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#1- The Produce scandal continued this week, as new information has been released. Starting off, Japanese media reported that IZ*ONE might not be attending this year's Kōhaku Uta Gassen. To add, MNET stated that IZ*ONE and X1's promotions/program appearances are in discussion, along with them clarifying that there have been no discussions on disbanding the groups. To finish, it has been revealed that X1 members and their companies have not been paid despite their album selling 570,000+ copies and other events. How are you feeling about these recent events?

#2- Seventeen have announced that they will be holding a dome tour in Japan! This is a huge honor for the group and how proud we are of them cannot be expressed!

#3- Rising group Victon shared that they will be holding their first solo concert on January 4th - 5th of 2020! How excited are you ALICE?

#4- Are you already in the Christmas spirit? Well, Ha Sungwoon is! The idol has announced that he is preparing a Christmas party for fans, called 'Castle on the Cloud.' The event will be held on none other than December 25th!

#5- Japanese girl group Faky will be releasing a new digital single, 'NEW AGE', on November 22nd! We are highly anticipating this comeback!

#6- Jun Hyun Moo is dating KBS announcer Lee Hye Sung! We congratulate the new lovely couple!

#7- BlackPink must've owned the night, as the group claimed 3 awards at the 2019 People's Choice awards! The awards included: Group of 2019, Music Video of 2019, and Concert Tour of 2019! We congratulate the group on their wins!

#8- And now some Super Junior news, Siwon was appointed as a regional ambassador for the United Nations' agency, UNICEF! We congratulate him and are happy to see such philanthropy from the idol! In other news, SM Entertainment has confirmed that Super Junior's Sungmin will be releasing his first mini-album, 'Orgel', on November 22nd. To prepare for his solo debut, the idol has also opened an official Twitter account! We are looking forward to both his album and future Twitter posts!

#1- In continuation of the Produce rigging scandal, police have reportedly booked the head of MNET and CJ ENM's vice president, Shin Hyung Kwan. He was arrested for his role in the voting manipulation that occurred. The police have also shared that they are planning to bring in trainees for questioning - they will most likely be the Top 20. Do you feel that justice is being served?

#2- Unfortunately, ASTRO's Moonbin will temporarily be halting activities due to health issues. We wish him a speedy recovery!

#3- Kim Kookheon and Song Yuvin have revealed their official duo name! The two will now be going by B.O.Y (Best of You), which was chosen from 2,000 fan submissions. In addition, the duo announced that they will be holding a mini-concert on December 24th and 25th. This event will feature songs from their future mini-album to be released next year.

#4- KBS has announced that their awards show will take place on December 21st at 9:15 pm KST. They also announced the MCs for the show including: Jun Hyun Moo, Son Dambi, Jang Dong Yoon, and Kim Jun Hyun! Speaking of KBS MCs, Kang Daniel will be the special MC for KBS' 'Happy Together 4'! We are excited about his new TV appearance!

#5- NCT Dream will be holding their solo concert 'NCT DREAM Tour: The Dream Show' at the Thunder Dome in Bangkok, Thailand, on December 1st-2nd! We can not wait to see their performances!

#1- Victon's new popularity has now become apparent as the group has gained their first music show win on SBS' The Show with their new song, 'Nostalgic Night'! We are extremely happy for the group and congratulate them!

#2- ARASHI's Ninomiya Kazunari announced through a handwritten letter on the group's official fan club that he will be marrying ex-TBS announcer Ito Ayako! We send our congratulations to the two on their engagement!

#3- Japanese girl group Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku has released the tracklist for their upcoming 6th album 'Playlist'! Let's anticipate their new songs!

#4- B.A.P's Youngjae will be starring in KBS's new drama, '9.9 Billion Woman', alongside Jo Yeo Jeong and Kim Kang Woo, where the idol will be taking on the role of a computer hacker. We are excited to watch the new drama! The plot and other information are given in the linked thread so check it out!

#5- Dynamic Duo will be releasing their 9th full album titled 'Off Duty' on November 26th! We are excited to listen to their soon-to-be-released tracks!

#1- VIXX's Leo revealed through a handwritten letter that he will be enlisting soon. In the same letter, the idol opened up about his struggle with severe panic disorder and depression. We wish him the best health and luck during his service!

#2- YGE confirmed that legendary 1st generation group Sechs Kies will be making their comeback in either late 2019 or early 2020! We are looking forward to it! Speaking of YGE: according to Jeon Young Han, an analyst at SK Securities Co, it may not be the best time to buy stocks from YGE. This is in part due to BlackPink's comeback most likely being delayed until 2020; meaning the company, despite AKMU's and Winner's comebacks, will not be making a profit this quarter. But there is hope for the company in 2020 due to BlackPink's world tour, confirmation of Big Bang's contract renewal, and Treasure13's debut.

