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JUNE 29 - JULY 5

Hello Hallyuplussers and welcome to another great week of ICYMI. Sit back and lets dive into another great week of news, releases and updates in Asian Entertainment!


#1- It has been revealed that (G)I-DLE will be releasing their second Japanese mini-album on the 26th of August. Are you excited yet?

MOMOLAND have announced that they will be holding an online concert on the 25th of July. Meanwhile, Wonho has announced his fandom name as "WENEE"! What are your thoughts on this name?

#3- It has been announced that Red Velvet's
Irene & Seulgi will be appearing on MBC's "Where Is My Home" next week! Meanwhile, Lovelyz Mijoo is set to appear on "Weplay 2". We hope to see a variety of personalities once they grace our tv screens again!

#4- Just after we (barely) got over Rocket Girls disbanding, we now have to go through that experience all over again with
UNINE. The IQIYI produced group has just begun their 100-day countdown to disbandment.

#5- It has been revealed that
Lai Kuanlin has been cast as the male lead in the upcoming Chinese drama, "Don't Bother My Studies". We can't wait!

#6- Finally,
Gao Tianhe, one of the co-hosts of "Day Day Up" had his dirty laundry aired to the world when it was revealed by Hunan Radio & TV Administration that the singer had cheated on the written test for his hosting exam. He has since been removed from his hosting position and had his license revoked.

#7- The Rose's
Doojoon has announced that he will be enlisting for mandatory military service on the 6th of July. Meanwhile, Sik-K enlisted in the military on Monday. We wish them a safe and happy service and await their eventual return.

#1- It has been reported that Lee Hi will be making her comeback this month. This will be her first release since leaving YG Entertainment earlier this year. Saturday will be coming back soon to bless us with new music with their single "D.B.D.B.DIB". Finally, it was announced that SEVENTEEN's THE8 was set to release the "Maze" as a part of the Chinese OST for "The King: Eternal Monarchy" and the song has since been released. Have you listened to it yet?

Kang Daniel has announced that he will be holding an online fan-meeting, "DAN1TYST" on the 25th of July. Meanwhile, Jung Kyungho hosted an online fanmeet on his YouTube channel on the 2nd of July, where all proceeds are set to be donated to charity. The Kpop global donation concert, "World is ONE" has released its line-up. Are any of your favourite groups participating?

#3- Rainbow's
Jisook has announced that she is getting married to her businessman boyfriend, Lee Doohee. We wish them the best of luck with this new step in their lives together!

#4- It has been reported that
IU will be guesting on the tvN variety, "House On Wheels". Meanwhile, JTBC "Knowing Bros" has announced a new side-segment, "Knowing Bros Activities After School" will begin airing from the 11th of July!

Weeekly's debut showcase sadly ran into a poor spot of luck as it had to be cancelled following a fire outbreak near the showcase venue.

#6- DAY6's
Jae took to Twitter to express his frustrations regarding his treatment from JYP and StudioJ. It was later revealed that he gained contact with his agency and was able to clear up some misunderstandings with the company.

#7- After ten years with the company,
Rythm Power has announced that they have parted with their company Amoeba Culture. Later, Beenzino was reported to be leaving Illionare records after almost ten years with the label. We wish them the best of luck with their future endeavours.

#1- Yoo Seungwoo is set to make his comeback on the 7th of July with a new digital single. We can't wait!

#2- Around US Entertainment has announced that they will be taking legal action against any people found to be spreading malicious rumours of

Rose is the latest celebrity to join the YSL family. As it's been announced that she has been chosen as one of the latest faces of YSL's global ambassadors! Meanwhile, Baskin Robbins has announced their latest models for Baskin Robbins Korea as none other than BTS!

Hinatazaka46 have just announced that the release date for their first documentary movie, "Debut on the 3rd Year" for the 7th of August! Are you going to see this movie?

#1- Former Produce 101 contestant, Lee Haein has revealed that she is currently working on her debut album, scheduled for release later this year. Meanwhile, STU48 has announced that they will be releasing a new single on the 2nd of September.

#2- It has been announced that
Lovelyz have been appointed as the ambassadors for the September 2020 Disabilities and Cultural Arts A+ Festival. We congratulate them on this exciting new opportunity!

#3- It has been revealed that
Lee Sooman will be leading the Kpop section of the "Korea Accompany Sale Special Event". Meanwhile, Instiz has revealed that they have removed Soribada from their iChart due to the low usage of the service.

