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JUNE 22 - JUNE 28

Hello once again Hallyuplussers, and welcome to another wrap-up of today's news, releases and achievements in all things Asian Entertainment!


#1- To kick off the week with a great start, it was reported that Itzy are preparing to make their comeback in late July! Meanwhile, everyone's favourite soloist, Song Jieun, formerly of SECRET, has shared via Instagram that she is currently working on an album. We hope it's just as great as her last release!

#2- Sports Chosun revealed their "
Best in Kpop 2020" list voted by 50 Kpop agency officials this week! Did your biases make the list? ANS finally have themselves a fandom name! Their fans will now be named "ANSWER"! How do you feel about this name?

#3- Lovelyz
Mijoo will be launching her first solo web-reality broadcast, "Mijoo Pickchu" through SBS Media Net! Are you excited about this?

#4- Sad news for fans of Rocket Girls. If you were hoping to catch the full group at the disbandment concert stream this week, prepare to be disappointed as the groups' company, Wajijiwa Entertainment, has announced that one of the groups' main vocalists,
Li Ziting, will be sitting out of the concert due to tinnitus. However, the group assured fans that she would be appearing at the concert in another special way. Did you find out what that was during their concert on Tuesday?

#1- There were a lot of comeback announcements to count this week! Block B's Zico announced that he will be coming back on the 1st of July with his 3rd mini-album, "Random Box". Exo-SC will be coming back to bless us yet again on the 13th of July with their 1st full-album "1 Billion Views". Rocket Girls released their final single off their farewell album, "5452830" on the 23rd of June. APink's Eunji is set to make her comeback in July. Kassy will come back to us on the 2nd of July. It has been revealed that singer-songwriter Kim Feel has produced ACE's pre-release single, "Stand by You". Whose comeback are you most looking forward to and what is your favourite release from this week?

Chungha has been announced as the goodwill ambassador of the KXO (Korea 3X3 Basketball League). She will work with the league to share collaborated content online and offline. We congratulate her on this great new opportunity! Meanwhile, the members of BTS have proven themselves as being generous kings yet again as the group, along with their label, BigHit Entertainment, have donated $1 million USD to Live Nation's "Crew Nation" campaign. We thank them for their generosity!

Victon has announced that they will be holding their online "Mayday" live concert on Naver V-Live during the 12th of July at 5 pm KST. It has been revealed that MOMOLAND has signed a contract for global promotions with ICM Partners. We look forward to their future activities! Sadly, it has been revealed that Mamamoo's Hwasa has suffered sudden back pain during dance preparation for her solo comeback. We hope she feels better soon as we anticipate her upcoming comeback.

#4- It has been revealed that 2pm's
Taecyeon is in a relationship with a non-celebrity. We congratulate the couple! Jannabi have announced that their bassist, Jang Kyungjoon will be going on hiatus and halting all group activities in preparation for his upcoming marriage. We're all awaiting his eventual return to the group.

#5- Produce101 Season 2's Kim Jaehwan and Jeong Sewoon, along with UP10TION's Kim Wooseok and Lee Jinhyuk have been announced as cast members for the upcoming idol variety program, "
Boys Mental Camp"! Meanwhile, it was reported that Moon Ga-young was cast as the lead in the upcoming TvN drama "True Beauty" based on the manhwa of the same name. Her agency followed up with an update saying that the actress is considering the role. Agaraki Yui has been cast in the NTV drama, "Oyabaka Seishun Hakusyo", which is her first drama role since 2018's "Kemono ni Narenai Watashitachi". Finally, Saram Entertainment has confirmed that SNSD's Sooyoung is in talks to join the JTBC athletic-themed drama "Run On". Which of these upcoming projects are you most interested in seeing?

WACK have announced that the 4th leg of the WACK online audition will require applicants to post a single video, likely in an effort to stop applicants from cross-promoting. Finally, BABYMETAL have announced a YouTube premiere for their 2017 Hiroshima concert broadcast, "LEGEND - S - BAPTISM XX", which has been scheduled for a June 28 premiere at 8 pm (JST).

#1- It has been revealed that Jeong Sewoon will be making his comeback on the 14th of July with his first full-length album, "24 Part 1". TXT are set to release their second Japanese single, "Drama" on the 19th of August. It was announced that Heize will be a featured artist on Jooyoung's upcoming single. Meanwhile, as a part of SM Station, SNSD's Taeyeon will be releasing a live Summer version of her previous hit "Happy". Which release are you most looking forward to?

