to another great year on Hallyu+! There have also been a number of new staff lead appointments earlier this week. We congratulate all the new leads in their positions!

Here are all the awards that were added to the system this week! You can request them here (don't forget to follow the instructions in the OP)!

Our Events team was busy again this week giving you the best anniversary gift through a number of fun games and events!

AKID❀KI gave us a fun event schedule in celebration of our Hallyu+ 1st anniversary where everyone has the chance to win tickets from the anniversary lottery these upcoming weeks! What was your dearest memory from our first year together?

Rektinq hosted a great game of "Anniversary Mafia" where Chomiczewska came out as MVP!

Bchip hosted sign-ups for "The Music Station". The game is still underway. We can't wait to see who the winner is!

Shop+ fans, our Shop+ team was busy adding great news items for you to display alongside your amazing sets! Be sure to purchase them ASAP!

The translations team was busy again this week giving us great translations to our favourite songs!

Vanilla Cupcake gave us great lyrics to Jacky Cheung's "I'm In Love With You" & SNH48's "The Sky Is Clear".


Hallyu+ is actively recruiting for staff. If you want to contribute to the forum's growth and join our amazing team, don't hesitate and apply now!
We are searching for new members for the following teams: GFX, Shop+ and SM Team - Press Division (ICYMI + Writers).

This brings us to the end of another great ICYMI, be sure to check in again next week for more great updates!

GFX BY @Frandae
PROOFREAD BY @Dragon of the West
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It was great taking part in my first ICYMI article! Looking forward to working on a lot more to come! Good work as well to Polaris for writing the bulk of this and Frandae for providing the GFX!

It's a shame about the lost data but these things can happen during a transition of servers! We move on! :shablob: