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JUNE 8 - JUNE 14

Hello and welcome to another week of ICYMI where we recap all thing Asian entertainment! Sit back and let's dive into another week's recap together!


#1- Following Lim Youngmin's recent DUI incident, Brand New Music has announced that the idol will be officially leaving AB6IX, with the group now set to promote as four members.

#2- It has been announced that Oh My Girl's
Binnie has been cast in the web drama "Sometoon". Meanwhile, Tonymoly has announced Kim Yohan as their latest model. REDSQUARE's Bomin has also been selected as the model for Sony digital camera. Are you excited to see these idols branching out into other areas of the Korean entertainment industry?

Haha and Kim Jongmin have been announced to be joining the cast of the new T-Cast variety show. Meanwhile, BTS has released a message to everyone graduating from the class of 2020!

#1- It has been reported that EXO-SC will be releasing their 2nd album during the second half of the year, we can't wait! Jung Seung-hwan will also be making his comeback with a new single, "Anytime, Anywhere" on the 17th of June. Label V has announced that the physical release of WayV's "Awaken The World" has been delayed due to a controversy surrounding the poor choices of clothing and accessories in the album jacket photos. Their "Turn Back Time" music video release was also delayed by seven hours due to the same issue.

#2- FNC Entertainment has announced that they will be
holding an online concert between the 13th & 14th of June. Meanwhile, NEXT has been confirmed to be attending and performing at the 6/18 Super Show, which marks their first group activity since January. Whose performances are you most looking forward to?

#3- N.Flying's leader, Lee Seunghyub has revealed that he has been ruled exempt from mandatory military service due to a past leg injury. Meanwhile, Twice's Jungyeon has shared that she has a herniated disc in her neck and has been receiving treatment from pain relief patches. We hope she recovers soon. Later in the week, we also learned that Keyakizaka46's captain,
Sugai Yūka underwent surgery for a benign tumour during the Japanese quarantine period. We hope she’s feeling better now.

#4- WJSN's
Dayoung will reportedly be taking on her first acting gig in the web drama "Love Revolution". Meanwhile, Gugudan's Sejeong has been reported to be cast as the female lead in the OCN drama, "Amazing Rumour", adapted from the manhwa of the same name and is rumoured to air in November 2020. Finally, Exo's Sehun is set to make his film debut in the movie "Pirates 2"! Are you excited yet?

#5- It has been announced that
Lee Seunggi will be joining the cast of the upcoming TvN variety, "Seoul Village Guy". We hope to see even more of him in the future!

#1- The final episode of M-net's "Road To Kingdom" will be broadcast live on YouTube worldwide and will finally allow worldwide fan voting via the 'Whosfan' app which will count towards 30% of the final vote!

#2- The 19th Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival has finally
appointed their honorary judges. With IU, Im Yoona, Oh Jungse, Lee Jeongeun & Lee Jehoon all appointed as judges! The upcoming OCN drama "Hero" has reportedly found its male lead in Woo Doo-hwan! Finally, Hinatizaka46's Sasaki Mirei has been cast in the upcoming TV Tokyo drama, "Women's Gourmet Burger Party"! We can't wait!

#3- Taiwanese actor
Ming Dao, known for his role in "The Prince That Turns Into A Frog" was revealed to be secretly married and has a one-month-old son. We congratulate the new family!

Wasuta has announced that they will be releasing a new single titled, "Sunday! Sunshine!" in August! Meanwhile, LDH Japan has announced the cancellation of live performances until the 26th of December.

#1- Great news for Blackpink and Mamamoo fans! Mamamoo Moonbyul has opened her official TikTok account, and all members of Blackpink have opened their individual Weibo accounts! Be sure to follow them! In addition, Blackpink will launch their own reality show, "24/365 with BLACKPINK", to document their comeback! Don't miss it!

#2- New releases were announced! R1SE released a new single "Shine" together with their first-anniversary special album "SUNR1SE" on the June 12! And IU will sing the intro song for MNET's I-LAND "Into The I-LAND" which will release on June 19; it's produced by Bang Si Hyuk!

#3- Running Man will hold a special live broadcast on July 12 to celebrate the show's 10 year anniversary! Don't miss their special episode and thanks to all viewers who supported the show during the past 10 years!

#4-Exciting news for tvN's 'On & Off fans! On this week's episode, Oh My Girl's Hyojung reveals her own room and displays her independent living! Actress Lee Elijah is confirmed to appear on the show and she plans to show off her 'Off' moments! Don't miss both episodes!

#5-New endorsement deals are announced!
EXO-SC will become the new models for Cass Beer, Blackpink Jennie has been selected as the new model for Lotte's new snack product 'Air Baked', and Henry will become a new brand ambassador for Budweiser Korea!

#6- Han Sohee is considered to be a lead role for Netflix's "Undercover"! It will be directed by Kim Jinmin who directed 'Extracurricular'.

#7- Great news for the theatre industry! The SKE48 theatre restarts performances on June 14, with several precautions, such as a reduction of performers from 16 to 6, and changes in the routines to maintain 1-metre distance at all times. BEJ48 opens their Xingmeng Theater store on June 14th, with members making daily visits to interact with fans on-site.