#3- Japanese rock band Scandal has announced their new album 'Kiss from the Darkness', which will be released on February 12th! But that's not all, the group also revealed they'll be going on a world tour! Make sure to look out for their later tour dates and give their album a good listen!

#4- JTBC's 'Two Yoo - Project Sugarman 3' show poster has been revealed! The program will be aired on November 23rd at 9 pm KST. We are looking forward to this season!

#5- Seventeen will have the honor of performing at the 40th Blue Dragon Film Awards on November 21! The group will be the first boy group to perform at the prestigious awards show since 2PM in 2009. We are extremely proud of the group and can not wait to see them there!

#6- MNET M2 launched 'M2 Special-ITZY VLOG' on Thursday! The first part was released at 8 pm KST and parts 2+3 were released on the 15th at the same time. Did you give their vlog a watch?

#1- Despite earlier claims, police have found evidence of vote manipulation during Produce 101 seasons 1 and 2. And in return, MNET has officially apologized for their manipulation of votes throughout the Produce 101 series. In this statement, they claim that there will be reform, compensation for damages, and responsibility for the scandal. Do you believe this apology?

#2- Davichi has postponed the release of their new single 'Dear Longtime Lover' due to post-production issues. The new release date is on December 3rd. We are sad to see it delayed but we'll now be looking forward to the December release!

#3- TWICE is confirmed to be attending this years' Kōhaku Uta Gassen on December 31st! This will be their 3rd year attending the awards in a row, and they are the only foreign girl group to do so. We congratulate the group!

#4- A poster from a Korean online community shared that his father is currently receiving prank calls due to a new popular song. This chart-topping song's first line contains a real phone number which has led to this man's predicament! Do you think it's smart to include real phone numbers in songs?

#5- Seventeen's Seungkwan will become a fixed cast member on JTBC's variety show 'Five Cranky Brothers' starting on November 21st! To add, he will be the youngest cast member. We congratulate the rising variety show star! And unfortunately, JTBC's 'Please Take Care of My Refrigerator' will be ending on November 25h after 5 years on the air. Are you sad to see it go?

#6- SM, JYP, and YG's third-quarter profits for 2019 have been revealed to the public! JYP came out with a huge 11.7 billion won net profit, followed by SM with 9.3 billion won and YG in the negatives with -6.3 billion won. Are you surprised by these results?

#7- Big Hit Entertainment has responded to reports of impostors signing and creating counterfeit BTS concert contracts. The fraud has reportedly been occurring since February of this year unbeknownst to Big Hit Entertainment. The company released a statement saying they would be taking legal action against the perpetrators. On the brighter side of news, BTS' 'Love Yourself: Speak Yourself' tour has brought in 13.2 billion won in ticket sales alone! We congratulate them on such an achievement!

#8- Taiwanese boy group 5566's Jason Hsu has successfully proposed to his girlfriend model Bernice Chao! We congratulate the lovely couple!

#9- Kang Daniel has revealed his new official lightstick, and it is absolutely gorgeous! Check out the linked thread to see it in all of its glory. Will you be buying one?

#1- Japanese band 'NICO Touches the Wall' announced their disbandment after 15 years. The band is known for heir multiple anime opening including 'Naruto: Shippuden', 'Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood' and 'Haikyyu'! We will miss them but wish all the members the best with their future endeavors.

#2- Girl's Day Minah will reportedly be making her lon- awaited comeback later this month! Let's anticipate!

#3- At what seems to be last minute, MNET announced that X1's appearance at the '2019 Vlive Awards V Heartbeat' has been canceled. Also, in light of the rigging scandal, one of Produce 101 Season 2's contestants has come forward to share his thoughts. The past trainee Jung Dong Soo, now a member of duo AA, shared his feelings of deep shock at the revelation.

#4- TV personality Yo Jaesuk has released a trot single album (2 songs) under the pseudonym Yoo San Seul on Saturday! Did you give the tracks a listen?

#5- TWICE will be attending Music Station Japan to perform 'Fake & True' on November 22nd! This will be the group's 11th appearance at the radio station, making them the only foreign girl group in history to perform this many times there! Make sure to tune in at 8 pm JST for their performance!

#6- ITZY will be having their first travel reality show on MNET in January 0f 2020! The reality show will be titled '100 Hours of Romantic Travel: Paris et ITZY.' We are very much looking forward to watching it!

#7- Actress Pak Shin Hye has donated 20 million won to the Coal Bank to help support low-income families! We are happy to see such a feat of charity.

#8- ONF's Hyojin was the special MC for today's episode of MBC's Music Core! Did you enjoy his hosting?

#9- Rising Star Entertainment has taken legal action against two people who spread ARIAZ Jueun's bullying rumor. We are glad to see companies taking action to protect their artists!