#4- Exo's
Baekhyun, Chanyeol and Kai are set to appear on an upcoming episode of tvN's "Amazing Saturday - DoReMi Market" in mid-July. We can't wait!

Park Jeonghwa of EXID has been confirmed as one of the cast members in the upcoming film, "The Dragon Inn". Yoo Jun-sang, Yeom Hye-ran, Jo Byung-gyu & Gugudan's Kim Sejeong have been confirmed as leads in the upcoming OCN drama, "A Phenomenal Rumour". Kim Yohan and So Joo-yeon are considering roles in the Korean remake of the 2017 hit Chinese web-drama, "A Love So Beautiful". Finally, Jung In-sun and CNBLUE's Minhyuk are considering roles in the upcoming web-drama, "Born in 1985". Which project are you most excited to watch?

#6- Lee Hyori and SNSD's Yonna have
apologised following backlash from the public after the two attended a KTV room on Wednesday that was subsequently aired on Lee Hyori's Instagram Live.

#7- It has been announced that Seoul Central District Court has sentenced Goo Hara's ex-boyfriend,
Choi Jeong-beom to 1 year in prison for the violation of the law of sexual violence crimes. What are your thoughts on this?

#1- SM has confirmed that everyone's favourite dancer, Exo's Kai, is working hard in preparing for his solo debut later this year! Meanwhile, EXID's Solji will be making her solo debut on the 9th of July with an emotional ballad, "Rain Again". We expect great things! Finally, ATEEZ has confirmed that they will be making their comeback in late July, with the date recently being confirmed as 29th July. We can't wait!

Mirae, formerly of Cherry Bullet has revealed that she will be re-debuting in a new girl group, PIXY. Meanwhile, Park Siyeon, formerly known as Xiyeon of Pristin, has been revealed to have signed an exclusive contract with Sooyeongang Entertainment. We look forward to seeing her future activities!

#3- CASS has revealed the line-up for their July 18 "
Blue Playground" digital concert lineup, with Exo-SC, Red Velvet, DJ HYO, Lee Hi, Changmo, and more set to participate. Will you be tuning in to see them live?

#4- It has been announced that Monsta X's
Shownu has undergone emergency eye surgery after it was discovered that he had a detached retina. We wish him a safe recovery.

#5- Kwon Mina, formerly of AOA, released some concerning information about her time spent while in AOA stating that she had been consistently bullied by the group's leader Jimin, and even considered taking extreme measures at one point. We sincerely hope that she is in a better place and wish her the best in all of her future activities.

#1- Crush has revealed that he will be making his comeback on the 14th of July with a new single, "OHIO"

Sohee, formerly of Wonder Girls wants to share even more of her life with you and has invited you to join her in experiencing new great content with her in subscribing to her brand be YouTube account!

Yeonwoo, formerly of MOMOLAND has revealed her thoughts and feelings regarding her departure from the group and cites that she did not leave the group due to greediness.

#4- It has been announced that
Ahn Min-seok will be discharged from the military 15 days early due to the military's coronavirus and vacation policy. We welcome him back!

#1- Saturday saw the finale of CHUANG2020. The announcement of the final line-up, however, was announced directly after midnight on Sunday. The final group was titled 硬糖少女303 (Bon Bon Girls 303). and the line-up now consists of Zhang Yifan, Liu Xiening, Nene, Chen Zhuoxuan, Wang Yijin, Zhao Yue, and finally Xilinnayi Gao rounding out the group at first place, taking the prized position of centre. Congratulations to all the trainees!

#2- THE9 have finally announced their leader in everyone's favourite all-rounder, An Qi! We can't wait to see what she brings to the team!

#3- Following being at the centre of a bullying scandal beginning on Friday, AOA's Shin Jimin has now
halted all activities and subsequently cut all ties with AOA. The group will now likely continue as four with Seolhyun, Chanmi, Hyejeong and Yuna.

#4- It has been reported that Japanese actress,
Hashimoto Manami has given birth to a baby boy. This is her first child. We congratulate the new family! Meanwhile, Hyelim of Wonder Girls revealed that she got married on Sunday. We congratulate them and hope they have a great life together!

#5- "Remote de Korosareru" has found itself a
cast! Saito Asuka of Nogizaka46, Honda Tsubasa, Maeda Atsuko, Arata Mackenkyu and more have been cast in the drama set to air on July 26!