#2- CIX have revealed that they will be postponing the release of their upcoming mini-album "Hello" due to member Bae Jinyoung's ankle injury. We hope he recovers soon.

#3- KBS Music Bank has announced the
lineup for their mid-year special. Are any of your favourites attending? Meanwhile, Astro's Rocky has been announced as the solo MC for Sohu TV's Chinese Hallyu program, "Idols Go To Work".

Pentagon has been appointed as the new ambassadors for Red Cross Youth. We congratulate them on this great new opportunity!

#5- It has been revealed that
Ryu Hwayoung has signed a contract with Polaris Entertainment. Meanwhile, Dana, formerly of The Grace has reportedly left SM Entertainment following the expiration of her contract. Finally, Angelababy's studio has announced that the actress has parted ways with Mountain Top
Entertainment, announcing that she will be working independently for the foreseeable future. We wish them all the best in their future endeavours!

#6- The upcoming MBC drama "The Spy Who Loved Me" has confirmed its
main cast in Shinhwa's Eric, Yoo In-na, Im Joo-hwan & Girls Day's Sojin. Meanwhile, it has been reported that Park Yoona will be joining the cast of the upcoming TvN adaptation of "True Beauty". Finally, the upcoming JTBC drama, "Run On" has revealed their full cast with Im Siwan, Shin Sekyung, SNSD's Sooyoung & Kang Taeoh all set to participate. Which upcoming project are you most looking forward to?

#7- Following the disbandment of Rocket Girls on Tuesday, with all of the group's members returning to their respective agencies, they wasted no time in announcing their future plans. Within hours of the group's official disbandment, it was announced that
Meng Meiqi & Wu Xuanyi had respective studios established for their individual activities within China. Meanwhile, Sunnee announced that she had signed a contract with a new agency, Universal Music China! We wish them the best of luck during this new step in their respective careers.

#1- (G)I-DLE have announced that they will be releasing a new digital single next month for their upcoming online concert, "I-LAND: WHO AM I". Meanwhile, EMPiRE has announced plans to release a new EP "SUPER COOL" in August!

#2- Produce X 101 contestant, Lee Sejin has been announced as one of the main leads in the upcoming BL web-drama, "Mr Heart". Later, it was announced that Nu'est's Minhyun and Jang Da-bin will be starring as the leads in the upcoming JTBC drama "
Live On"

#3- Kwanghee will be working with the former Running Man PD, Go Dongwan, in a new upcoming web-variety show. Finally, Sunmi, Block B's Zico, & Monsta X's Shownu & Joohoney have been confirmed to be filming for Knowing Bros, with the broadcast date set as July 11! We look forward to seeing their great personalities gracing our screens yet again!

#3-Lee Soojin and IU have been appointed as honorary ambassadors for the Korean National Tax Service. We congratulate them on this new opportunity. Also, IU's agency EDAM Entertainment has started to take legal action against those who have spread malicious comments related to their artist.

#4- Actor, Woo Doohwan has announced that he will be enlisting in the military on the 6th of July. Meanwhile, Park Bogum has announced that he will be undertaking his mandatory military service in the Navy starting on the 31st of August. We wish them a safe and happy service.

#5- It has been announced that Sunday, from The Grace, will be getting married to her non-celebrity boyfriend on the 12th of July. We wish them luck in this new chapter of their lives together!

#1- Victon's Han Seungwoo is set to make his debut in August. EXID will be releasing their second Japanese album on the 19th of August. Super Junior's Kyuhyun has announced plans for a comeback this summer! It was confirmed that Fu Jing, formerly of Rocket Girls 101 will soon be releasing her first-ever solo EP "Lit Up"! Which release are you most looking forward to?

#2- SM announced that NCT's
Taeyong would be unable to participate in this KBS Music Bank half-yearly special that was held on the 26th due to health issues. We hope that he feels better soon.

#3- JYP's Nizi Project held its finale this week, and with that came the formation of the resulting group
NiziU who will be putting out their pre-debut mini album on the 30th of June! Did your picks make the final cut?

Monsta X has announced that they will be holding an online concert on the 26th of July titled, "Monsta X: Live From Seoul With Luv". Are you excited yet?

#5- A number of social media accounts were opened this week! EXID's
Solji wanted to share even more of herself with you and opened up not just a YouTube channel, but also a Twitter account! Itzy have a new Weibo account to share more of themselves with their fanbase in China. In celebration of the release of "How You Like That"m BLACKPINK has finally created a new Twitter account. Go and follow them ASAP!