#10- Top actor 'A', who was mentioned in BTS's concert fraud case from earlier this week, is taking legal action for defamation. Both 'S' and 'A' (mentioned in the same case) will be taking action against The Fact specifically for releasing false information. Do you believe in their claim?

#1- GOT7's Jinyoung, Seo Eun So, Choi Ri and Heo Kyung Hwan guest-starred on Running Man today! Did you watch the episode?

#2- Great news for WJSN fans: from what we can see in videos posted on Twitter,
their season's greetings for 2020 will gather all the thirteen members of the group! We are glad to see them reunited again!

#3- AlphaBAT is celebrating its sixth anniversary today! To their fans' delight,
the group posted a special message on their Youtube account. Congratulations to them!

#4- Twice's Dahyun and Momo, who were having a V-LIVE earlier,
had to put an end to the broadcast because their van was being followed. Before going off-air, the two idols desperately asked viewers not to engage in such behavior. We hope their message has been heard and that their privacy will be respected in the future.


With not one but four different concepts in a release, Mamamoo is back with their 2nd full-length album "Reality in BLACK". Its title track, "HIP", features a dance pop melody, an addictive chorus, and recognizable vocals and harmonization. Fans get to see more of their favorite group through the concept of four different "universes", in which members presented their various charms. Which "universe" did you like most? Watch the MV now to make your choice!

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, 2nd generation K-pop girl group Rainbow decided to reunite and surprise fans with a new release! The outcome of the reunion is "Aurora", a soothing, nostalgic song filled with emotions and the members' sweet, mellow voices. Join the fans in celebrating their special release and check the song out!

Unlike their typical darker concept with deeper topics, Stray Kids showed us that they are still young and playful boys in this prerelease track for their upcoming album "CLÉ: Levanter". "Astronaut" shows the boys playing in the park and enjoying their day, along with suiting cheerful music. Stray Kids still painted the song in their colors, adding their recognizable rapping and singing style. Surely this release will get you excited for their comeback, so check it out!

A year after their latest release, Japanese hip hop group Doberman Infinity is gearing up for their 9th single album "We Are The One/ Zutto", which consists of double A-side tracks. The first one is called "Zutto" and was released on Tuesday. The song showcases a side of the group we didn't have much chance to see up until now. The rock-styled ballad, with its beautiful melody and the members' powerful voices, comes as a pleasant surprise. Check this lovely song out!

Get ready to be enchanted with In2it's newest comeback! The group released their 3rd single album "Puzzle" and its lead single "ULlala: Poisoning" earlier this week. Latino and sexy reggae vibes, bass rhythms, and members showcasing their various skills - this song has it all to grab your attention. We are sure you won't be disappointed, so don't hesitate and watch the music video below!

It has really been so long since we last had a chance to enjoy their charming voices, but Elris is back! For their first digital single, "Miss U", the girls poured their emotions into this melancholic yet soothing song. Their harmonious vocals match the simple but sweet music video. Let Elris charm you too and check their song out - you already know you will fall for their voices!

Two years after her latest release, Taiwanese queen of soulful and heartfelt ballads Naiwen Yang is finally back in her full glory! Her comeback album "The More Beautiful, The More Invisible" features lead track "A Requiem for the Nobles", which interestingly consists of jazz and rock rhythm. Between her powerful voice and a variety of featured instruments, the song is a real musical delight. Make sure to listen to what Naiwen Yang has prepared for us with this release!

Oopsie, it will be Nature's fault if we have their new release stuck in our heads in the next few days! Nature started off the week with their second mini-album "Nature World: Code A" and its lead single, "Oopsie (My Bad)". Together with their new member, ex Produce 101 contestant Sohee, the girls dived into "Alice in Wonderland" to come up with their new concept. This upbeat pop song is highlighted by the group's adorable charms and colorful MV help pay homage to the story. Check the MV and see how the girls enjoyed their time in wonderland!


#1- Got7 breaks their personal record for first-week sales, as "Call My Name" sold more than 224,000 copies, surpassing "Eyes On You" by more than 600 copies!

#2- TXT's debut album, "The Dream Chapter: STAR"
has now surpassed 100 million total streams on Spotify!

#3- Blackpink's "Ddu-du Ddu-du" is now
the first K-pop group music video to reach 1 billion streams on YouTube! Furthermore, their "Don't Know What To Do" dance practice video has also hit 100 million views on the platform!

#4- Mamamoo recorded their
highest first-day sales ever by selling more than 51,000 copies of "reality in BLACK", more than doubling their previous record of 24,000 copies!

#5- Victon's album "nostalgia" has sold more than 52,000 copies, making it their
first album to surpass 50,000 sales!


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