#8- g.o.d's Yoon Kye Sang and actress Lee Hanee are confirmed to have broken up. They were in a relationship since 2013, and they broke up amicably. We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours.

#1-Exciting comeback news is announced! Former After School member Lee Kaeun will return solo with a project single on June 26! Highlight Doojoon who was recently discharged from the military will make his official solo debut in July! VOISPER, 3YE, and TOO will make their comeback on June 22, June 29, and sometime in July respectively! Exciting even more for Jpop fans, NGT48 will release new single 'Sherbet Pink' on July 22nd, and Angerme will release new single 「Limited Moment / Mirror Mirror」 on August 26! Get ready for these anticipated new releases!

#2-TVXQ Changmin announces he will be getting married to his girlfriend in September! Big congrats to him and his fiancee, and best of luck in their future together!

#3-SM Entertainment has signed an MOU with the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra to collaborate together! This means they'll release a newly-arranged version of an SM song the public loved through SM STATION in July!

#4-CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa will hold an online fan meeting 'ALOHWA' on June 22! Anticipate it coming soon!

#5- Rocket Girls farewell celebration is officially scheduled for June 23rd. Don't miss this finale, and we wish the girls the best of luck in their future endeavours.

#6-EXO Chanyeol and Lee Se Young will participate in Korea's first audio cinema "Heart is Pounding" based on the webtoon of the same name! Anticipate it releasing on June 18th via Naver audio clip channel!

#7- Girl's Day Hyeri has been offered a female lead role in upcoming tvN drama 'Frightening Cohabitation' and will join Jang Ki Yong. It's planned to be broadcasted in 2nd half of 2020.

#8- It's been revealed that Ken Watabe cheated on Nozomi Sasaki while they were dating, married, and during her pregnancy. Nozomi’s Instagram is currently full of supportive comments which you can add to as well.

#1-June Boy Group Brand Rankings are announced! Congrats to all groups on the list especially BTS, NCT, EXO, ONF, and SEVENTEEN who rank in the top 5 spots!

#2- Gugudan's Sally revealed that her agency Jellyfish kicked her out of the group and told her to never return. This is just one of many mistreatments Jellyfish has done to the girls. To find more about their mistreatment, read their interview referenced in the thread.

#1- The June Girl Group Brand Rankings were revealed! Where TWICE, Oh My Girl, BLACKPINK, IZ*ONE & GFRIEND took the top 5 spots. Did any of your biases make the cut?

#2- It has been revealed that in anticipation for their unit debut later this year, Red Velvet's
Irene & Seulgi will be releasing a reality show this July. Meanwhile, following Jeon Somi's first debut anniversary, the artist has hinted at plans to film a new comeback music video. We can't wait!


WayV is back after what feels like years with "Turn Back Time" from their first full album "Awaken The World". The song is a genre-bending track about reaching for your dreams and rising up to the challenge of accomplishing your goals. It is an urban-trap song about striving for the impossible and turning back time in an effort not to repeat the same mistakes all over again. It was produced by the Swedish producer duo, Moonshine, who were also responsible for their previous hit "Moonwalk". An interesting aspect of the song is the way that the lyricist perfectly incorporates the titles of all of their previous singles into the song in a way that does not seem forced but instead blends naturally into the lyrics. "Turn Back Time" will have you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire 3 minutes & 30 seconds, from the fantastic vocals to the experimental instrumental it will leave you running back for more and pressing that repeat button hoping that the song will never end!

Eight months after they concluded their Fly High Project releases, which made us emotional and sentimental, N.Flying made us feel all sorts of emotions this time with "Oh Really", composed by the band's leader Seunghyub and is the debut of their new bassist and maknae, Dongsung, formerly of HONEYST. Listening to the song, it is very upbeat, bright, and will be stuck in your head for weeks. Watching the music video, they'll make you laugh until your sides hurt with their silly antics and brilliant parodies of famous shows like Parasite winning in the Oscars, a "real or fake" antique game show, a debate, 80s glam rock boybands, and even a sneaky promotion of their newly released official lightstick! But if you read the lyrics to the song, it is actually very sad and deep, contrary to the energetic music. This contrast perfectly depicts how we pretend to be happy on the outside but lonely in the inside, which is the whole concept of their album ― perfunctory interactions. Only a brilliant band like N.Flying could pull off such a masterpiece, so if you haven't checked them out yet, now is the time!

Although it was one of the first sub-units ever formed under Super Junior, K.R.Y took fourteen years to release their very own mini-album in Korea in spite of the numerous B-sides and soundtracks they've released. And now, in Super Junior's fifteenth year, we are blessed with their first mini-album with the title track "When We Were Us". As expected from the emperors of ballads, it is a very soulful and emotional masterpiece, and their sonorous voices resonate not only in our ears but in our hearts and souls as well. They were able to fully bring out the depressing yet happy emotions of reminiscing about a past love. Even if you've never experienced such a heartbreak before, just listening to them feels as if you've experienced it firsthand. Their high notes and blending makes the hairs on our skin stand and brings pleasure to our whole entity. Make sure to wear headphones for maximum ecstasy when listening to this song or watching the music video!