#6- Sadly Lee Joon and Jung Somin have announced that they
have broken up after three years together due to busy schedules. It has been reported that Stephanie Kim, formerly of The Grace is dating former baseball player Brady Anderson. Finally, Hyuna, formerly of Nine Muses welcomed the birth of her first child on Thursday. Later that same week, former groupmate, Hyuna also welcomed the birth of her first child. We congratulate the new families!

#1- June Kpop brand rankings were released. Did your bias make the cut? Meanwhile, Simon Dominic has been selected as the new model for the online accommodation booking platform, Yanolja! We congratulate him on this new opportunity!

#2- MyDoll entertainment has confirmed that
Yubeen has left Pink Fantasy, following an extended hiatus due to a panic disorder. We wish her a quick recovery and our best wishes in her future endeavors.

#1- It was announced that VIXX's Ken would be enlisting for mandatory military service on the 6th of July. We wish him a safe and healthy service!

Japan Expo Malaysia announced that SKE48 & JKT48 will be joining its line-up as online guests this year! We can't wait!


SEVENTEEN are finally back! They've come out with "Left & Right", a song that's a great blend of their ''freshteen'' vibes from their earlier releases along with the EDM sounds that they've been experimenting with recently. It's fun, dorky, and manages to show off their rap/vocal prowess and all that is tied off with some amazing choreography. What more is there to ask for?

"Starry Night" is a song that's straight out of leftfield, but certainly one that was a great addition to this month's wide array of releases. The duo show off their amazing vocals in this power ballad and their harmonisation is just so pleasing to the ears. Zhoumi really needs to release more music because boy is his voice seriously underrated. The song has both a Korean and Chinese version, each of which showcases the members' skills.

Golden Child is back to wrap up their latest trilogy with "One (Lucid Dream)", and while this song has thematic connections to ''Wannabe'' and ''Without You'' that are obvious and interesting parallels, this manages to stand on its own as an amazing song. The instrumental breakdown is one of the craziest all year and yet it works exceptionally well. These past few releases from the group have been truly next level and Golden Child's entire transformation as a group is one to watch out for.

Blackpink is finally back after over 14 months! "How You Like That" is a song that follows suit from their last two releases with a hard-hitting chorus, great vocals in the pre-choruses, and some rap verses from the group's rappers, Jennie and Lisa. It wouldn't be a BLACKPINK song if it didn't have a stunning, high-budget music video either. We're all looking forward to that first full-album later in the year but in the meantime, check out their latest release!

After brightening up our day last week with the addictive "Taste of Summer" Chen Linong is back again this week. But this release is on the complete opposite of the spectrum. In "Lost In You" the singer gives us a heartfelt and emotional ballad in part one of his two-part mv micro-movie, "Lost In You" where he enlists the help of Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin, who portrays the artist's sister. The singer plays the part of a young man struggling to get over the apparent death of his father and his conflicted feelings towards him which in effect causes him to clash with his sister. The song itself is overtly emotional and heartfelt and gives us a sense of the pain that the pair feel as portrayed in the music video. Be sure to bring a box of tissues when you sit back and watch this music video because you'll definitely be in for an emotional journey. Chen Linong has yet again proven himself as one of the most promising young soloists showing his extensive range going from an exciting pop song one week to a heartfelt song the next, and I for one can't wait to see just how the singer evolves in the coming future!

#6- ROCKET GIRLS 101 - 5452830
Rocket Girls released their final goodbye song just in time for their official disbandment in the form of "5452830", a sentimental tribute to all the Chaofen's that have been supporting the group throughout the two years that the group has been together, and even before then, during the time they spent training together on Produce101 China. As shown in the music video the clock counts down to the moments until disbandment as the group goes through their schedules -- from music video filming to photoshoots -- we see them reflect on their careers together going from the final 11 (out of 101) trainees to great friends, and watching their bond grow over the past two years, to their eventual and timely disbandment and being afraid to say goodbye to each other, with Meiqi visibly displaying tears more than once throughout the five-minute video. There will never be a perfect way to say goodbye as a group, but "5452830" at least gets somewhat close to it.

BTS is back not long after crossing their 7th year together as a group, with their latest Japanese release, "Stay Gold". The song is a stunning, uplifting song with an unbeatable hook about reaching for your dreams. The song will leave you with a shoulder to lean on in the form of BTS, and will have you wanting to strive for the impossible and achieve all of your hopes and dreams after just a single listen to this amazing song!


