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MAY 11 - MAY 17

Hello our dear users and welcome to Social Media team's weekly portion of all the Asian Entertainment news, achievements and releases. We are sure you are eager to recap this week with us, so without further ado, let's dive into this article!


#1- JYP Entertainment has revealed that Day6 will be temporarily halting all group activities due to several members suffering from psychological anxiety. We sincerely hope that this break will give the members a chance to come back to their schedules happy and healthy.

#2- SM C&C have announced that they will be working on the new great content to showcase the personalities of
NCT and Red Velvet! Meanwhile, I*Zone Chu season 3 is set to air on the 3rd & the 10th of June with a total of two episodes! We look forward to some more entertaining content!

Big Hit Entertainment has announced a new restructuring of a top-level management with three separate CEOs appointed for different divisions within the company. Bang Sihyuk will be the sole CEO and the chairman of the Board of Directors, Yoon Seokjin will be the CEO of Global & Business & Park Jiwon will be the CEO of HQ & Management.

Kim Minkyu has been appointed as the goodwill ambassador for the Miral Welfare Foundation. We thank him for his time and generosity.

#5- Both
Roy Kim and BtoB's Sungjae enlisted for their mandatory military service this week. Furthermore, it was reported that VIXX's Ken will be enlisting in July. We wish them a safe and healthy service and await their return.

Gyuri, formerly of KARA, came under fire after it was confirmed that the idol had visited a club in Itaewon. The artist tested negative for coronavirus but is currently in quarantine and is deeply reflecting on her actions. The district is currently a hotspot for the transmission of coronavirus following a number of positive infections stemming from the nightclubs in the area.

Cravity has finally announced "Luvity" as their fandom name. Do you think this is a good choice? Or would you have preferred something else? Meanwhile, Play M has been busy teasing for their newest girl group, who are revealed to be named Weeekly!

Woo!ah! delayed the release of their debut single to the 15th of May (rather than the originally scheduled 13th of May). The single has since been released. Have you listened to it yet?

Yubin will be making her comeback on May 21st with her latest single album. Meanwhile, N.Flying is set to come back in June. We can't wait!

#9- It has been announced that Namgoong Min will be the storyteller for MNET's I-LAND. In other news, it has been revealed that Big Bang's Taeyang will be releasing a documentary titled "White Night". We hope to catch it soon!

#10-The popular Norweigan drama
Skam will receive a Chinese remake. Luhan, Kris, and Tao were revealed to be reuniting for the first time since leaving EXO on the Chinese survival show, CHUANG 2020. Did you catch the episode yet? The CEO of Easy Entertainment, Yang Tianzhen was announced as the next X mentor for Youth With You!

#1- It was announced that EXO's Baekhyun will be making his first solo comeback on the 25th of May with the song "Candy". SM Station's latest release was a collaboration between Hitchhiker & the rapper Sokodomo. It was rumoured that IZ*ONE will be making their comeback in June too!

#2- Produce X 101 competitors
Won Hyuk & Lee Won-jun are set to debut in an 8-member group called E'LAST. Winner's Kang Seungyoon has won his 6th straight crown on Masked Singer, and is the first idol to do so! Akimoto Sayaka, formerly of AKB48, will be making her Hollywood debut in the film "Sniper: Assasins End".

#3- It has been announced that Red Velvet's
Seulgi will be giving us a fun tour of Hongdae's Converse store through Naver Selective Style Live on the 19th of May.

ATEEZ has been appointed as the 2020 Korean Culture & Service ambassadors. Congratulations!

#5-After a number of appeals
Jung Joonyoung and Choi Jonghoon have received a reduced sentence. The prosecution for the trials of the Mnet vote-rigging scandal has demanded 3-year prison sentences for PD Ahn Joonyoung and CP Kim Yongbeom, following their roles in vote manipulation during the airing of Produce 101.


#1- Murase Sae & OUI BOYS have both opened their official Youtube accounts this week. Furthermore, ONEWE announced their official fandom name to celebrate their first anniversary.

#2- Red Velvet's
Joy will be featuring on Crush's "자나깨나" for "homemade 1" on the 30th of May. Johnnys will be producing a charity song with a special unit composed of 76 artists.

Yoo Yeonseok and Super Junior's Kyuhyun will be appearing in the upcoming musical, "Werther's 20th Anniversary." EXO's Xiumin & D.O have been cast in the military musical "Return". We look forward to hearing their amazing vocals!

Park Bogum, Suzy, and Shin Dongyeop are set to be the MCs for the 56th Blue Dragon awards.

SEVENTEEN will be releasing the first episode of their docu-series "Hit The Road" on the 15th of May. KCON reportedly will be returning as an online concert this June. Tencent's "We Are Blazing" has announced its initial lineup with R1SE, SNH48 group, SING, BlackACE, Penicillin, and SiS all set to participate!


#1- Starship Entertainment has announced that MONSTA X's World Tour '2020 MONSTA X WORLD TOUR IN US/CANADA' has sadly been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

#2- BTOB's Eunkwang will be appearing on MBC's Omniscient Interfering View. The show will broadcast on the 23rd of May. Red Velvet's Yeri will participate in her own broadcast 'Yeri Bang'.

#3- BTS has been announced as the newest models for Chilsung Cider. ANS will be holding their first fanjet "
Secret Date" this coming June.

#4- It's been reported that Shinhwa's Junjin will be getting married this October. We wish him our heartfelt congratulations!

#4- MAMAMOO's Moonbyul has announced her first online concert "門OON" will be held on May 30th through VLive. BTS has announced that they would hold an online live concert "BANG BANG CON: THE LIVE" on the 15th of May. Did you tune in for their amazing performances?