Almost seven months since their last release, we are finally blessed with another WJSN release, "Butterfly'. It's a very fresh and catchy bop that sounds different from previous WJSN releases but still maintains that distinct flavour that associates it with the group. As the title suggests, the song is about finding your true self and breaking free from your cocoon to fly high like a butterfly. It's also about how people are not one dimensional and that they have other sides to them, as well as rediscovering one's self. Their beautiful, bright, and cheerful voices, along with the captivating music, uplift our spirits, which complements the feeling of flying high like a butterfly. It is a great bop to listen to put yourself in a good mood when you're feeling down or feeling confused about who you truly are.

After his recent discharge from the military two months ago, BtoB's leader, and main vocalist, Seo Eunkwang has finally released his debut EP with the title track "No One Knows", making him the sixth member of the group to debut as a solo artist. The song has very depressing but relatable lyrics about how no one knows what's on our mind or how we feel and how we pretend to be okay when we're really not. For most of the song, he explains how he's lost in life and living without goals but towards the end, he tries very hard to take a step forward and bid farewell to this persona of his. It is a message to all the youths, and even adults, to not lose hope because all we need is that epiphany at some point in our lives. Eunkwang's majestic voice animates these lyrics and inevitably touches our cores. This release will definitely mark him as one of the best balladeers around in many people's list and we look forward to his next release!

Everyone's favourite singer-songwriter, Heize, is back to bless us with a combination of two songs in her latest release, "Lyricist/Things Are Going Well". Where we get to hear her sing all of our troubles away in just over five minutes that will leave you wanting to burn everything you've ever written once you hear her stunning music and lyrics! "Lyricist" is a sweet and easy-listening song that will leave you wishing for more of her beautiful voice and writing your own lyrics about her stunning vocals, whereas "Things Are Going Well" is a slow and soulful song where she expresses all of her worries and desires to you and hopes that everything is going well. This release will leave you wishing for even more from her, and following her stunning delivery will have you believe that Kpop mashups are great when done well!

Ha Sung Woon is back with his first 2020 comeback with "Get Ready". An upbeat single that utilises the singers' voice in all the right ways. The song, as the instrumental suggests is an upbeat song about being spontaneous and worry-free that will have you agreeing with him that life is too short and that sometimes you just need to break free from your anxieties and have a little fun! The atmosphere is anything but tense in "Get Ready" and is guaranteed to put you in a good mood upon the first listen that will leave you wanting even more of him!


#1-Twice sold 332,416 copies of 'More & More' on its first week! In addition, it debuts at #200 on this week’s Billboard 200 (6.1K sold) making it their first entry on the chart. According to Gaon, the album has also sold around 550,000 in shipments, which is an all-time high for the group so we're all expecting even higher numbers from Gaon once their monthly chart is released! Gaon also reported that the group sold 5.2 million in album sales since their debut, making them the first girl group to achieve this number of sales! In addition, the group earned their 101st music show win this week which is the highest number of music show wins by a girl group!

#2- WJSN's latest album 'Neverland' has the 4th highest 1st-day sales by a girl group In 2020 (47,191)! Congrats to the group and be sure to check out their album!

#3- More YouTube milestones were achieved this week! BTS 'Black Swan' has surpassed 100 million views on YouTube! Have you had a chance to listen to it yet? Also for older hits, Blackpink's MV 'As If It's Your Last' surpassed 800 million views, Red Velvet's 'Power Up' has surpassed 100 million views, and
iKON's dance practice video for 'Love Scenario' hits 100 million views on YouTube!

#4- With their debut album “Awaken The World”, WayV extends their record as the only Chinese group to achieve the #1 spot on the iTunes Worldwide Album Chart! Congrats to the group!

#5-SEVENTEEN have recorded 1.06 million pre-orders for their comeback mini-album 'Heng:garae'! We look forward to Seventeen becoming million sellers in the coming month, and anticipate their summer comeback!

#6- ONF charted on Melon realtime Top 100 for the first time! Their song 'New World' debuted at #98 on Melon! This is the group's song for their final round performance in on 'Road To Kingdom.' Congrats on achieving this milestone!

#7- Congrats to Dilireba who now has more than
70 million followers on Weibo! Don't miss her sweet new selfies on her account!

#8-Stray Kids' 1st full album
"GO生" has exceeded 200k pre-orders! Anticipate its release on June 17th!

#9- SNH48 sold out the first limited edition run of 10K for the Standard Edition of the "天晴了" EP, with the highly sought election handshake tickets, almost as soon as it went on sale! Fans can still purchase the "Donation" edition (no CD) until the "Theater" edition goes on sale so don't miss it!


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Relatively quiet week compared to some of the previous ones but there was still quite a lot going on. Always great seeing TWICE break a flurry of records with each release.

Good job on compiling everything this week!
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