#1- SEVENTEEN's latest mini-album ''Heng:garæ'' not only managed to surpass their previous first-week sales record of 700,863 sales for ''An Ode'' within just a matter of days but is now also their first release to ever achieve the milestone of 1 million sales. Congratulations to the group and all CARATs on this amazing achievement!

#2- IZ*ONE's ''Oneiric Diary'' reached 400k sales on Hanteo in just 9 days, which is a new record for a girl group album beating out their own release ''BLOOM*IZ'' that took 25 days to achieve this. ''Oneiric Diary'' has also gone on to become the highest-selling girl group album ever on Hanteo. Congratulations to the group as they continue to impress us with their selling power.

#3- BLACKPINK is back with their latest release ''How You Like That''! This comes after a nearly 15-month gap since their last comeback with ''Kill This Love'', and they have unsurprisingly gone on to break numerous records with it within such a short time. Hold onto your breath, because the list is quite long. Two days before it's release, the single surpassed 500,000 pre-downloads on QQ Music, making it the first release by a K-pop group to do so. The song also went on to debut at #1 on the Melon real-time chart, which was the first time for a girl group song to do so since November 2018. It also scored the biggest premiere in YouTube history, with 1.65 million people watching the MV as it was released. The music video went on surpass 50 million views in less than 12 hours, break the record for the most-viewed music video in 24 hours and end its first day on a whopping 82.3 million views. Just a matter of hours after that, the MV went on to
surpass 100m views, making it the fastest MV to do so in YouTube's history. It has also posted the highest opening day on Spotify for a K-pop song, with over 6.3 million streams. Congratulations to BLACKPINK and BLINKs on this huge success, and we're all excited to see just how many more records will be broken.

#4- Oh My Girl's ''Dolphin'' has broken into the top 10 on Melon's real-time chart, joining their successful title track ''Nonstop'' and making it the first time the group has managed to occupy two spots in the top 10. Just as expected from one of K-pop's most successful b-side tracks in quite a while.

#5- Secret Number's debut music video, ''Who Dis?'' has surpassed 1 million likes on YouTube. This is an incredible feat for a newly debuted group, showing how they have quite a following already. Are they your pick for rookies of the year?

#6- BTS and BigHit Entertainment earn
"Inspire" award from UNICEF for the "LOVE MYSELF" campaign under the Integrated Campaigns and Events. It's a well deserves award for a group that continues to use their platform to help those in need.

#7- Stray Kids' latest MV for the title track ''
God's Menu'' has surpassed 50 million views on YouTube. Congratulations to the group and all STAYs!

Gaon revealed their weekly charts for the period ranging from 14th June to 20th June. BLOO, IZ*ONE, IU, Stray Kids & BLACKPINK took the #1 spots on the digital, downloads, streams, albums, and social charts respectively. Congratulations to all of them!

#9- TWICE's MV for ''What is Love'' has surpassed
400m views on YouTube which makes it the group's 3rd MV to achieve this milestone! Congrats to TWICE & ONCE!


The events team was busy again hosting fun games and events for users to participate in for another week!

Everyone's favourite events lead AKID❀KI asked us our
thoughts on the name of the Ørb currency and whether we had any suggestions on what great new items we can add to our Hallyu+ Ørb store!
AStannie wanted you to guess which Hallyu+ events team member is your
On Tuesday, AStannie hosted "
The Last Train Sequel" where players attempted to catch the last train back to mod station, Team C which comprised of OutroTearTheFirst, Eiko & Siren𝞯ia ultimately claimed the top prize!
On Friday, AStannie hosted a fun game of
Pictionary where Baymax came out on top!

Shop+ fans, our team was busy adding more great items for you to display alongside your sets. Be sure to buy them soon!

The Shop+ team also gave us some fun gifts in the form of limited-time celebratory items in honour of our Hallyu+ 1st anniversary. These are available for purchase for a limited time only. Make sure to get your hands on them ASAP, before they disappear from our eyes forever!

There were two articles published this week!

Polaris_Tae explored the night with Nu'est's "
The Nocturne"
Dragon of the West gave us his very first review on the forum with DAY6's "
The Book of Us: The Demon"

The translations team was busy again this week!

Vanilla Cupcake gave us lyrics to Jacky Cheung's "
You Said It" & Rocket Girls 101's "Hard Candy"
Lurkette gave us a great translation of "Elephant Kashimashi's "


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