#5- Red Velvet's Wendy and Zico collaborated for a song on the OST for "The King: Eternal Monarch" on the 16th of May. Did you hear their amazing vocals yet?


#1- More comebacks/releases have been announced! Momoland reportedly will make their comeback in early June. Stray Kids will also comeback in June with their first full-length album! (G)I-DLE announced and released the English version of Latata.

#2- Actress
Lee Yeonhee announced that she is getting married on June 2. Massive congrats to her on her next chapter of life!

#3- Lovelyz Kei has opened her
personal Instagram account! Don't forget to follow her on IG!

#4- JYP Entertainment's
SOULCUP cafe has opened up a location at Lotte World in Jamsil! Congrats on its grand opening!

Kang Daniel will release "HELLO DANIEL TRAVEL STORY in PORTLAND & LA DVD" on June 30th! The DVD will feature never-before-seen content from Daniel's trip that won't be shown in his variety, as well as behind-the-scenes from his latest album "CYAN"!


#2- KeyHolder, owners of Zest (SKE48), have effectively taken over Nogizaka46 by acquiring North River (50% owners of Nogizaka46). This also reduces Yasushi Akimoto's ownership to under 20%.

#3- SM, YG, and JYP
financial reports are disclosed for the first quarter of 2020. SM has the highest revenue, but ultimately JYP had the highest operating profit and net profit.

#4- Anna Yamamoto, leader of =LOVE,
has achieved 1000 consecutive days of broadcasting on SHOWROOM since starting on August 19th, 2017! The 1000th show on May 15th lasted 5 hours of celebration with gifts and letters pouring in!


#1- Red Velvet's Seulgi/Irene sub-unit has announced their visual director in Lee Hyeyoung and reveals that a music video has already been filmed. Are you looking forward to this as much as we are?

Superstar GFRIEND has announced an official release date! The app will be releasing on the 15th of June. Are you looking forward to playing it?

Wu Xuanyi of Rocket Girls has spoken out on Weibo to deny rumours that her company made her take a ride-sharing service in order to rush and make it to her schedules in time.

#4- 22/7's
Takatsuji Urara has returned from her 3-month hiatus following health issues. We wish her the best in returning to group schedules after her extended hiatus.


NU'EST really quickly matured, as they went from the cute and fun "Love Me" to the sophisticated, mysterious, and sexy "I'm In Trouble". But we were in trouble instead, with them flaunting their mature charms, powerful vocals, and synchronised dance all in one package. Trust us, you won't be able to move an eye away from this music video and definitely won't move on from this infective and repetitive chorus!

#2- BOL4 - HUG
After last week's success of a pre-release duet with EXO's Baekhyun, BOL4 came back with an album "Puberty Book II: Pum" and its title song "Hug", marking the first release of BOL4 as a solo act. Now, imagine a warm day, surrounded with flowers as a light breeze brushes against your skin - she says this is exactly like the feeling of true love. And we simply couldn't disagree after seeing her cheerful appearance in the music video.

Even though DAY6 won't promote this comeback, that doesn't mean we will easily forget "Zombie". It is a rather nostalgic song with a sad undertone but beautifully packed in the band's signature keyboard, drums, and guitar melody. The lyrics and the music video felt a bit too familiar, hitting home in describing loneliness and the bitterness of life. They touched our soul once again, proving their musicality.

Just a few weeks ago, BVNDIT got us all emotional with their pre-release song "Children", but now we feel a bit empowered again after the release of their mini-album "Carnival" with its accompanying title song "Jungle". This single speaks about the importance of confidence and having faith in yourself enough to stand up, like a ruler, after every setback. The music video follows the message of the song showing the girls as presidents and standing on high buildings to symbolize being on top of the world. As if we didn't believe this earlier, BVNDIT confirmed they are, indeed, queens.

Absolute magic happens when you put together two of the soloists with sweetest voices - Baek Z Young and Ong Seongwu. This statement was proved with their collaboration on the heartfelt ballad, "Didn't Say Anything". We could feel every ounce of their pain caused by their loved ones leaving, and only the greatest of singers can portray such emotions that everyone can understand despite language barriers.

EXO's main rapper, Chanyeol, has recently become a king of collaborations, adding new hits to his list of solo career masterpieces. This time around, he had an odd combination of stars featuring in his "Yours" release; Raiden, Lee Hi, and Changmo. What appeared to be vocal tones too different to blend well at the start, ended up being more than satisfying, making us fall for their harmonisation, as they preach about the beauty of love!

Most of us have probably seen a few Produce 101 franchise seasons or spin-offs or are avid fans watching every one of them. Nevertheless, we all know the person who ends up ranked first is determined as the center of the follow-up group. Both of the Chinese Produce Camp's centers up until now, Meng Meiqi and Zhou Zhennan, recorded a song "C", telling about the importance of being the center of the group. We are sure they touched many girls in the ongoing Produce Camp season to pursue their dreams even more, as they undoubtedly motivated us, maybe not to go on Produce, but to chase our dreams and hopes.


#1- DAY6's 'Zombie' debuts #8 at Melon and #2 at Bugs! Congrats to DAY6 for charting high in domestic charts. We hope you had a chance to check out 'Zombie'!

#2- BTS's 'Not Today' becomes their
10th MV to surpass 400 million views on Youtube! Congrats to them on another huge YouTube milestone!

#3- Anda's 'What You Waiting For' MV has
reached 10 million views on Youtube! It's her first MV to reach this milestone. Congrats to her!

#4- Victoria's album pre-sales sold over 100K in one hour on QQ music and is certified triple Platinum! Congrats to the queen of sales in China!


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