Cho Seungyoun, prior to his participation on ProduceX 101 and his brief stint as a member of X1, was largely known as a producer, and played a hand in creating numerous songs to his name for both Korean and Chinese artists with some of his most known credits being NINE PERCENT's "IT's OK" & Super Junior D&E's "Evanescence II". Following the indefinite hiatus of his group, UNIQ -- a Korean-Chinese Kpop/Cpop group -- Cho Seungyoun had made his official debut as a solo artist, initially under the stage name Luizy that would be changed to WOODZ during 2018. WOODZ is now back with his first solo comeback since November 2018 in the form of "Love Me Harder", the title track from his latest album, "EQUAL", a completely self-produced album that continues to show his growth both as an idol and as an artist. The singer has largely given up his roots in rapping, which was his designated position while promoting with UNIQ, in favour of his vocals in order to give us this fantastic release that will bless your ears and wonder why the hell you weren't paying attention to him until now!

Sunmi is back and this time, it's a return to that retro song we've all come to love from her. ''Pporappippam'' is an 80s-inspired city pop track that was composed by Sunmi and Frants, a duo that has worked on some great tracks together in the past and it looks like they have no intention of changing that anytime soon. It's the kinda song that you'd play during a midnight drive across the cityscape. The music video was also shot and edited in such a way that makes it fit in perfectly with the retro concept she was going for with this release. There isn't much more to say. Sunmi just never disappoints!

Following his mega-hit track ''anysong'' from earlier in the year, genius producer Zico is back and this time, it's with an extremely relatable song in the form of ''Summer Hate''. Do you hate how incredibly hot it can get during the summer and the feeling of almost literally melting on your couch? Well, then you're definitely going to resonate with this song. The music video is also really captivating and does have some funny moments included in as well. As a great bonus, Zico also got Rain to feature on the track in what can only be seen as a collaboration we didn't know we needed until it actually happened.

After two seasons of the survival show Nizi Project that saw 26 contestants participating, JYPE finally has its first Japanese girl group in the form of NiziU. The group's first pre-debut release, "Make You Happy" is a bright and colorful song about spreading happiness around the world. The group will leave you questioning why there is sadness throughout the world when they're by your side to "Make You Happy" 24/7!

After the success of his solo debut late last year, Jinhyuk has finally made his long-awaited first comeback. ''Bedlam'' is an upbeat, energetic and fun song that fits him to the tee and the MV is just as playful and charming. The message of the song, which is basically telling us to just let go and enjoying ourselves, is also something we can all appreciate. It seems like despite it being such a short time since he made his solo debut, Jinhyuk is already on the path of almost definitely finding his sound, and it will be interesting to see him grow as an artist.

Momoiro Clover Z's Sasaki Ayaka decided that the best way to celebrate becoming a year older was to celebrate it with all of her fans in the form of a new song, "HAPPY ♡ SWEET ♡ BIRTHDAY", which was released digitally on her actual birthday as a pre-release track and will serve as the promotional single to her upcoming solo album, "A-rin Assort"! The song is a bright celebratory song that utilises the backing of a choir in certain sections that will make you want to join in all of the birthday festivities despite being on the other side of the world and there being a travel ban in place. You'll be convinced to blow all your money on a one-way ticket to Japan so you can go and wish her the happiest birthday in person!

Ouyang Nana is back with "Tell Me You Do Too" her second single from her solo birthday English EP, "NANA I". The music video yet again stars Chen Linong, and acts as a sort of prequel to the music video of "The Best For You", the pair are happy to spend the day together stealing each other's food and wasting the day away. The song itself gives off a Lo-Fi hip-hop feeling as the singer asks "Tell Me You Do Too" wondering if her love interest loves her as much as she loves him.

Being arguable one of the most anticipated debuts for quite a while now, PlayM's new girl group have finally arrived at the K-pop scene. Their debut title track, ''Tag Me'', is a funky rock groove track with an incredibly catchy chorus and it also shows just how good their vocals are despite them being rookies. The song will surely bring a smile to your face and is refreshing enough that it'll momentarily take your mind away from everything else that's been going on in the world. Be sure to check out their debut mini-album as well, as it includes a few songs composed by one of the members, Jiyoon.

Following the announcement that they were going to have a comeback, most people were expecting that their latest single would have a similar concept to ''Breathe'' and ''Blind for Love'', but their ''The Answer'' is instead, quite a nice departure from that. It is a cute, feel-good song that works really well for the summer season and the music video further bolsters that with it's quirky and fun vibes. The group continues to flex the fact that they are incredibly versatile and capable of pulling off just about any concept, which makes us all excited to see just what they'll release next. In the meantime, we can all enjoy their latest bop!


#1- SEVENTEEN have once again managed to show everyone just how huge they are by recording 1,097,891 album sales on Hanteo for their latest mini-album 'Heng:garæ ' within just one week. Congratulations to the group and their fans, CARATs.

#2- They already broke a number of records last week, but BLACKPINK aren't just stopping there. Since the last ICYMI update, the group has gone on to achieve even more success with their latest hit single 'How You Like That'. They've made history by
charting at #2 on Spotify’s daily global chart for June 27, making it the highest-ranking song of any K-pop artist on Spotify's Global Top 50. YouTube also revealed the official first 24-hour views for the music video, which comes in at a whopping 86.3 million, the highest ever on the platform.

#3- We all knew that Baekhyun's first solo comeback would do well, but I'm sure not many of us expected it to reach the heights that it did. His latest mini-album, ''Delight'' is now the first release from a solo artist to
surpass 1 million sales since 2001 when Kim Gunmo achieved his feat. Congratulations to Baekhyun on this incredible milestone that has earned him the title of million seller!

#4- NiziU's ''Make you happy''
surpassed 10 million views on YouTube within the first 24 hours which just goes to show how much attention the group is already achieving. We can only imagine just how successful they're going to be once they make their official debut later this year!

#5- The fundraising numbers reported by official fanclubs for the upcoming SNH48 elections have now
exceeded 12.3M yuan, which makes us even more excited to see the outcome of the elections!

#6- WOODZ is finally receiving the appreciation he deserves, as his 1st mini-album ''Equal'' surpassed 100k sales on Hanteo in just 6 days! Congratulations to one of the most talented idols on achieving this milestone. It's only upwards from here!

#7 - Zhang Yixing's latest album, ''Lit'' has sold
over 2 million copies on QQ Music, which is a well-deserved feat for yet another self-produced album from the artist and it also shows just how huge he is in the mainland!


The events team was busy again this week providing us with more great fun games and events!

The Monthly Elite Rankings are out! Did you manage to see yourself on the rankings this month?

The events team is doing yet another
giveaway of Ørbs for June! Did you enter the giveaway yet? Speaking of Ørbs, our favourite Events Lead, AKID❀KI asked us our opinion on the Ørbs currency name and what we think should be added to the Ørb Shop+ store. They came back with another question later in the week, asking us our most memorable moment as a fan. Have you answered them yet?

AKID❀KI is hosting the "Events Team Game - History Edition" where users had to see just how well they knew not just the events team but the forum itself! Starting at 3.30 am KST, did you sign up?

Shop+ fans, Our team was just as busy as always by filling our Shop+ with great items for you to display alongside your amazing sets. Be sure to purchase them ASAP!

There were three articles published this week!

BlueNose and Dragon of the West gave us their collaborative thoughts on TWICE's "
Polaris_Tae gave us some great
Rocket Girls 101 performance recommendations
Dragon of the West opened our eyes to the greatness that is IZ*ONE's latest album, "
Oneiric Diary"

The translations team was busy again this week fulfilling your requests and helping us understand lyrics to our favourite songs!

Vanilla Cupcake gave us lyrics to Rocket Girls 101's "
5452830" & Jacky Cheung's "Taipei Is No Longer A Sad Place".
Lurkette helped us understand Kato Miliyah's "
Climax", Elephant Kashimashi's "Winding Road", Hara's "Midnight Queen" & Iginari Tohoku San's "Date Samba".


Hallyu+ is actively recruiting for staff. If you want to contribute to the forum's growth and join our amazing team, don't hesitate and apply now!
We are searching for new members for the following teams GFX, Translations and SM Team - Press Division.

This brings us to the end of ICYMI for another week. We'll be back the same time next week for more great news, updates and events!

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PROOFREAD BY @Dragon of the West


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Yes yes Jinhyuk released a real bop; the mini is also really good and has hidden gems imo, you all should check it out too! :shablob:
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